> Does Worship Open or Close Your Heart to God?




Does Worship Open or Close Your Heart to God?

Does Worship Open or Close Your Heart to God?

“So the real issue here is whether your worship of God brings you closer to union with God or cements you in the sense of separation from God? One might say you do not worship God for God’s sake; you worship God for your own sake. You are not worshiping God because God has a need to be worshiped; you are worshiping because by doing so correctly you overcome all sense of separation from God and come closer to God. However for this to happen, your worship must be love-based instead of fear-based.

If you follow this line of reasoning, you will see that the outer form of worship is not nearly as important as the effect it has on the person. In other words, if a particular form of worship opens your heart and brings you closer to God, or to an Ascended being such as myself, then that form of worship has a positive effect on you. On the other hand, another person might engage in the same form of worship and it will either be a rote repetition or it will cement the person in the idolatrous sense of being separated from God and being afraid of God.

What I am saying here is that I am not overly concerned about the outer form of worship. The real question is, “Does it open your heart to God or close your heart to God?” There are indeed some Christians who go to church every Sunday and engage in various forms of worship that truly spring from a fear-based approach to religion. Yet these people engage in it with such pure devotion that it opens their hearts to the love of God or to my love. If people worship with an open heart that allows God’s love or my love to flow through them, then that is an appropriate form of worship. Yet if people come to church with fear or resentment toward God or toward me and say the exact same words, then that form of worship will do nothing for them. Therefore, it would be better for them either to refrain from all worship or to find another form of worship.

That being said, I truly would prefer that all people would leave behind the many forms of worship that spring from a fear-based approach to religion and engage in forms of worship that are based on love and have been designed from the beginning to bring them closer to God by opening their hearts to God.”

- Ask the Real Jesus (Channeled by Kim Michaels)

“I do not want to put limitations on how people should worship, and I have no desire to give a formal set of statements for worship because it is so easy for people to turn them into an exclusivist doctrine. Therefore, I would like to leave it up to people to find or define the kind of statements that help them open their hearts to God. People should also be open to the fact that as they grow on the path, they will find new ways to express their love for God.

So once again, the outer form of worship is insignificant compared to the inner result of opening your heart and establishing a true connection between yourself and the object of worship. The ultimate form of worship is union with, oneness with, the object of worship. This can be seen when you understand that the original sin is a sense of separation from God.

The only way to be completely free of sin is to overcome the sense a separation from God. And the only way to overcome the sense of separation is to remove the distance between yourself and God. Because God is all and in all, there never was any real separation or distance between you and God. There was only an illusion of separation, and that illusion exists only in your mind. Remember my statement, “Ye are Gods.” The ultimate way to worship God in this world is to BE God in this world.”

- Ask the Real Jesus (Channeled by Kim Michaels)