> The Reality Mirror and the Reality Sphere




The Reality Mirror and the Reality Sphere

The Reality Mirror

“No matter how much you are immersed in a particular mindset, you will always find signs of its opposite. This discrepancy in the mirror-effect from the internal to the external world is due to you being part of a cooperative reality. In a cooperative reality, one person’s mirror will always reflect onto another person’s mirror, to some degree. For example, the hate and friction you find in your reality of joy and love may be coming from someone else’s mirror, not necessarily yours. This interaction of each other’s mirror is called indirect learning and it keeps you from falling into the trap of stagnation.

You see, you learn not only by your own mistakes and merits, but also by everyone else’s mistakes and merits.”

- Reality Creator 1 (Tom DeLiso)

The Reality Sphere

Direct Reality – You have almost complete control over this environment.

Indirect Reality – You share control of this reality with other close friends and family and people you come in contact with.

Non-Contact Reality – You have very limited control over this reality. This is your group reality.

- Reality Creator 1 (Tom DeLiso)