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The Different Spheres of the Spiritual World

The Different Spheres of the Spiritual World

“The Spiritual Universe consists of many different spheres of light that radiate from all the worlds that God has created and reaches right to the heaven of heavens, the Throne of God. It is brimming with life and activity of all the creations of God in various dimensions, each fulfilling their destiny. All the human activity of the earth in this present generation and in all the history of men combined is only one tiny dot in all the activities of the Spiritual Universe.

Between the beginning of the spheres of light and the spheres of darkness that radiate from the earth is an intermediate sphere, which for lack of a better term, we shall call the earth sphere. The light spheres nearer the earth are not that dissimilar to the earth, except that everything is perfect and it does not have the ugly things of the earth. This is to enable those who at death are ready for the light of the spiritual spheres to grow and develop further in an environment familiar to them while they grow and progress to the heavens of God. Everything moves like music and harmony.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

“There are far more colors and harmony of colors than we can perceive on this earth. Everything is more radiant and full of joy. There are two categories of spheres: one of a spiritual ether material type (a type of spiritual light matter – God said let there be light – Genesis 1:3) like the planets or solar systems in which the spheres surround; the other spheres of a soul-spiritual development type that transverse the systems. The spheres surrounding the planets or solar systems are for the growth of creatures of God through their particular system – planetary spheres.

The spheres of a soul-spiritual type are for the development of the spirit towards the fullness of God which is the centre of all these spheres – celestial spheres. These second category spheres are greater and enclose all the other spheres. Within each sphere are smaller spheres of growth at the level of the sphere in which the smaller spheres are. Like a wheel within a wheel (Ezekiel 1:15, 16). A third category of sphere, of which only a glimpse is given, is the highest and it radiates from the very Throne of God and consists of pure spirit-essence – the God-spheres. All the planetary spheres revolve around the celestial spheres which in turn revolve around the God-spheres.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

“There are many “heavens” where the presence of God is manifested to a different degree in each sphere. All planetary spheres of God have their own heaven and progress to the heaven of heavens where God dwells. The glory of each heaven is progressively greater with the least glory in the sphere of heaven nearer the earth and the greatest glory in the sphere of heaven nearest to the heaven of heavens.

Although there are innumerable heavens in each creation of God, all the heavens and creations can be classified into three main categories: the First Heaven containing planetary spheres that belong to the particular solar systems, the Second Heaven containing the celestial spheres which belong to the space between solar systems, and the Third Heaven containing the God-spheres which radiate directly outwards from the Throne of God Himself.

The progression of spiritual growth is not just in glory alone but also in dimension until it reaches the dimension of God where all dimensions known to us of time, space, unipresence, etc. disappear because God is outside of all the dimensions which He has created. For a human spirit that has just left the mortal body, even the first sphere of light would be a paradise compared to the present physical world. There is no death or decay or any of the earthly imperfections; only love, peace and joy.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

“God is able to manifest Himself in any part of the Spiritual Universe without leaving His throne. This manifestation takes a spiritual form with all the glory of God as tailored to the specific glory realm of the place where the revelation of God is unfolded. Angels and spirits in the highest spheres also possess a measure of this ability to project their presence in a spiritual form without leaving their places of abode. This spiritual form is alive with the life of the spirit and responsive to all the thoughts, will and emotion of the originating source. There is no natural comparison to this. Time, space and reality in the spiritual world are not as unbending as their physical counterparts (of time, space and matter). Part of the progress in the Spiritual World is to break free from always thinking in our physical three dimensional ways.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

The Spheres of Darkness

Starting at the realm below the earth are different underworld spheres in which are spirits of men in the most grotesque forms. They are almost indistinguishable from demons. When humans in the physical realm lend themselves to evil desires and thoughts, they attract the influences of evil spirits some of which arise from the very deep darkness in Hades momentarily to try to reign over their lives (James 3:6). These evil spirits cannot remain in the earth sphere without humans of their own free will allowing themselves to be dominated by these evil spirits.

From time to time, where a community, society or city yield themselves to evil, it looks like a volcanic eruption in the spirit world when momentarily the dark fires and lava of Hades flows onto the surface of the earth subjugating the human society until spiritual light is once again restored through human vessels who yield themselves to the divine light of Christ; and the evil spirits retreat into their dark abyss.

Below the Intermediate realm, the spheres of darkness begin and reach right into the bowels of the earth. The outer realms of the spheres of darkness are like twilight but as one progresses deeper, it becomes progressively darker into the depths of Hades. Within this realm is a section of outer darkness which Jesus said has weeping and the gnashing of teeth (Matthew 8:12).

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

The Intermediate Sphere

A great number of Christians of the lowest category (1 Corinthians 3:15) are found in this realm. Many of them who have lived worldly and materialistic, unholy and selfish lives remain in the lowest of the earth spheres. The love of the Father is not fully developed in their lives (1 John 2:15). They were surprised at the dimness of light which greeted them. When a spirit departs from the physical body at death it remains at the same spiritual level as it was when it died. There is no instantaneous super spiritual growth. The character the spirit had while in the physical body is the same character it retains when it leaves the body.

The measurement of true spiritual growth is Christ-likeness and not just knowledge about Christ or knowledge of His redemption. Mental knowledge does not transform a person but revelation and true heart knowledge of Christ transforms one to be like Christ. Some Christians who think that the redemption grace of Christ at the cross gives them permission to keep sinning violate the very purpose for which Christ came for them – and that is to make them in His own image, to be free from sin and bear fruit unto holiness and everlasting life (Romans 8:29; 6:15, 22).

The intermediate sphere is also primarily populated by spirits in whom there is still some light of redemption based on the light of their conscience (Romans 2:11-16). There are many different levels in the earth sphere ranging from very dry and parched landscapes to those resembling paradise as one goes higher. Many thousands of various sections, each one like a totally different country, exist within this sphere; each catering for the diversities of spiritual schools and education still necessary for those whose spirits have redemption quality and who have only a partial revelation of Christ through their conscience (Romans 2 category).

The revelation of Christ is given in varying degrees to all those in accordance to their spiritual development. Spirits in the earth sphere are not able to see all of the glory of Christ in the highest heavens but a measure of the light of Christ is given dimly at this level. Some of those humans who have OBE (out of body experiences) and NDE (near death experiences) saw this realm without seeing the light of Christ. Others saw this realm and came to know the light of Christ. Many had a genuine experience in the spirit world but did not interpret it correctly. For in this realm are thousands of redeemed souls who are now serving as ministering spirits and depending on the spiritual development of the ministering spirit assigned to humans with OBEs or NDEs, they are given only a partial knowledge of the spirit world. It is wrong of them to assume that their partial knowledge is the total knowledge of the spirit world.

For this reason some of the knowledge acquired from OBEs and NDEs seems to be contradictory to one another. For even within the spirit realm, free will is still respected and redeemed spirits progress from one level of knowledge to another level from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18). No revelation is ever forced upon a redeemed spirit but each must acquire and come to know the full revelation of Christ and of God as they progress.

Everyone who physically dies on the earth enters first into this region after which they are separated either into darkness or light (Ezekiel 26:20). Ideally, spirits should not be in this sphere for long but many who lived their lives without preparation for a spiritual eternity end up spending a longer time in this realm than they should. There are a vast number of schools and very earth-like (but more perfect) worlds within this realm which exist so that spirits would not feel discomforted by the vast realities of the spiritual world. Many of those who died without preparation for life in the spiritual realm still think that they are in their body or in a dream. The light of Christ is very, very dim in this realm. Some spirits, especially those of suicides or others who pass from the physical world suddenly, are still attached to their earthly life and thoughts and keep reliving the pain of their lives in themselves.

Others, whose lives and natures are already in darkness, almost immediately plunge into the darkness of the spheres of darkness; attracted to and tormented by other spirits like themselves. Those who live in the light while on the earth almost immediately ascend to the spheres of light. Spirits in the Intermediate Sphere sometimes wander around like lost souls (some still thinking that they are physically alive) on the physical earth before they are separated into either the spheres of darkness or the spheres of light (Matthew 12:43). It is very, very important to take time to prepare for life in the spiritual world while we have physical life. God is saddened by the great numbers of people who live their physical lives without any thought or preparation for the spiritual world. The tunnel of light that many people see in death is just a passageway through the spheres of darkness that surround the earth to the intermediate realm and to the realm of the spheres of light.

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

Transition Places

“Although there are many spheres in the Spiritual World, there are particular spheres which seem to be an important demarcation realm. For example, the nearest heavenly spheres to the earth are those which have a semblance of earth life (language, buildings, styles, etc.) but as one ascends into the higher glory, there is a place where earth-like styles are almost nil and when one crosses over that particular sphere or place it is like entering another grouping of glory spheres. At this place there are usually special buildings that monitor all the groups of spheres below it and also function as transition points for all those of the spheres above.

These transition points are very important as they have a dual function: a training ground for those who are ready to grow higher to the next grouping of spheres and a transmission station for those from higher spheres who, because of the greatness of their sublime nature and glory, use these stations to send blessings, communications and inspirations to specific individuals in the lower spheres.

One could ask why the spirits in the higher spheres do not come down directly if they want to impart to those lower; these are just one of the many activities of heaven instead of direct visitations. Also these places are used by those of higher spheres to adjust their glory to the lower realms before they proceed lower. There are many more universities and facilities in these transition places than in other spheres. These special places provide facilities for even spirits and angels of the highest spheres, whose glory is so bright that it might normally distress those of lower spheres, to interact with those there. There are also facilities for those of the lowest spheres to be able to be “protected” by enhancing from these facilities to interact with those from the highest spheres. The Lord Jesus, accompanied by a host of beings of the highest spheres, also manifests in various high states of glory which He otherwise could not in other spheres.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

Ministry to the Lowest Spheres of the Intermediate Realm

“There are many and varied schools established in the Lowest Intermediate Spheres. These minister to those spirits that are earthbound and remain dazed in the realms between the earth’s crust and the Intermediate Realm. These schools range from new mission outreaches to highly developed cities (especially if they have been established over the many centuries of earth’s history. For those that are established longer – thousands of earth years – they are like countries). Each of these schools (or countries) is as different as the many countries of the earth directly below them.

There are many similarities and styles of culture of each city and country to the earthly country below them. This is not done because of the need to retain any ethnic or style of culture in the spiritual realm, rather they serve to address the weaker spirits’ comfort as they are still growing out from their old earthly ways. In the Spirit World they are also given different names according to the spiritual leaders in charge of these schools.

Some of them are like hospitals and clinics that help and strengthen the weak spirits that are arriving without much preparation for the Spiritual World. (Of course, they do not use the earthly instruments or tools but rather they use spiritual impartations and teaching to strengthen these weak spirits). It is in these realms where the spirits are so weak that there are even transportation systems within these cities and countries (Of course, they are powered by spiritual means). All the manifestations in these places are merely for the weak and earthbound spirits who still think and act as if they have physical bodies.

Higher spirits have no need of such manifestations. The design of these realms is very much earth-like without the limitations of earthly physical laws. As in every place, there are places of prayer to seek God’s help, gardens, buildings, etc. but of a much lesser glory. Many spirits of the higher realms come to these places especially when they need to aid their loved ones who are still trapped in the earthbound area. These spheres are like mission fields to higher spirits and new mission fields are constantly being formed to bring more spiritual light to these realms.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

Examples of some ministry work in the Lowest realms

“In some of these lowest Intermediate realm hospitals there are many who have lived their lives without preparation for the Spiritual World. Many of them are prominent business people, professionals and leaders who gave no thought to the afterlife. Those who thought that they would cease to exist after physical death remain in a nightmarish stupor barely holding on to the smallest of spiritual life that is still in them. They are placed in wards with beds and are daily ministered to by the spirits who serve here. The serving spirits would place their hands on them or wave their hand over them imparting spiritual strength and nourishment.

These spirits who have been so careful to provide themselves with physical comfort and luxuries have not taken time during their lives to provide for themselves spiritually. They lie groaning and moaning, temporal physical millionaires but spiritual paupers for all eternity. Others lie in a comatose state refusing to believe that they still live on in the spirit realm. All of them have their minds, emotions and thought patterns poisoned by their lifetime of worldliness and fleshly ways. Their spiritual bodies look diseased and malnourished. If only they had used their great wealth, power and resources for spiritual good both for themselves and for others around them.

Others are so tied to their earthly habits of thinking and have earthly emotions linked to physical people or things on the earth that they are like mentally deranged people in a mental ward. They struggle with the illusions and passions of physical life created by their own thought and emotional life. Foul smells and disharmonious atmospheres fill these wards. The role of the ministering spirits here is to help remove these disharmonies from the atmosphere emitted by these sick spirits (by their thought emanations) through prayer and love.

These spirits are so contorted that they are not even capable of hearing heavenly music that would soothe and heal their souls. They have to be taught the most basic of spiritual things like small infants. When they are recovered, many of these would in turn serve others. Spirits who live in these realms do not have the spiritual capacities to communicate via thought and rely on spiritual devices (inventions of the spiritual realm) to communicate. Many of the physical earthly inventions came from devices invented in these realms because these realms do have their limitations similar to the limitations of the physical bodies on earth (although not as gross as the physical world).

Many of the spirits here still look old and aged but these “bodily forms” are merely versions of the “uglier forms” of the dark spheres. They are sufficiently redeemed to be present in these realms but not sufficiently spiritually developed to take on the youthful heavenly forms of the higher spheres. As they grow and develop and ascend to the higher spheres, they will lose these “earthly looking aged” forms and take on the true spiritual forms.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

“Spiritual distances which are millions of light years when measured by earthly scales can be transverse in a fleeting thought but the distances can be “spiritually felt” by the density of the spiritual materiality of each sphere. The different spiritual spheres also contain different degrees of spiritual energy with the highest spheres containing the greatest pulsation of life. Because of the different degrees in which each sphere vibrates with the energy of spiritual life, those of the lowest sphere cannot see the higher spheres nor live in them until their internal spiritual life grows to the same degree of life or glory. In a similar way we cannot see the blades of a fan turning very fast, and are unable to see infra red or ultraviolet light because we do not have the internal physical eye capacity to see those wave lengths of photons.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

“There are many spheres of existence in the nonphysical worlds. There are spheres of light, each one being more glorious and higher than the one before. There are spheres of darkness, each one being more distorted and corrupted than the one before. Earth and the physical world is right in the middle of all. The Bible focuses on Earth, Heaven and Hell. Heaven is the highest of all the spheres of light. Hell is the lowest of all the spheres of darkness. Buddhists talk about the middle path. But the true middle path is the path of extremes. When you know the extreme opposite points, you are able to know all else that is in between better. The conditions of a physical or nonphysical environment depend on the consciousness that is creating it. The better the consciousness, the better will be the reality that is manifested.

Heaven is created by the Perfect Mind of Christ. It is the most beautiful, the most glorious and the most wonderful of all the spheres of existence. Corrupt men cannot create a perfect world. Man, evil spirits and Satan created Hell with their darkened consciousness. God’s perfect consciousness never created any Hell. In the afterlife, Man will experience the nonphysical environment according to his state of consciousness. The more negative and chaotic consciousness will create a more hellish experience. With the assistance of Christ Consciousness and Divine Influence, Man’s consciousness will rise into the higher spheres of light. Christians who received Christ into their hearts are hid in Christ. Therefore they are taken straight into the Heavenly Realms after they pass on from Earthly life. Souls in the nonphysical worlds ascend into higher and more glorious spheres of light according to the level of revelation that they have about Christ who is the Personal Aspect of God revealed to all of His Creation.”

- Enoch Mind Reality