> The Geniuses and Super Geniuses of the World




The Geniuses and Super Geniuses of the World

The Geniuses and Super Geniuses of the World


1. Einstein (Theory of Relativity and E=MC2)

2. Edison (DC Electricity and Light Bulb)

3. Newton (Theory of Gravity and Laws of Motion)


1. Nikola Tesla (AC Electricity, Wireless Transfer of Energy, Tapping into FREE ENERGY of Zero-Point-Field)

2. Leonardo Da Vinci (Master of Many Fields of Geniuses, Understood Fibonacci Relationships between Man and his Surroundings)

3. Pythagoras (Sacred Geometry, Initiated by Hermes Trismegistus)

“The level of intelligence has been tremendously increased, because people are thinking and communicating in terms of screens, and not in lettered books. Much of the real action is taking place in what is called cyberspace. People have learned how to boot up, activate, and transmit their brains. Essentially, there’s a universe inside your brain. The number of connections possible inside your brain is limitless. And as people have learned to have more managerial and direct creative access to their brains, they have also developed matrices or networks of people that communicate electronically. There are direct brain/computer link-ups. You can just jack yourself in and pilot your brain around in cyberspace-electronic space.”
- Timothy Leary, (Chaos & Cyber Culture)

“The capacity of the internet to link like-minded people throughout the world is a great gift to progressive minorities who need to band together in the early stages of pioneering new ideas and new ways of living and being. For this reason, we regard the internet as an essential technology underpinning your consciousness revolution.”
- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)

I once said Super Genius (Especially Omega Level) could only exist at a time where the Computer, Internet and World Wide Web existed and functioned in a more efficient manner (not old computer, slow internet and small web).

When is such a time? 2000 Onwards. That is why Super Genius exist NOW!

SUPER-GENIUS (Alpha Level)

1. Hermes Trismegistus (Father of All Occult Knowledge, Astrology, Alchemy, Seven Hermetic Principles, Master of Reality Creation, Magic and Manifestation, Highest Priest-Scientist of Egypt)

2. King Solomon (Wisest King who ever lived on Earth, Richest King ever, World Domination and World Peace, Most Powerful Ruler, Author of Proverbs the book of Wisdom, Built the Temple of God)

SUPER-GENIUS (Omega Level)

1. Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality, Integrated Mind Sciences, Seven Levels of Intelligence, Seven States of Matter, Universal and Personal Aspect of God, Conscious Christianity, Integrative Mindset)

Other present day super geniuses: Ray Kurzweil