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The Purest Joy and the Highest Ecstasy

The Purest Joy and the Highest Ecstasy

“Of course sex is “okay.” Again, if I didn’t want you to play certain games, I wouldn’t have given you the toys. Do you give your children things you don’t want them to play with? Play with sex. Play with it! It’s wonderful fun. Why, it’s just about the most fun you can have with your body, if you’re talking of strictly physical experiences alone.

But for goodness sake, don’t destroy sexual innocence and pleasure and the purity of the fun, the joy, by misusing sex. Don’t use it for power, or hidden purpose; for ego gratification or domination; for any purpose other than the purest joy and the highest ecstasy, given and shared—which is love, and love recreated—which is new life! Have I not chosen a delicious way to make more of you?

Nothing holy has ever been achieved through denial. Yet desires change as even larger realities are glimpsed. It is not unusual, therefore, for people to simply desire less, or even no, sexual activity—or, for that matter, any of a number of activities of the body. For some, the activities of the soul become foremost— and by far the more pleasurable. Each to his own, without judgment—that is the motto.

You want to experience yourself as a person who has sex without love? Go ahead! You’ll do that until you don’t want to anymore. And the only thing that will—that could ever-cause you to stop this, or any, behavior, is your newly emerging thought about Who You Are. It’s as simple—and as complex—as that.”

- Conversations with God, Book 1

“Our Spiritual Connection Isn’t Diminished by Our Having Sex… Being physical does not separate you from Source, and having sex does not diminish your Spiritual connection. It is pushing against unwanted, and learning patterns of Vibration that are different from the Vibration of Source, that disconnects you from Source. There is nothing more Spiritual than to allow the true spirit that is you to flow through you into your physical life. The absence of Spirituality is not about the subject or the activity. It is about the Vibrational choices that you are making.”

- Abraham Hicks

“Abraham: Sexuality in its purest form is what Source Energy really is. There is no difference in the energy of that which you call sexuality and in the energy of that which you call the pure essence of that which you are….Sex is discussed from a lot of different vantage points, it means different things to different people. We’ve teased you a little bit, but we really mean it: Your sexuality is important to the perpetuation of that which you are, and that is why you were born with such a drive about it. In the same way that thirst encourages you to give the cells of your body something that they want and need, sexuality is the same thing….

Interviewer: What would give you the most pleasure in this life experience?

Abraham: Sex!

Interviewer: Are you being tongue in cheek here?

Abraham: No. Anything that is physical and sensual, anything that is amplifying the existence of source energy in a physical body……….. There should be no limits, if you have the ability to identify it, this time/space reality has the ability to give it to you. And we want you to get over any feeling of limitedness or unworthiness that denies you that.”

- Abraham Hicks (The Secret Behind the Secret DVD)