> Four Things in Highly Responsive Women




Four Things in Highly Responsive Women

Four Things in Highly Responsive Women

“Every man has his preferences, but to find a highly responsive woman, the most important things to look for in a woman are: intelligence, imagination, deservedness, and sexuality. If you find a woman with all of those traits, you are in for one wild ride.

Intelligence is the biggest indicator of suggestibility. The more intelligent, the more powerfully she will respond to your suggestions.

Imagination is the component that you will make use of to make things real for her. If she has a very good imagination, you can make anything real for her. If she does not, you are going to be continually frustrated. Imagination is usually closely related to intelligence, but not always. You can easily determine the imaginative ones by simply observing if they are making real the things you are talking about.

Deservedness is what a woman believes she deserves for herself. You have to find a woman who has a good sense of deservedness.

A highly sexual woman lives and breathes sexuality. Everything in her life has a sexual meaning. Sexuality flows through her veins. Sexuality is in every aspect of her life. These women tend to have very acute senses, usually taste, smell, touch, and hearing. Such a woman is going to be an enthusiastic lover.”

- David Shade (Masterful Lover)