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You are what You Think, Not what You Eat

You are what You Think, Not what You Eat

“Your beliefs about food and medicine matter”

“A Western doctor may give vitamin shots or pills to a native child in another culture. The child need not know what particular vitamin is being given, or the name for his disease, but if he believes in the physician and Western medicine, he will indeed improve, and he will need the vitamins from then on. So will all the other children.”

“Generally speaking, those who advocate health foods or natural foods subscribe to some of the same overall beliefs held by your physicians …. Some….subscribe to philosophical ideas that moderate those concepts, recognizing the importance of the mind. Often though, some strong suggestions of a very negative character are given, so that all foods except certain accepted ones are seen as bad for the body, and the cause of diseases. People become afraid of the food they eat, and the field of eating becomes the arena….. In this system at least the body is not insulted with a bewildering assortment of drugs for therapy. It may, however, be starved for very needed nourishment. Beyond that the whole problem of health and illness becomes simplistically applied, and here food is scrutinized.

You are what you think, not what you eat – and to a large extent what you think about what you eat is far more important. What you think about your body, health, and illness will determine how your food is used, and how your chemistry handles fats, for instance, or carbohydrates. Your attitudes in preparing meals are highly important. Physically it is true, but again more generally speaking, that your body needs certain nourishment’s. But within that pattern is great leeway, and the organism has the amazing capacity to make use of substitutes and alternates.”

“If you believe, however, that the chemicals in certain foods will harm you drastically and bring about disastrous consequences, then even small doses of these can do you harm. Any chemical upsets in the body will right themselves after the inner problems have been worked out…The new balance signals the organism that an inner problem has been resolved.”

“Diets… [are] based on the idea that you are overweight because you eat too much. Instead you eat too much because you believe that you are overweight. The physical picture always fits because your belief in being overweight conditions your body to behave in just such a manner. In the oddest fashion, then, your diets simply reinforce the condition – since you diet because you believe so deeply in your overweight condition. You must…willingly suspend that belief. You must make a conscious effort to insert a different belief, employ natural hypnosis in this new way.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

The Only Reason Medicine Works At All

“Do whatever (medical changes) they encourage you to do, if it makes you feel better. All of that is irrelevant. In other words, go through all of those motions because it’s easier for you to go through those motions than not. You can’t make a wrong choice there. You see, the only reason any of that stuff works, anyway, is because they tell you it might, and in your hope you open the circuit. And then, after a few people croak from it anyway, then they say, “Whoops, we made a mistake. It’s not really working.” And then, you close the circuit. And then, somebody comes up with something else, they say, “This might work.” And you say, “Oh good,” and you open the circuit. And then a few people croak anyway, and they say, “Well, this isn’t working very well,” so you close the circuit. And that is why it is always something new, always something new. And all of that is fine.

The only reason medicine works at all: The disease gives you a rocket of desire beyond anything you’ve ever felt before, no matter what the disease is. Having it makes you want something else. And so, right away that desire begins summoning resources in order to soothe whatever it is that you are not wanting — or to satisfy whatever it is that you are wanting. Then, what happens with the medicine is: You have a desire with a belief that doesn’t match it, and then someone comes along with a bottle or a pill or a process, and they say to you, “This will get you to where you want to be.” And so, for a little while, your hope or your belief matches your desire — and the circuits are all open again.”

- Abraham Hicks (Source Level Vibrational Beings)