> How the Media Manipulates Mass Perception of Reality




How the Media Manipulates Mass Perception of Reality

How the Media Manipulates Mass Perception of Reality

“We truly do live in an environment in which information is power, which means that information is also money. A great many companies are now dedicated purely to accumulating, processing and selling information, and this situation is increasing almost exponentially. The more channels there are available for the distribution of information (cable TV, satellite TV, video, new FM radio channels, etc. etc.) then the more companies proliferate to exploit the desire of the sheep for all this information. The companies gather it, and sell it to the sheep. It’s that simple. I am not talking about advertising here.

The operators of the media scam attempt to con values from you under false pretences. The values they seek are primarily money, and secondarily influence (= power) over the masses. They are con-artists because they are often not ‘up front’ about their motives. Instead, the media masquerade as altruistic champions of the people, fighting the corner for their readers/viewers and facing every danger selflessly to bring the latest important news story from far-flung corners of the globe.

The pay-off for the media is money, power and influence. The pay-off for the sheep is the rather sad and pathetic belief that they actually know what is going on around the world – when they don’t; and a feeling that, because they understand the ‘latest issues’, they have personal power – which they don’t.

The media operate by selectively presenting you with edited snippets of world news. These snippets are the pieces which they believe you will be most interested in. And most of the time, they are selected purely for their degree of sensationalism.

Using these ‘news’ items, the media attempt to manipulate your emotions in order to get you to feel what they think you should feel. They also offer opinions which they attempt to get you to subscribe to. Even up-market newspapers present an extremely narrow cross-section of current world news. A few stories are selected from thousands of possible stories by the editor. His or her job is to present you with a version of reality which he or she thinks you will find most acceptable. By ‘acceptable’ I mean that you will be willing to pay good money to purchase this particular version of reality. The sheep then scramble to purchase the particular fantasy which most concurs with their own fantasy.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“The first thing you must realize is that newspapers exist to make lots and lots of money for their owners. That’s it. This is the only reason they exist. Dismiss from your mind any notion that newspapers exist as any kind of public-spirited information service which altruistically keeps the citizens informed of the latest world events!

How do newspapers make their money? They make their money through selling advertising space in the newspaper. They also make money on the ‘cover price’ of the paper or magazine. Television makes money through selling advertising space. This is their prime concern – how to sell as much top-priced advertising as possible.

From this, it follows that the bigger the circulation of your newspaper/magazine, or the more people who watch your TV program (and hence the adverts during the commercial breaks), the more you can charge for advertising. Indeed, this is exactly the case. The amount you pay for advertising is directly related to the number of potential punters you are going to reach. This means that the publications are forever striving to increase their circulation.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“You do not need to fight against the media. You can become the media. Use ways and means to communicate your truths to the world.”
- Enoch Mind Reality