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Ego, Judgment and Duality Explained

Ego, Judgment and Duality Explained

The wrong idea of concepts such as Ego, Judgment and Duality is the reason why there is so much mess in the lightworker world.

Judgment – There is this idea that there are two terms called “judgment and “discernment”. Judgment is wrong and discernment is right. Well, judgment is actually an umbrella term that includes “discernment” as part of it. “Judgment” is just a word that has multiple meanings, and in many cases judgment is synonymous with discernment. Even with the idea of discernment, many people can “discern” wrongly, which also means to “judge wrongly. The word judgment has been used to mean discernment in many places such as the Bible. To try to disallow the word judgment to be used to mean discernment, and to try to separate the two words to mean different things is just plain impracticality and stupidity. Even when people take the word “judgment” to mean forming an opinion about something, the same argument can be made for the term “discernment”. Therefore, it is not about dropping judgment, but it is about improving judgment and suspending judgment when appropriate. And also, ever notice how many of those who are against judgment are actually very judgmental towards judgment? They contradict themselves with their illogical hypocrisy.

Duality – There is this idea that duality should be eliminated and as long as there is duality, one is not “enlightened”, “ascended”, “fully aware”, “know the truth”, and any other statement you have heard of. People think there is no duality in higher dimensions (such as 5D and above). That is so wrong. As long as there is perception, consciousness will perceive between “this” and “that”. When there is no duality, there is no perception. The truth is in 3D, people tend to be stuck in seeing things in only one polarity or the other. Duality is Polarity. Beings of higher awareness or in higher dimensions are able to “transcend duality” by see one polarity, and the other polarity, and seeing the connections between the two, and seeing whole that the two are made up of, and seeing all of it simultaneously. As one goes higher in awareness and dimension in terms of 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D, one is able to perceive and experience more and more the connection, combination, underlying unity and wholeness of things.

Ego – There is this idea that Ego is bad and should be eliminated. The truth is Ego is the boundary that makes up your individual consciousness. Without Ego, you would not exist as an individual. To be really egoless is to be a robot, vegetable or brain-dead. Ego is Personality. Ego is the whole reason why you exist individually. Your soul created your ego so that you can experience yourself individuality with personality, likes and preferences. The thing is people in 3D tend to get stuck in Ego perspective and think that that is all of themselves that exists, and are not aware of the larger or broader aspects of their being in higher dimensions. Your Ego is a focused extension of consciousness of your Soul, which is an extension or stepped-down funnel of a larger Over-Soul, which in turn is a stepped down funnel of Source. Take for example the Torso, the arm, the hand and the fingertips. Transcending Ego does not mean eliminating or removing Ego. You would not remove your fingers just because you know you are the torso would you? Transcending Ego simply means coming into awareness and operating with larger aspects of Self. Those who exist in higher states of spirituality or in higher dimensions still have Ego if they are to exist as individual consciousness. Theirs would be finer and finer states of Ego where they encompass their own unique personality and separate point of view, while perceiving the oneness between Egos, and perceiving the underlying unity and connection between all other Egos, all as circles within circles. Without the parts, the whole is not whole. In this world, the challenge is always to operate at multiple dimensions of Self simultaneously.

- Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality)

“Ego is a necessary tool. It is about learning how to use it and not about eliminating it. When it serves you, use it. When it doesn’t, drop it. Sometimes you need Ego to build up who you are and differentiate yourself from the rest of this world. Sometimes you need to connect your Ego with Spirit and momentarily let your Ego out of the way so that you can channel the flow of Spirit continually without interruption or interference.”

- Except taken from Article on Mind Reality (Ego is Unique Expression of Infinite Being)
=> http://www.mindreality.com/ego-is-unique-expression-of-infinite-being

“The rainbow is a sign of no more judgment. God judged the earth once when he sent the flood. The rainbow is a sign that God will not flood the earth again. There is no more judgment from God because He has judged all our sins in the body of His Son Christ Jesus at the cross. The New Age has taken the idea of “no more judgment” and twisted it into their concept of “non-judgment” which is confusing as it implies there is no judgment at all. God is the Judge and He has Judged Righteously. At the Cross is where “Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. – Psalms 85:10”. You can’t turn to the New Age or other forms of Spirituality for the Truth. You have to turn to Jesus Christ for the Truth. All other paths lead to distortion, confusion and delusion. Only Jesus leads to complete wisdom and peace.”

- Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality)

“Personally I think the personal growth teachers who promote that we should transcend our egos have been smoking way too much pot. Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a totally ego-less society? I’d put a bullet in my brain from sheer boredom.

I think we’re better off doing just the opposite. Let’s develop even stronger egos and broadcast our desires shamelessly. Show the world who you really are.

Some corporations would love to strip you of your personality quirks. People with drab personalities make great automatons. But what does that do to your life then?

I’d rather live in a world of strong personalities and characters. That doesn’t have to lead to violent confrontation. I think it would reduce violence since then it would be so much easier to find and connect with other strong-willed, like-minded people. We’d have so many slutty opportunities to indulge in our passions together that we wouldn’t need to waste time on conflicts.

Once we let go of the delusion that we’re such pure, ego-transcendent angels, then we can finally release the guilt and disappointment of not measuring up to that phony standard. And we can enjoy tremendous freedom to be fully and shamelessly ourselves.”

- Steve Pavlina Personal Development Insights #63

“Comparison is duality” is rubbish brainwashing nonsense from the new age and evil spirits. Along with “no judgment” and “no ego” Those foolish new age groups have thrown logic and wisdom out of the window. They are guided by evil spirits, blinding people with vague knowledge and deceptive displays of power. That is not to say God is not involved. But when one connects to the purest source, the wisdom gained surpasses all.

If you do not work with duality, you have no ability to differentiate black from white. If you have “no judgment” you are bland, naive and foolish personality. If you have “no ego” you are a vegetable. Evil spirits in fifth dimension have been deceiving spiritual people and their senses. They pretend to be light and truth but are error.

The highest spirits in the spiritual world are the judges of time, space and existence. Their ability to perceive duality and oneness simultaneously are far superior and far sharper than all. They make supreme judgments and execute the fullest justice in all areas of activity. Their spiritual aspects of ego and spirit are developed respectively to the fullest extent.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“I find it funny that people who believe in “non-judgment” can’t help but judge and call the author’s view “wrong”, and even though they don’t believe in “ego” and promote “non-duality” they attempt to disagree with the author in a “loving” way which actually seems as though they feel their beliefs are under attack and must defend them, which ironically is an ego thing. So we can either resist the natural order of things, thinking that somehow we are above it, just to be constantly daunted and disillusioned because it isn’t working out the way we think it is supposed to; or we can embrace the natural order of things, like it or not, and learn to make constructive use of it which is far more productive than living in denial.”
- Jaclyn Norris (2 July 2013 Facebook Comment)

“Exactly why most new age “light and love” types are blinded and hypocritical. They are some of the most judgmental people, judging anything that isn’t “light and love” and acting like they are above it which is ego defense. They haven’t gotten rid of their egos, they’re just hiding under the guise of “no ego” but if they truly had no ego they would never try to force their perceptions on anyone. Even “ego” and “no ego” is a duality in itself, so if you claim to have “no ego” and are judging people who you think have egos, you are creating a separation thus going against your “non duality” stance. I think the concepts of ego dissolving, oneness, and non judgment have their place in awareness – but they aren’t the end all, they are more just temporary states and if they were meant to be permanent then we wouldn’t even be here. The fact that most people with these beliefs can’t even live up to them proves that. I’m glad more people are seeing the errors, and challenging what they claim to be “absolute truth”.
- Daniel Rivero (2 July 2013 Facebook Comment)

“The New Age is wrong about Ego, Judgment and Oneness. Satan has deceived many. God’s way is higher. God’s way is Truth. Christ is reigning on His Throne, Christ is Judge of the Earth, and there is no Oneness without knowing Christ as Lord of All.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“Many people in the New Age have an incomplete concept of the “Shadow Side”. They have the idea that things you dislike about another person are things about yourself that you dislike and are reflected by the other person. This is a half truth but many treat it as more true than it is supposed to be. Sometimes this idea is true, but many a times, it is not. A person may dislike uncleanliness about another person simply because they themselves are clean. Those people who have no reaction to uncleanliness is because they themselves are unclean. Pigs have no issues with other pigs being unclean when they are all wallowing in the mud together. So realize that many in the New Age have warped perspective of many spiritual matters because they are in spiritual darkness and uncleanliness.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

Jesus said: “I came not to send peace, but a sword [Word of God]. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. He that loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me: and he that loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.” The Bible says “The Word of God pierces into the dividing asunder between soul and spirit”. Jesus and the Word are here to create Duality towards all that is not the Truth. There is only True Unity Consciousness in Christ and the Gospel.

- Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality)