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You Can Improve Your Vision to Beyond Normal Sight

You Can Improve Your Vision to Beyond Normal Sight

“Did you know that many commercial airlines and even the US Air Force have programs to train pilots to develop super-normal sight? Olympic athletes, including the US volleyball and field hockey teams frequently work to improve their sight to beyond normal. Some athletes who are known to have trained their eyes to see better, include tennis champion Virginia Wade, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees and Val Skinner the professional golfer. The Connecticut state police have regular vision improvement training. Do you think that if it wasn’t possible to improve your vision, that all these people (and the US Government) would bother with it… I don’t think so!! This stuff works! You will get your sight back.

Changes over weeks and months are difficult to notice until they reach certain thresholds. I don’t want you to get discouraged, because you think something isn’t changing on a daily basis. The body doesn’t work like that. Some days are better than others, and some days, you may feel to be going backwards. Don’t rely on your memory. It’s very easy to forget how bad your sight was, and not notice the improvement. You’d be surprised at how quickly you adjust to better eyesight and forget what poor vision was like. Some people improve without even realizing they have improved!

Sometimes you just look up and “Oh my god I can see!” This is usually accompanied by a deep sense of peace, comfort, relief and relaxation in your eyes. Involuntary clear flashes can last from a few seconds to minutes or even hours. This is your natural vision, and as you progress, it will happen more and more frequently and last for longer and longer, until eventually, it just becomes your natural state. During a clear flash you will notice that black is very black. Memorize it. Also, detail is phenomenal as central fixation is taking place. There is also a strong sense of 3D, as your eyes are now working perfectly as a team. Voluntary Control After having many involuntary clear flashes, some people learn that by relaxing in a particular way, and playing with some of the muscles in their eyes, they can “bring on” a clear flash. Again this is very useful when you need to see in a hurry and you don’t have your glasses handy!”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)

“Eccentric vision may also be triggered by threats to our emotions or perceived threats. Sometimes when we want to block out bad experiences or annoying, hurtful people, we “look away” from them to avoid facing them head on. It will take some time, but it is important to teach yourself to deal with unpleasant situations head on and in the most relaxed way possible. When you examine a situation with a head on approach, your concentration becomes stronger and you are able to reassess the situation and find that what you fear is not what is really happen.

Use your eyes wisely. Why waste time and energy dwelling on things that can’t always be changed? By focusing on the negative, boring, or frustrating things in life, you are harming your vision because your eyes don’t want to see that stuff. Instead, focus on the positive things that make you happy and bring joy to your life. This is what your eyes were made for, to look at the things that mean the most to you. Once your eyes find the joy in seeing things, they will begin to relax and take in the scenery. Once the eyes are relaxed and begin to feel safe from danger, the fovea central is will turn back on bringing your focus back to the center of the eye. Getting the center focus back will help to eliminate many of the other visual problems and ailments you might have had.”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)

“When you suffer from mental strain, it keeps you from listening in a relaxed way and you may not be able to handle the truth. This ‘hearing what you want’ can cause stress and strain on the system. Your eyes will not be able to see without straining. You may only see the things you want to see and ignore the rest, or “turn a blind eye”.

It takes more than just not straining to perfect your vision; you must relax and enjoy the sights around you. Allow your eyes to move around naturally, blinking now and then, to get them in the habit of working more naturally. Your eyes work best when they are moving around; your eyes will be at their best when they can freely and quickly move over things.

Just as your mind needs to shuffle quickly through thoughts, your eyes need to be able to shift quickly over objects in order to see well. Your eyes will burn and hurt the longer they are keep stagnate. Learning to edge, trace, scan, and shift quickly over and around objects, will help improve your vision almost immediately.”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)

“My son, who works at home, sits daily in front of a PC, 10 hours a day, but during the day light hours, he looks many times out a window beside his PC, and this window over looks a meadow, with wild animals grazing, and beyond this meadow are trees, rolling hills, then mountains, in the years he has lived this way, he has increased his eye sight to above the normal 20/20! Looking up close, then far away is best eye exercises!”
- Jeanne von Lindern (Facebook Comment) (9 Oct 2013)

“The muscles of your eyes change the shape of your eye, and the shape of your eye lens, so that whatever you are looking at, gets focused in the right place on the retina. If the muscles are not working properly, the image is focused in the wrong place and appears fuzzy! Yes, that lacks a little finesse, as far as explanations go, but it gives you the basic idea! Now, if it is your eye muscles that allow you to see clearly, then it follows that ‘out of shape’ eye muscles are going to cause poor vision.

Because of the lack of movement and usage, the blood doesn’t circulate as it needs to, and the muscles are deprived of nutrition. Basically, nothing in the living world remains the same, it is either growing or it is dying. This is where we get the expression – ‘use it or lose it’!! The eyes’ tiny muscles are no exception. If they are not exercised and used to their full capabilities, they will begin to atrophy. In other words, if you are not working on improving your vision, it is going to get worse! When your eye muscles get weaker, they aren’t able to pull the eye, and the lens of the eye, into the right shapes to focus your vision correctly. When your eye muscles are too weak to be able to focus the eyeball on a close object, you end up with Myopia [nearsightedness). When it’s a distant object you can’t focus on, you get Presbyopia (farsightedness).

When you begin to do your eye exercises, you’ll start to bring your eye muscles back into shape. Imagine that when you’re doing your 15 minute exercise session, you’re sending your eye muscles to the gym to ‘pump some iron’! Just like a body builder, who can build a stronger and leaner body than the average person, by spending enough time, regularly doing the RIGHT exercises, you can also develop your eye muscles way beyond the average person. You can create ‘super-vision’. Eye muscles can be strengthened to see telescopically. What others’ can see with binoculars, a person with ‘telescopic vision’ can see with the naked eye. You can also develop ‘microscopic vision’ where you can see very small things, close up, very clearly.”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)

“Tears are nature’s eye drops. They cleanse and purify the eyes and contain the bodies natural healing chemicals, many of which science probably hasn’t even discovered yet.”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)

Heal Your Eyesight with the Power of Palming

“Palming is definitely one of the most important exercises you can do to improve your vision. Actually, palming isn’t really an exercise, it’s more of a non-exercise! I’ll explain… Palming was re-discovered by William H. Bates, M.D. in the early 1900’s. Before this, the ancient Indian Yogis and Chinese Taoist practiced eye palming techniques for thousands of years. They “palmed” their eyes as a form of meditation or inner visualization and relaxation.

Very basically, Palming is simply the act of gently ‘cupping’ both palms over the eyes, blocking out as much light as possible.

Palming is one of the most important methods for relaxing eye muscles and eye nerves. When the eye muscles get stressed or strained, lazy, and bent out of shape, so does the eye. This also affects the lenses in your eye, and your vision. Any body builder, professional athlete, coach or physical therapist will tell you, that one of the most important aspects of muscle conditioning, is relaxation. When the muscles relax, they begin to function as they are supposed to, at peak performance.

But what does this mean to you? Simple… more relaxed eyes = better vision!

The Masters say that ‘too much outward gazing at all the ‘exciting’ and fast-moving things in the world, upsets the inner balance of our ‘spiritual third eye’. The physical eyes and brain become clouded, confused and agitated, like a muddy stream. Palming calms the mind, emotions, spirit and body. This allows the inner and outer eyes take on the qualities of a clear, tranquil and peaceful pool of water. When your mind and emotions are tranquil, your eyes can focus on the outer world with clarity and insight.’

In addition to this calming effect, many believe that during palming, healing energy passes through the palms of your hands into your eyes. If you’re a sensitive person, and you relax and concentrate a little, you’ll actually be able to feel this happening, and you can even magnify the effect by using your intent or imagination. You’ll find you can ‘pull’ energy from your hands with your eyes, or you can intentionally send healing energy from your hands into your eyes. Sometimes, this energy feels warm and soothing, sometimes it feels a little cool and prickly, sometimes it feels expansive and magnetic!


Tips and Techniques to improve your Palming Effectiveness: Rub your hands together. Before you start your palming, rub your hands together for 10-20 seconds very vigorously. This is a technique used by energy healer bring healing energy into the hands, which you can then pass into the eyes. If you don’t believe in ‘healing energy, then just see it as getting some heat into the hands, which feels nice on the eyes and helps them relax more. You can make this even more effective, by using your intention and imagination to send healing energy to your hands when you rub them together.

Get into the habit of palming many times during the day, whenever you have a few spare moments.

Unlike some of the eye exercises you aren’t going to overdo it. You can palm for hours each day if you really want, it won’t harm your eyes, it will only help them.”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)

“Besides palming your eyes to heal your vision, you can also palm the visual cortex region in the back of your head. This is what is called “Eyes in the back of your head”. It is the region in the back of the brain near the base of your skull. You can palm or press your fingertips against it and feeling your “inner energy” flowing from your hands and fingertips into the back of your head. Breathe in and breathe out as you do it, and feel your vision clearing and your eyes brightening up with life and energy.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“Calm the mind, emotions, spirit and body. This allows the inner and outer eyes to take on the qualities of a clear, tranquil and peaceful pool of water. What your mind and emotions are tranquil, your eyes can focus on the outer world with clarity and insight.

Cultivate the power to remember and visualize perfect black. It enables you to see the letters much black on a page thus making them sharper and easier to read. Your subconscious memory of perfect blackness carried in your mind when your eyes are open, will give you a high degree of mental and visual clarity and strength. Thus your vision can be improved immediately, if your memory and mental image of perfect blackness is visualized and retained. The ‘darker’ the black you can ‘see’, the quicker your eyesight improvement!”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)

“The eyes use one third as much oxygen as the heart. Breathe calmly through the nose and imagine the eyes are inhaling and exhaling the air. Imagine health, vitality and healing and relaxation flow into your eyes with every breath.

Perfect vision is your natural vision. Think to yourself “I can see clearly now!”

- Perfect Eyes (Dave Brinkley)