> The Truth about Karma and How to Transcend It




The Truth about Karma and How to Transcend It

The Truth about Karma and How to Transcend It

“[Some] ask…”Am I bound to follow the rules of karma? Since all is simultaneous, your present beliefs can alter your past ones, whether from this life or a previous one.

Within the abilities of your creaturehood, your current beliefs can change your experience; you can reconstruct your “reincarnational past You have a gigantic pool of information and experience to draw upon, but this will be utilized according to your present conscious beliefs. If you understand that the point of power is in the present, then you have an inexhaustible realm of ability and energy at your command. Consciously … you will interpret those simultaneous lives in reincarnational terms, one seemingly before the other.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“When you attain Christhood, you can live and act on Earth without making negative karma. The consequence is that in order to attain Christhood, you have to separate yourself from any state of consciousness built on duality and separation from God. Once you have risen above a certain type of consciousness, God has no desire to see you tied to that consciousness by having to deal with the karma made through that state of mind. Thus, God’s forgiveness and grace can relieve you of the remaining karma.

My point is that karma – what most Christians call sin – is not God’s punishment but is actually a teacher. It is meant to teach you that if you misuse the light of God, you reap what you have sown. When you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. When you have risen above the state of consciousness that caused you to make a certain type of karma, you have learned your lesson, so what is the point of still having to deal with the karma? If you have truly forsaken the dualistic state of consciousness, you will learn nothing further from suffering the effects of karma, and that is why grace can take it away.”

- Ask Real Jesus (Channeled by Kim Michaels)

“Karma exists but I am not bound by it.”

- Buddha (A Paraphrase)

“When you understand simultaneous time, you can transcend Karma. That is because you are not bound by linear cause and effect. You are able to use the power of thought to influence your past, present and future simultaneously from the NOW moment.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

Karma is energy from the past that affects the present. Forgiveness clears karma by releasing that energy and allowing the present to change in ways free of the past. This is why Jesus said “Your sins are forgiven you. Rise, take up your bed and walk” and the man who could not walk was healed miraculously. The people asked “Who is this man who could forgive sins? Only God could forgive sins.” It is true that only God could forgive sins, but Jesus was God in the flesh. God Himself has paid for our sins through Jesus Christ on the cross. The forgiveness of sins is God’s answer to the clearing of Karma and causing miraculous transformations in the present. We can forgive ourselves, and forgive the situation and let the Grace of God renew, restore and redeem things, relationships and situations in our lives. God can even turn your mistakes around and cause you to prosper. God can work all things good and bad for The Good of those who love Him and are The Called according to His purpose.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma.”

- The Law of One (The Ra Material)

Good Karma Removes Obstacles and Frees Soul Attention

“In the case of what we call “good karma,” karmic law operates to give us what can be seen as congratulatory support for further advance upon that soul’s own chosen path. In contrast to the inherent fixity of the “reward” view, karmic activity is in fact intensely, immensely dynamic and finely ever shifting, inconceivably sensitive to all minute shifts in soul consciousness and the actions that proceed therefrom.

In the case of those upon the positive path of service to others (which is the major way of soul evolution, directly seeking love-unity through truth, balance and non-grasping), the support granted by harmonious karmic inflow serves to reduce various kinds of personal limitation. It thus increases opportunity for further evolution (including opportunity for service to others) to the soul that has proven itself capable of progressing in harmony, not needing severe restraint for re-balancing and re-orientation.

Interestingly, the real benefit given by such beneficent physical, mental and spiritual conditions is the fact that such experiences and influences demand no further attention. The deeper value of so-called “good karma” is the fact that it releases and frees up soul attention and energy for increased work on matters of greater priority than simply dealing with the latest crises of the day.

Various forms of “good karma” obviously feel like some kind of reward, and generally elicit pleasure, but in actuality, the matrix of such august conditions is simply the removal of potential obstacles.

- The Metaphysics of Karmic Law (Scott Mandelker)