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Psychic Boundaries and the Power of Positive Denial

Psychic Boundaries and the Power of Positive Denial

When It’s No Longer an Option

“One time I asked the Committee why a certain event did not occur, and they said, “Because you decided it was no longer an option.” Is it that simple to change probabilities? Just decide that what seems the most obvious direction is no longer an option? We all establish psychic boundaries around certain areas of our lives that represent the demarcation line between what we will and will not accept. While the line may undulate around the periphery of our off-limits area—meaning sometimes we allow ourselves to step beyond our borders—it eventually becomes firm and obvious.

My sister Pam, for instance, will allow herself to go only so far with a serious illness, and then she calls it quits. One time she was told it had become necessary for her to carry a personal oxygen supply for the rest of her life. Within a week she was completely free of the illness. I asked her what happened, and she replied, “I screamed to myself, in essence, ‘No! This is not an option!’” Another time she was told she had a heart condition that would permanently disable her. She screamed and it went away. Both times she hit the electric wire of her off-limits psychic field and ended the problematic situation by not accepting it any longer.

We all do the same thing to varying degrees and drama. Some will push themselves to the brink of bankruptcy and then cry, in so many words, “This is not an option!” Some will face discrimination only so long, and then cry, “This is not an option!” Yet in other areas of their lives, they’re wide open to pain and sadness because they have no established point of retraction.”

- Ten Thousand Whispers (Lynda Madden Dahl)

“In my case, moderate to serious ill health is not an option. I may give myself a headache or a drippy nose every once in awhile, but that’s about all. I never entertain the idea of illness. I don’t fight it off; it just never occurs to me that sickness is a possibility. So strong is my belief in my psychic boundary that when I canceled my health insurance it was without a qualm. It seemed silly, when I thought about it, for me to continue to validate a possibility that no longer existed as an option in my life.

I don’t take vitamins. I don’t monitor my cholesterol level. I don’t check for breast cancer or schedule pap tests. I don’t get preventive inoculations or annual health checkups. I assume I’m in menopause, but I’ll never take hormones or related medication. I also don’t lock my car or home, and I don’t carry a rape whistle or own a handgun. I guess you could say I feel I live in a safe universe, and that the only demons that could possibly destroy me from within my body or outside in my environment are my own thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

Can these psychic boundaries be consciously initiated? Sure. They’re built of beliefs, just as all other areas in life are, and therefore can be cultivated by desire. When we change our mind or drop a previously held belief, what happens, in universal terms? We close down one probability, maybe the most prevalent at the moment, and surround our self with others. We halt the forward movement of one probability and sidestep into a field of new possibility. When we stop buying into the idea that a past, present or possible future event is unchangeable, immovable, rock-solid, a given, then we’re free to experience other options.”

- Ten Thousand Whispers (Lynda Madden Dahl)

“Anger is a natural emotion. It is the tool you have which allows you to say, “No, thank you.” It does not have to be abusive, and it never has to be damaging to another.

When children are allowed to express their anger, they bring a very healthy attitude about it to their adult years, and therefore usually move through their anger very quickly.

Children who are made to feel that their anger is not okay—that it is wrong to express it, and, in fact, that they shouldn’t even experience it—will have a difficult time appropriately dealing with their anger as adults.

Anger that is continually repressed becomes rage, a very unnatural emotion.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

Repelling Unwanted Experiences

It is possible to use your energy filed to repel things that you don’t want to experience. Since your energy field has to push away anything different from what is in your subconscious, you simply empty your subconscious of things you don’t want in your life.

Get a picture of an office with no one sitting at the desk. Put your photograph on the same page showing that you are there and your prospect is not. Put an X on the picture and write, “No one stands me up anymore. My prospects are always there to meet with me and buy from me.”

Get a picture of the place where you receive your inventory (post office, office, etc.). Put a photograph of you looking sad on the page. Draw a big X on the page and write, “I’m never disappointed because my inventory doesn’t arrive on time. It’s always here when I expect it.”

Get a picture of the people who used to hold up your deals. Write on the page, “No one holds up my deals anymore. They do their jobs quickly and efficiently and everything works like clockwork.”

The idea is to say that the unwanted behavior doesn’t happen, and to follow it with the desire behavior. Once an idea is altered in your subconscious, the result is altered. Once an idea is dissolved, you no longer have that result in your life.

- The Secrets of Super Selling

The Power of NO

Children are often prohibited from saying no to parents, school teachers, doctors, dentists, and other authority figures. Saying no to parents is often redefined by the parents as “talking back, being impudent and showing disrespect.” Child development books have a section on “The Terrible Twos” in which they describe the behavior of the two year old whose major vocabulary is no. Saying no is effectively trained out of many children.

However, the ability to say no with vigor is a necessary part of putting a stop to conditions you no longer want in your life. Saying no to missing your quota is just as necessary as saying yes to reaching your quota. If you buy a wonderful new car but have an old one in your garage, you must remove it before you can drive the new one into the garage. Saying no to the unwanted condition is the same as removing the old car from the garage.

Saying no must be done with conviction. Remember, your subconscious acts on your most dominant thought. If you still feel bad about missing your quota while you are saying no to missing your quota, your subconscious is going to act on your most dominant thought. You want to be sure that your dominant thought is “No!” “ No more missed quotas!”

- The Secrets of Super Selling

To help you develop your ability to say no with conviction and to feel comfortable saying no, get a person to do the following exercise with you.

1. Think about a condition you want to dissolve from your life (example: cancelled orders) and the corresponding goal you want to achieve.

2. Sit facing each other as close as possible. Begin saying “no” over and over while your partner repeats “yes.” Your no represents the whole idea of “no to missing quotas.” Your partner’s yes represents your continuing to miss your quotas.

3. Very your tone of voice and your volume as you continue saying no and your partner keeps repeating yes. The idea is for each of you to be so strong in your energy and enthusiasm that the other person gives up.

4. Repeat the process until you say no with such conviction that your partner gives up.

Repeat this process until you feel very comfortable saying no with conviction. Remember to say no to negative conditions before you affirm the achievement of the positive goal.

- The Secrets of Super Selling

“You can affirm your uniqueness quite properly at times by saying no.

Individuality grants you the right of making decisions. In your terms this means saying “yes” or “no.” By implication, to always acquiesce may very well mean that you are denying your own personhood.

Many disavow the experience of feelings they consider negative. They try to “affirm” what they think of as positive emotions. They do not permit themselves the dimensions of their creaturehood, and by pretending not to feel what they feel, they deny the integrity of their own experience.

The emotions follow beliefs. They are natural ever-changing states of feeling, each leading into another in a free flow of energy and activity — colorful, rich, glowing tints that bring variety to the quality of consciousness. Such states of personality can be compared to colors alone, bright and dark, the strong patterns of energy that always represent motion, life and variety.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“In all cases where you are attacked mentally in this way you may dissolve the force by a positive denial.

The positive denial is the powerful force that scatters into tiny bits the force directed against one. It is a destructive agent, just as is the positive statement a constructive or creative one. One who understands the scientific use of this destructive force may undo the mentative work of others, to a surprising degree. By a strong, positive denial, you may scatter and disintegrate any mentative influence directed against you.

This formula will give you a general idea of it. Suppose that you are repelling a statement such as given above. In that case you should say mentally, accompanying it with the proper glance, with feeling back of it: “I deny positively your power over me. I deny it out of existence. I will not do your bidding, and I deny your right and power to command me. I deny your power, and I affirm my own.”

You may cultivate this power to use the positive denial by practicing on an imaginary person whom you may suppose is trying to influence you. Imagine the strong, positive person before you, trying to influence you and then start in to practice the positive denial on him, until you feel that you have beaten him off, and have sent him flying away in retreat.

These imaginary mental battles will develop a great power of mentative resistance in you, and I advise you strengthen yourselves along these lines, if you feel that you are weak. You may improve on above exercise, by imagining that after your enemy is in full retreat you follow him up and pour statement after statement into him, changing your position from a defender into an attacking force.”

- Mind Power (William Walker Atkinson)

“The same thing is true of the man who is always patting other men on the shoulder, or resting his arm around them, or else “taking hold of them” in a friendly caressing way during a conversation. Such men may not know the psychology of the thing, but they have found out that this sort of “patting up” makes other men more impressible, and amenable to their influence, and so they practice it. Make them stop it, either by moving away, or by positive denial.

Now, once more, remember the power of this positive denial as a disperser, and disintegrator of adverse influence. If this book taught you nothing else, it would still be “worthwhile” to you because of this one point of instruction. For this positive denial is a mentative armor that will protect you—a mentative sword that will defend you—a mentative lightning flash that will clear the mental atmosphere.

Learn the secret of positive statement, and positive denial, and you are clad in an invulnerable armor and are armed with the weapon of power—and so you may, like the “Warrior Bold” go “gaily to the fray.”

- Mind Power (William Walker Atkinson)

“Above all, put out of your mind all Fear of others persons. The feeling of fear prevents you from manifesting the power within you to its full extent. Cast out fear as unworthy and hurtful.

Not only in the case of personal influence in the actual presence of the other person may be defeated in this way, but the same method will act equally as well in the matter of repelling the mental influence of others.

Smile to yourself and make the statements, and holding the power of the Spirit within your “I” firmly in you mind, send out a mental command just as you would in the case of the actual presence of the person himself or herself. You may also deny the influencing power out of existence by asserting mentally: “I DENY your power to influence me – you have no such power over me – I am resting on my knowledge of Spirit and its Will within me – I deny your power out of existence.” This form of denial may be used either in the case of absent influence or personal influence. The rule is the same in all cases.

In repelling these absent influences you will at once experience a feeling of relief and strength, and will be able to smile at the defeated efforts of the other person. If you feel sufficiently broad and full of love for mankind you may then “treat” the other person for his error, sending him thoughts of Love and Knowledge with the idea of dispelling his ignorance and selfishness, and bringing him to a realization of the higher truths of life.

You will doubtless have many interesting experiences arising from thus repelling these attacks. In some cases you will find that the next time you meet the person in question he will appear confused and puzzled and ill at ease. In other cases the person will begin to manifest a new respect and regard for you, and disposed to aid you instead of trying to influence you to his way and desire. In other cases the person will still have the desire, and will endeavor to “argue” you into doing that which he has tried to influence you into doing by Mental Influence, but his efforts will “fall flat,” and without effect, particularly if you give him “another dose” of the assertion of the Power of the Spirit within you.

In the same way you should call upon your Higher Self for aid and strength when you feel yourself being affected by any of the great Mental Waves of feeling or emotion sweeping over the public mind, and which have a tendency to “stampede” people into adopting certain ideas, or of following certain leaders. In such case the assertion of the “I” within you will dissipate the influence around you, and you will find yourself standing in a center of Peace surrounded on all sides by the ocean of mental tumult and agitation which is sweeping over or circling around the place. In the same way you will be able to neutralize the unpleasant mental atmospheres of places, localities, houses, etc., and render yourself positive to and immune from the same.”

- Practical Mental Influence (William Walker Atkinson)

“This defensive science is far simpler than you would think at first, although to be effective in the same you must first have learned how to project effectively. I may sum it up in a few words – heed them carefully. The secret is this: In defending one-self against magnetic projection in any or all of its forms, you have but to project toward the other person a strong DENIAL of his power to influence, affect, or master you. That is the whole thing in a nutshell.

But, right here, I want to remind you of a very important fact, and that is in this denial you do not really destroy or lessen the power of the other person, in general. You only neutralize his magnetism so far as it affects yourself, or those whom you wish to protect. In other words, instead of destroying his weapons, you merely turn them aside, and cause them to glance off, leaving you, and yours, harmless. To use a familiar illustration from the field of electricity, you render yourself a non-conductor, and the force glances off you without affecting you in the slightest. Remember this illustration, and you will have the idea firmly fixed in your mind.

You may render yourself immune not only from the direct flash, and direct demand or command, of others, no matter how strong they may be; but also from the general contagion of the mental atmosphere or auras of others. By proper concentrated effort, along these lines, you may render yourself absolutely immune from the force of the personal magnetism of others, if you so desire. Or, if you prefer, you may shut out only certain individuals from your field, and allow the beneficial magnetism of others to enter it. In truth, you are your own MASTER, if you but exert your power.”

- The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q. Dumont)

Calmly DENY his power over you, and defy him to affect you in the slightest. As a matter of fact, that mental attitude is far less strenuous than the aggressive form of magnetic projection. It requires merely the interposition of your magnetic shield of defense, and his power will glance off without affecting you, even though he is most strenuously projecting it. There is of course the other plan of fighting aggressive magnetism with aggressive magnetism – this is the real magnetic duel in its plain form, and may be used when desired. But if you merely wish to repel the aggression of others, you have but to use the defensive plan of the DENIAL, as I have just told you.

In forming the mental statement, which accompanies all forms of the use of mental magnetism, as you have seen, you merely express (mentally) in a few, strong positive words, the idea you wish to reach the other person’s mind. Well, so it is the case of magnetic self-defense. You simply mentally state in a few strong words that you deny the power of the other person. You will find, as you experiment, that in the very words “I DENY,” there is a mighty dynamic power of defense. It is the mental idea behind these words, which, figuratively wipes out of existence the other person’s magnetism, at least so far as you, yourself, are concerned. It is the great SHIELD OF DEFENSE. Let the full meaning of the word “DENY” enter into your mind – you will find it contains a new meaning and strength, when considered in this connection.

In the first place, as I have told you, this defensive process merely enables you to throw off and render yourself immune from the aggressive magnetism of others – it does not enable you to master them or to compel them to do your bidding. In order to accomplish the latter, you must beat down the guard of the other person; protect yourself at the same time; and then carry the day by a direct magnetic assault upon him. You can do these things if he fights you with the weapons of aggressive magnetism only, but if he DENY your power, he is immune, and you cannot affect him; just as if you DENY his power, you are immune – in case both DENY, then the battle is drawn, and neither win. The Denial is not a weapon of aggressiveness – it is merely the shield of defense. Remember this! Of course, if you use both shield and sword, you will have a double advantage, providing he does not also use the shield. For if you can repel his magnetism, and at the same time use your own – then he is at your mercy. But if he knows enough to also use his shield – then the battle will be drawn, and neither will win a decided victory. Do you catch the idea? Think over it until it is plain to you.”

- The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q. Dumont)

“Sometimes whole communities are “held strongly” by a certain thought pattern and fear. In doing so they produce a “strong” astral form of fear over their community which seems to take a life of its own. The astral form of fear “seems” to have a life of its own because it is being fed by the fear energy of the community. It seems to suck the life energy out of every new person who comes to the community.

At other times, individuals surround themselves with astral forms that torment themselves, feeding off their own energy. The worst cases “see things” which nobody else sees – these are merely the astral forms that they themselves have produced.

Evil spirits are able to manipulate these negative astral forms and energy to affect the natural world through weather, “natural” disasters, or some materializing that causes harm to humans. The manifestation of new forms of sicknesses and diseases are also part of the work of these evil spirits. In the spiritual world, the simplest desire or free choice of a person not to be tormented by such negative emotions or thoughts causes a spiritual force shield around the person and his family or property that no astral form nor any evil spirit can penetrate. It is like a shield of fire around them.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

The Power of Willing

The energy supplied by God is through the power of His Will (Ephesians 1:11; 1 Corinthians 12:11) which in turn will work through our will (Philippians 2:13) when we are in union with God. Essentially, if our thoughts are influenced 100% of the time by the Spirit World and ALL that we do is energized by the forces of light or by the forces of darkness, our prime earth calling is merely to be vessels of the Spiritual Realm (Acts 9:15; Romans 9:21; 2 Corinthians 4:7; 1 Thessalonians 4:4; 2 Timothy 2:20-21; 1 Peter 3:7).

As all our thoughts, energy and works that are good flow from God’s energy, the exercise of the free will of man becomes of prime importance. By deciding which stream of energizing power we yield to, the will releases great creative force. Although God energizes our will (Philippians 2:13), He does not take away our free choice. The act of the will is of great power in the Spirit World.

All that we see of the creations of God (both in this world and in the Spiritual World) are the results of God’s creative Will. All the higher beings of the Spirit World exercise their wills in releasing creative forces under the direction of God. The higher the spheres in which the spirit beings live, the greater the power of their will. The exercise of the will is involved in the creation of all the buildings and various works; with the higher spheres being involved (with the power of God) in creating for the lower spheres through their will. This flows from the Will of God upon His throne right down through the various spheres to the planet earth.

Thus the higher spirits are always able to have greater power than the lower spirits and this power of the will is exercised especially when confronting spirits in the dark spheres. This will power manifests like an invisible shield of power and fire around those spirits who exercise it and the spirits of darkness cannot pass through (they experience burning and pain when they try to pass through or contact the shield). The so-called battles between light and darkness in the Spirit World are not fought like physical battles on the earth. The higher spirits of light easily set boundaries and barriers against the forces of darkness simply by the exercise of their will.

On the planet earth, the free will of man manifests a measure of this ability to create a spiritual shield subject to the spiritual growth and development of the individual. Thus we have authority over evil spirits by the pure exercise of yielding our wills to God and releasing a creative force of will that resists the onslaughts of the enemy and sets boundaries against them (James 4:7, 8; 1 John 5:18). It is like a wall of fire around those who exercise their will power (Job 1:10; Exodus 14:19-20; Proverbs 18:10; 25:28). As one advances against the enemy with the will exercised, it causes the enemy to retreat under pressure of this wall of fire and power. The free will is not merely an ability of free choice in the Spirit World but a great releaser of creative power when the spirit is in tune and in union with the Spirit and Will of God.

Experientially, this “force field” that we have around us is like the peace of God that passes understanding and garrisons our hearts and minds (Philippians 4:6-8). The power and ability of this force field is, of course, dependent upon our spirit and love consciousness. People who think that they could exercise this powerful “force field” when their hearts are not right and when their thoughts are not right are deceiving themselves – no such power is emanating from them, and the exercise of their will is futile. On the other hand when it is being exercised by one yielded to God, it is a powerful “force field.”

Evil spirits who try to bypass this force field experience pain and burning when they come into contact with it. This force field can be extended to cover all of one’s loved ones or anything under one’s dominion. When one enters a house and blesses a house, this force field of peace and power can come upon a house (Matthew 10:13). It is this force field that crushes enemy forces under the dominion of God’s Will and authority (Romans 16:20). This force field is not just of our own maintenance but it is also wrought through the presence of God’s angels encamping around us (Psalms 34:7).”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

“I was also aware of something else – something that was crucial to my understanding and which had resulted from my work in spirit release and exorcism – and that was a simple principle which amounts to this: putting attention on “negative” forces does NOT make them stronger if the intent is to diminish them. And one can only learn to “diminish” darkness by learning exactly what IS of darkness. And that amounts to, as we have already discussed, learning to identify our reality through its symbols, and learning to give each thing its “due.” In another respect, a focus on “love and light” can, in some cases, reflect an inner “fear” of the darkness. And that fear will attract unpleasant experiences and events into one’s life. Only knowledge can dispel that fear.

I can look at and assess any number of things as “negative” and choose to act otherwise, or, in other words, learn to give negativity its “due” by non-participation. And, the only way I CAN choose IS TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! And I cannot know the difference if I do not have the deepest knowledge possible about every aspect of the reality in which I live.”

- The Wave (Laura Knight Jadczyk)

“The universe is a mirror. If you send out fear, the universe will return to you what you fear. This is not actually as ominous as it might sound. The universe is set up to help you become free. Fear keeps you trapped in duality. All fear is based on an illusion; it is a fear of the unknown, meaning what is partially understood. You fear something because you have not taken a closer look at it, whereby you would have seen that it was nothing but a dualistic illusion with no reality in God. So how can you overcome this illusion? Only by being confronted with what you fear, so that you can no longer ignore it. The universe returns to you what you fear so that you can overcome the fear and be free. The only way to overcome fear is to confront it with the mind of Christ.

My point is that there is a fundamental difference between being aware of the false hierarchy and actually fearing the false hierarchy. Some New Age people advocate the idea that people should ignore anything negative in order to avoid giving it power. Yet a tumor will keep growing even if you ignore it, so a spiritual seeker cannot afford to ignore the existence of the false hierarchy. You must be aware of it as you are aware of bacteria that can give you disease. In reality, it is only when you fear something that you give it power. When you are aware that something exists without feeling fear, you do not give it power—you simply separate yourself from it. Thereby, you empower yourself to stay free of the darkness and you can also help free other people, which is how the planet progresses.”

- Ask Real Jesus (Channeled by Kim Michaels)

Transcend Your Limitations to Create Anything

“The whole process of living on the Earth is teaching you to master your limitations, and move on into much higher frequencies of consciousness and being. When a thing seems impossible, remember that it’s only impossible on your present level of consciousness. By empowering your consciousness, you can push back the boundaries of the possible: If you can shift your consciousness onto a high enough level, and use the energies available at that level, there is nothing you cannot do.

When you realize that, and start to live from that understanding, you will be able to transcend the limitations which have restricted you for so long. This is all part of the process of waking up to who you are and accepting a new level of empowerment.”

“After many lifetimes in a veiled state, you have persuaded yourselves that you are beings with very little power, but the truth is very different: you are wise and powerful Beings of Light. When you attune to the Light, you begin to see that the only limitations in your life are those that you have control. And once created, these limitations only endure because you continue to accept them. If you stand strong in your own truth and deny their power over you, they will vanish like the morning mist at the rising of the sun.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)