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Create the Body You Desire with Your Mind

Create the Body You Desire with Your Mind

“It is ever so much more possible, and satisfying and easy to achieve getting into the Vortex and seeing through the eyes of Source and therefore finding beauty. Rather than trying to control your object of attention, we want you to control your attention. Rather than trying to get whatever you look at to take the form and shape that would please you, we want to teach you to tune yourself to look for the form and shape that does please you. When you control the way you feel regardless of the circumstances, you get in the Vortex where you then are able to receive only the circumstances you are looking for. We’re not saying you can’t get what you want. We’re just saying you can’t get it when you go about it in a backwards way. So by changing the way you look at things, by caring more about lining with Source, and seeing yourself and others through the eyes of Source, now you’re in alignment, now you’re in the Vortex, and when you’re in the Vortex, everything you’ve been asking for and everything you’ve been putting there, now it will be revealed to you in a very possible way. We are teachers of deliberate creation. Everything that we say to you is how you get to choose to the contrast you live what you want, and when you line up with it, you must receive it. If this time-space reality has the wherewithal to inspire a within you a desire, this time-space reality has the wherewithal to give you the full-blown manifestation of what you want. But you have to find a way to become a vibrational match to it. We would begin saying I want this thing and I want to find out how to bring it about. If there is a way, then I want to find the way.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks: Wants a beautiful body (Pt.1/2))

“When you take the time to adjust your vibration, you engage or enlist the energies that create worlds to go to work on whatever it is you are focused upon. You came to be the creator of your own experience. It’s just about finding a way to come into alignment with what you want. That really is all that is. Before your body will begin to transform into the image you have chosen, you have to align with that image you have chosen that the Source within you is already holding. So you just got to make peace with where you are. That’s the fastest way to get to a place that you prefer is not finding fault with where you are. And you will discover you’re not far from where you want to be, and by making peace with where you are, then you move more rapidly to where you want to be. Look for the positive aspects in yourself and others.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks: Wants a beautiful body (Pt.2/2))

“Do you think that there are eyeball cells and fingernail cells and heart cells? Or do you think there are cooperative cells who can align with the bigger image that is being projected by more powerful consciousness?

You have the ability to guide the cells of your body as you would like them to understand. Jerry and Esther have a dear friend in California. Jerry asked him if he meditates and he said “I didn’t and then I did for a long time and now I’m not much anymore. I was very short and very pudgy and very unpopular and very turned inward and very unhappy. And my mother came across Seth. And she encouraged me to meditate.” He said he begin meditating which is simply the process of quieting his mind and giving his cells a reprieve from discordant thought for awhile. “And then I began visualizing I began visualizing myself more as I wanted to be.” And he said in the next year “I grew six inches, I lost fifty pounds, I became involved in school, I got active in music.” In other words, his whole world shifted. Because in that process, instead of just being and responding and reacting, he began directing his thought in a way that matched the intentionality that he had launched even before his birth. In order words he came into alignment and his physical body cooperated.

Most people have wrapped around themselves the way others see them in everything that they do, so when you factor how others see you into it, you lock it right down. So you have to reach this place where you don’t care who gets the credit, you don’t care who understands it, you don’t even care if it manifests. Because if you care that something manifest that hasn’t manifested, you’ve introduced resistance to it. You just have to so enjoy the dreaming process that you dream for the joy of dreaming. And if you dream enough for the joy of dreaming, the manifestations will just follow you around.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham-Hicks: Influencing body cells)

“You got to make peace with where you are. If you can’t make peace with where you are, you can’t move that way. Making peace with where you are always moves you in the direction of what you really want. But having war with where you are always moves in opposition with what you want.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we’d be doing more making peace with where we are than we would be reaching for. Because when you try to make too big of a jump, you don’t make it. But when you make peace with where you are, you always turn downstream. But you’re afraid to make peace with where you are because you think if you make peace with where you are, you’ll be stuck right where you are. And there are a lot of people in relationships or in physical conditions that they don’t want to make peace with it because they think that’s like the universe will say “Oh well, she’s made peace with it, so let her continue to be that.”

It always sounds like whenever we have a conversation with someone who’s bold enough to state an issue that they are dealing with, it always sounds like we want you to make peace with that. It’s not just that. We want you to make peace with everything that’s happening in your life, in an attitude of “I am where I am, and I’m doing pretty darn good, and I’m pleased with how far I’ve come, and I’m doing better and it’s getting clearer, and I know more today than I did yesterday, and now I know I’m an eternal being in a way I didn’t know before, and have this clear picture that I’m a source energy, and now I understand this stream that I am being called toward. I now understand my emotions completely in ways I’ve never known before. I now can quantify every journey because I can tell which way is moving towards improvement and which way is moving away from it. I now get it in ways that I never got it before. This is fun, this process of becoming is fun.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham-Hicks: I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see)