> The Energy and Wisdom of Your Higher Self




The Energy and Wisdom of Your Higher Self

The Energy and Wisdom of Your Higher Self

“You have been receiving channeling form a wide range of sources – human Master-souls, Star-Beings and Angels – but now a further stage in the evolution of channeling is beginning to open up for you. It will soon become important for you to channel the totality of your Being – or at least as much of that totality as you can manage. In practical terms, this means channeling the energy and quality of your soul, letting your soul speak through you and color all your perspectives of life. Through constant attunement in this way, you begin to live the life of the soul, even while you still have an active personality.

When the soul illumines the personality, the ego becomes confined to a function of individual-awareness (where it can still be useful), rather than having free range as the master of the personality (where it can cause chaos).. And as that soul-influence becomes stronger, you will find yourself increasingly channeling the highest aspect of your total Being: the higher self.

Let us be clear about this. When you channel the energy and wisdom of your higher self, you will not need to channel any other Being or energy-source. Everything you need, and need to know, is accessible through the higher self, and channeling the higher self will eventually become the only form of channeling that is relevant to you. However, we say “eventually” because channeling the higher self is an advanced stage, indeed the ultimate stage of the whole channeling process.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)

“Your connection to these higher dimensions comes through your higher centers of telepathy. Most of you receive telepathically through your emotional centers. You experience this when you are around people and pick-up what they are feeling. Part of spiritual growth is learning to become transparent to the emotional messages of others, and opening your higher centers of telepathy so you can receive guidance from you Higher Self.

Your higher telepathic centers are mental and intuitive; you receive clear mental guidance or an intuitive sense of what to do through these centers. You automatically open your higher centers of telepathy as you align with your Higher Self and hear and follow Its guidance.

You can use your higher centers of telepathy to send messages to the Higher Selves of others or become aware of the soul-level consciousness present in other life-forms, such as plants, animals, and minerals. Through higher telepathy you can become aware of the many high beings serving mankind, you own personal guide if you choose, and the dimensions of your Higher Self.

You connect with any of these high beings by imagining you are connecting with them. If you are working on a project, ask for extra guidance ands assistance with it. Imagine light is being sent to you, your work, or your loved ones. You are not alone; there is much assistance, support, and empowerment available for you and your world-work when you connect with this higher community.”

- ORIN (Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self)

“That is how communication occurs between beings –– thought packets of knowing.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“When you find true empathy or vibrational resonance with the consciousness of anything, then for that time you have access to what that energy knows.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – Levels of consciousness)

“As you live as you Higher Self, guidance and information will come from within rather than from without. Guidance from you Higher Self is received in your higher telepathic centers and transmitted to you through your imagination and mind. Since your connection to the higher dimensions comes from within, pay attention to your thoughts, inner sense and imagination.

Meditation is a powerful tool for becoming aware of these higher dimensions and your Higher Self guidance. Mediation allows you to quiet your normal thoughts and listen to your Higher self. It allows you to pay more attention to your inner reality of pictures, images, and feelings. As you meditate you increase your vibration and frequency, and the dimensions of your Higher Self become more knowable to you. Meditation increases your sensitivity to ideas, concepts, and images from the higher realms and your Higher Self.

Meditation can involve states of relaxation, observation and concentration. Meditation can take many forms from silencing your mind to concentrating on a project. Meditation is an inner reflective attitude, a time of concentrated thought. You are meditating when you are focused and thinking about how you can assist others or carry out your life purpose. Meditation can consist of sending light and love to people or sitting quietly and silencing your mind. Things that allow you to relax, concentrate, or silence your mind – long walks in the woods, listening to music, and sitting quietly and thinking about things will connect you with your Higher Self and the higher dimensions.”

- ORIN (Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self)