> Reality Creation is The Path of Self-Realization




Reality Creation is The Path of Self-Realization

Reality Creation is The Path of Self-Realization

“Out of all the information in these dialogues, one key fact emerges: that reality creation mirrors the levels in human consciousness. Because reality creation echoes the structure of human consciousness, you can see how the creative process, extended over time, takes you deeper and deeper into your own being.

Through the process of manifesting a reality, and learning how to make that reality better and better, you steadily change and grow. It is this which makes the creative process such an essential part of your life and your development: Creating a better reality is not just something that you do, a skill that you exercise, it’s the way you learn and grow as human beings.

The principles emerging at this universal level demonstrate the central importance of the creative process to an understanding of the human condition. And it would be difficult to reach a full understanding of human potential and the way that human development is supported by the Universe without first understanding how reality is created.

What is emerging from these dialogues is a level of insight into the foundations of the creative process. These foundations reveal the way reality creation is intermeshed with human consciousness and human development, an interconnection that can be summarized in three Fundamental Principles of Reality Creation:

1. Through creating a better reality, you learn and grow.

2. The levels of the creative process mirror the structure of human consciousness.

3. Through manifesting a series of reality, you journey deeper into your own being.

At their deepest level, the processes of reality creation serve you in your quest for self-knowledge and self-realization. They are central to your inner journey and the way in which you unfold your powers and manifest your consciousness.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)