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The English Language is the Supreme Language

The English language is the supreme language. No matter how brilliant a person might seem, if they cannot understand English, they can’t obtain absolute brilliance. All things in the universe can be explained best in the English language.

Even though Hebrew is the language of creation, English is the language that leads to the evolution of consciousness. Even higher dimensional beings can know things better because of the expansion of consciousness on the Earth plane through the use of the English language. God chose the most powerful languages to write His Word. He wrote the Old Testament in Hebrew, the New Testament in Greek and then He later translated the whole thing into English.

After the flood, the whole earth was of one language and one speech which was the Hebrew language. But because they wanted to come together in one place and build a tower unto heaven, the LORD confounded the language of the world so they wouldn’t understand each other. All languages originate in the universal mind and came from God. The LORD separated the world from one language into many languages. But after The Cross, He is also uniting the world again under one language. The biggest move of Christianity was in the United States, and also when the Authorized King James Bible was created in 1611. Isaiah 59:19 “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west.” The west (United States) has proclaimed his name JESUS (YHWH Saves) to the world. Christ has reconciled all things unto Himself.

All our maths, physics and computer language are written in English. The leading edge knowledge of the world such as the materials from Seth Speaks, Abraham Hicks, Joseph Prince and Mind Reality are written in the English language.

People can still know genius knowledge with other languages. But to reach the highest levels of genius, one must know English. Even ancient philosophies in other languages are now being understood better in the English Language. Things are best known when they are described primarily in the English language while incorporating other languages as secondary when useful.

The English language is not pictographic but aural language. The advantage is that it has far greater room for manipulation and variation than other languages, and its inherent neutrality allows it to connect all other languages more easily. It can shape itself to accommodate all other languages more than other languages can shape themselves to accommodate English. There is wisdom to the English language but it is of a different kind compared to pictographic or symbolic languages. It takes a higher level of consciousness to perceive it.

Much of English may come from Latin words. But this is simply the evolution of language into better and better forms. Latin used to be a very high class or elite language. Even English itself has transformed over time with new words in science and technology. English is now the best language to learn about all things in the Universe, Spirit and Life.

Singapore and America are both the top countries in the world in proficiency with the English language. One is in the west, the other in the East. These two countries make the rules of the English Language, literally. In Singapore, there is Singlish. In America, there is American English. The rest of the world follows us.

Everyone needs to learn the English language.

- Enoch Mind Reality

“This might sound biased to non-English first language speakers but there is a lot of truth to this. I speak 4/5 languages of Latin origin and some words and expressions do not translate in those other languages but most will translate into English. Also English is one of the ‘newest’ languages on Earth–it comes from a blending of Germanic languages coming from what’s now Germany, Denmark and possibly Holland, along with the Vikings who were from Norway and possibly Sweden along with the Romans, Celts and much later French influence from land ownership claims in both countries, wars, and French being popular among nobility in what’s now the UK. This blending of languages has made English very flexible and is also why it’s a popular language in song and why so many countries have singers who sing primarily in English vs. their native language because it just sounds better….it has a flow and syntax that permits this. English is also easier to write than other languages due to the lack of written accents in other European languages or word characters like in Chinese and Japanese. So it’s easier to write, type and read from afar. So all of this lends to English being a truly international language.”

- Ryan Ayres

“Much of English is evolved from Latin which used to be a superior class of language used by the elite. Since English evolved from a superior class of language, this is also a reason why it could become the supreme language in the world. In the KJV Bible, the word “Lucifer” is actually translated from the Latin Vulgate instead of the original Hebrew manuscript. Lucifer means Bringer of Light. This is a clue that more Light is Brought in for the understanding of spiritual and divine knowledge through the evolution of language into superior forms. The Bible is full of codes that give clues to deeper meanings of what is going on in reality.”

“Truth can be expressed in a more accurate, less distorted, and clearer way. The use of language has evolved over time since the KJV Bible was written. The word of God in certain areas when taken literally can seem rather mysterious, because it would be an inaccurate way of expressing truth. But when one understands the essence and can convey the essence or real meaning of it, one can bring clear understanding to others without confusion or distortion. God always talked about the importance of the Holy Spirit, and it is the Holy Spirit which is the divine intelligence that helps us understand His word in spirit and in truth.”

“In the past, the reality of God could only be spoken in terms that humans could understand based on the language that they had. As consciousness evolved over time, language evolved as well, and now we have many new terms and definitions that can be used to explain the reality of God in a much clearer and undistorted way. Much of the past ways of explaining God is really just the form, now we have words and explanations that can express the essence.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

It is true that as consciousness evolves it results in the evolution of language, and as language evolves it enables consciousness to evolve further. Therefore, beings that are able to use words and language to explain things in clearer, more precise and better ways, can be considered to be more evolved in consciousness. These beings are more advanced in their understanding, their thinking and their consciousness.”

- Enoch Mind Reality