> Why A Resource Based Economy is So Foolish




Why A Resource Based Economy is So Foolish

Why A Resource Based Economy is So Foolish

“Most people are not able to see things as it is. Only few can recognize the truth. The Venus Project is an illusion. A resource based economy is going backwards. Star Trek is going backwards. Money and capitalism are tools that move society forwards. Even though the tools can be abused, it does not invalidate them. There is a lot of foolish thinking and false enlightenment in the New Age. The truth is always a blend between the new and the old. There are a lot of things about a resourced based economy in the Venus Project that would fail that have been overlooked. There are many people who do not understand the true nature of money. The truly enlightened possess the mentality of the Elite and beyond. Many try to “skip” that level and therefore their understanding is full of holes.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

Why the Venus Project is so stupid

“A lot of people seem to have trouble grasping how dumb a resource based economy is…

They’ve so far totally avoided the implementation side of the VP (Venus Project) but never run out of vigor when telling people how evil money is.

Anything that is bartered for is considered money…

But my main point why the Venus Project is soooooooooooooo dumb is that it completely stalls innovation of resources…What’s this you ask? Let me explain…

A resource is never a resource until after a human has the inspiration to create something useful out of it. Only then does it become valuable. In effect, the real resource is human creativity. This is precious and should be encouraged and never put in second place.

Yet in a resource economy inspiration is put behind already currently known resources. Once the individual creates a new thing of value then the computers will have to adjust the new resource to be able to equally divide it between the people. Not only will this hamper creativity but also deprive the creative individual with the reward he deserves for his innovation.

This is just one of so many flaws…”

- Chris

“A resource based economy isn’t above a monetary based society…It is a monetary based society, it’s just that they have changed the word cash for resource.”

- Chris

“My theory compares how people would react in each society from how they have reacted to like societies in the past… How come people assume that in the Venus Project people are going to be all loving and giving? While everyone who wants a free market system are greedy savages? It’s not going to be like that at all… You’re going to get both good and bad.

It’s just Marxism 2.0…Some people are wondering why some of us here are so against it…Well it’s not because we are party poopers or anything…It’s because we know how communism was brought in…It’s exactly the same…”

- Chris

“My ideal society a system should be based upon….Common law… Who knows how a society will look if ‘common law’ became law…It might go hyper hi-tech, it might go very spiritual, most likely, it will be a lot of things because it caters for the individual and everyone can pursue their own objectives.”

- Chris

Source: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40424

“Instead of going for a resource based economy which is actually going back to primitive civilization, we should go for enlightened capitalism instead. Evolution works through indirection: It creates a capability and then uses that capability to evolve to the next stage. Humanity has created money as a tool, and it is meant to use that tool to help it progress and advance further and not discard it. Money is a tool that helps accelerate progress and should be used. Enlightened use of money is the key.”

- Enoch Mind Reality