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We Are All One Being and One Soul

We Are All One Being and One Soul

God: “The greatest Divine Dichotomy is the one we are looking at now. There is only One Being, and hence, only One Soul. And, there are many souls in the One Being.

Here’s how the dichotomy works: You’ve just had it explained to you that there is no separation between souls. The soul is the energy of life that exists within and around (as the aura of) all physical objects. In a sense, it is that which is “holding” all physical objects in place. The “Soul of God” holds in the universe, the “soul of man” holds in each individual human body.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “The body is not a container, a “housing,” for the soul; the soul is a container for the body.”

God: “That’s right.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “Yet there is no “dividing line” between souls—there is no place where “one soul” ends and “another” begins. And so, it is really one soul holding all bodies.”

God: “Correct.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “Yet the one soul “feels like” a bunch of individual souls.”

God: “Indeed it does—indeed I do—by design.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“While there is no actual separation between souls, it is true that the stuff of which the One Soul is made manifests in physical reality at different speeds, producing different degrees of density.

All of life is a vibration. That which you call life (you could just as easily call it God) is pure energy. That energy is vibrating constantly, always. It is moving in waves. The waves vibrate at different speeds, producing differing degrees of density, or light.

This, in turn, produces what you would call different “effects” in the physical world— actually, different physical objects. Yet while the objects are different and discreet, the energy which produces them is exactly the same.

Let Me go back to the example that you used of the air between your living room and dining room. It was a good use of imagery that just popped right out of you. An inspiration. Now you said that there was no specific place between those two physical locations where the “air of the living room” stopped and the “air of the dining room” began. And that is true. Yet there is a place where the “air of the living room” becomes less dense. That is, it dissipates, becomes “thinner.” So, too, the “air of the dining room.” The further from the dining room you go, the less you smell dinner!

Now the air in the house is the same air. There is no “separate air” in the dining room. Yet the air in the dining room sure seems like “other air.” For one thing, it smells different!

So because the air has taken on different characteristics, it seems as though it is different air. But it is not. It is all the same air, seeming different. In the living room you smell the fireplace, in the dining room you smell dinner. You might even go into one room and say, “Whew, it’s stuffy. Let’s get some air in here,” as if there was no air at all. And yet, of course, there’s plenty of air. What you are wanting to do is change its characteristics.

So you bring in some air from the outside. Yet that is the same air, too. There is only one air, moving in, around, and through everything.

Like the air in your house, the energy of life—what we’ll call the “Soul of God”— takes on different characteristics as it surrounds different physical objects. Indeed, that energy coalesces in a particular way to form those objects.

As particles of energy join together to form physical matter, they become very concentrated. Mashed up. Pushed together. They begin to “look like,” even “feel like,” distinct units. That is, they begin to seem “separate,” “different,” from all the other energy. Yet this is all the same energy, behaving differently.

It is this very act of behaving differently which makes it possible for That Which Is All to manifest as That Which Is Many.

As I explain in Book 1, That Which Is could not experience Itself as What It is until It developed this ability to differentiate. So That Which Is All separated into That Which Is This, and That Which Is That. (I’m trying to make this very simple now.)

The “clumps of energy” which coalesced into discreet units that held in physical beings are what you have chosen to call “souls.” The parts of Me that have become the lot of You are what We are talking about here. Thus, the Divine Dichotomy: There is only One of us. There are Many of us.

Now as energy coalesces, it becomes, as I said, very concentrated. But the further one moves from the point of this concentration, the more dissipated the energy becomes. The “air becomes thinner.” The aura fades. The energy never completely disappears, because it cannot. It is the stuff of which everything is made. It’s All There Is. Yet it can become very, very thin, very subtle—almost “not there.” Then, in another place (read that, another part of Itself) it can again coalesce, once more “clumping together” to form what you call matter, and what “looks like” a discreet unit. Now the two units appear separate from each other, and in truth there is no separation at all. This is, in very, very simple and elementary terms, the explanation behind the whole physical universe.

Your scientists are already discovering that the building blocks of all of life are the same. They brought back rocks from the moon and found the same stuff they find in trees. They take apart a tree and find the same stuff they find in you.

I tell you this: We are all the same stuff.

We are all the same energy, coalesced, compressed in different ways to create different forms and different matter. Nothing “matters” in and of itself. That is, nothing can become matter all by itself. Jesus said, “Without the Father, I am nothing.” The Father of all is pure thought This is the energy of life. This is what you have chosen to call Absolute Love. This is the God and the Goddess, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. It is the All-in-AII, the Unmoved Mover, the Prime Source. It is that which you have sought to understand from the beginning of time. The Great Mystery, the Endless Enigma, the eternal truth.

There is only One of Us, and so, it is THAT WHICH YOU ARE.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

God: “Life has no beginning, because life has no end. Life merely extends; creates new forms.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “It must be like that gloppy material in those heated lava lamps that were so popular in the Sixties. The globs would lay in big, soft, round balls at the bottom, then rise from the heat, separating and forming new globs, shaping themselves as they rose, rejoining each other at the top, cascading together to form even larger globs of the all, and starting all over again.

There were never any “new” globs in the tube. It was all the same stuff, reforming itself into what “looked like” new and different stuff. The varieties were endless, and it was fascinating to watch the process unfold over and over again.”

God: “That’s a great metaphor. That’s how it is with souls. The One Soul—which is really All There Is—reforms Itself into smaller and smaller parts of Itself. All the “parts” were there at the beginning. There are no “new” parts, merely portions of the All That Always Was, reforming Itself into what “looks like” new and different parts.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“The soul doesn’t enter the body. The body is enveloped by the soul. Remember what I said before? The body does not house the soul. It is the other way around.

Everything is always alive. There is no such thing as “dead.” There is no such state of being.

That Which Is Always Alive simply shapes itself into a new form—a new physical form. That form is charged with living energy, the energy of life, always.

Life—if you are calling life the energy that I Am—is always there. It is never not there. Life never ends, so how can there be a point when life begins?”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

God: “There is only One Soul, One Being, One Essence. Some of you call this “God.” This Single Essence “individuates” Itself as Everything In The Universe—in other words, All That Is. This includes all the sentient beings, or what you have chosen to call souls.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “So “God” is every soul that “is”?”

God: “Every soul that is now, ever was, and ever will be.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “So God is a “collective?”

God: “That’s the word I chose, because it comes closest in your language to describing how things are.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “Not a single awesome being, but a collective?”

God: “It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Think “outside the box”!”

Neale Donald Walsch: “God is both? A single Awesome Being which is a collective of individualized parts?”

God: “Good! Very good!”

Neale Donald Walsch: “And why did the collective come to Earth?”

God: “To express itself in physicality. To know itself in its own experience. To be God.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“Life is the process through which God creates Itself, and then experiences the creation. This process of creation is ongoing and eternal. It is happening all the “time.” Relativity and physicality are the tools with which God works. Pure energy (what you call spirit) is What God Is. This Essence is truly the Holy Spirit.

By a process through which energy becomes matter, spirit is embodied in physicality. This is done by the energy literally slowing itself down—changing its oscillation, or what you would call vibration.

That Which Is All does this in parts. That is, parts of the whole do this. These individuations of spirit are what you have chosen to call souls.

In truth, there is only One Soul, reshaping and reforming Itself. This might be called The Reformation. You are all Gods In Formation. (God’s information!)

That is your contribution, and it is sufficient unto itself.

To put this simply, by taking physical form you have already done enough. I want, I need, nothing more. You have contributed to the common good. You have made it possible for that which is common—the One Common Element—to experience that which is good. Even you have written that God created the heavens and the Earth, and the animals who walk upon the land, and the birds of the air, and the fishes of the sea, and it was very good.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3