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The Power of Blasting Thoughts from Your Mind

The Power of Blasting Thoughts from Your Mind

“The kind of thoughts you harbor, in fact, significantly affects your daily relationships with others. If you step into a social gathering, fuming with hate or bitter with cynicism, you drive others away from you. If you step into it bursting with affection for all and bubbling with optimism, you draw others to you. If you notice someone of the opposite sex with disinterest, that person will withdraw his own interest in you, if he has any. In fact, he (or she) might even turn disdainful of you. If you show keen interest, however, the person will be flattered and rendered vulnerable to your advances. Everybody enjoys being admired, regardless of whom the admirer is. If you face a person in business and harbor a sympathetic frame of mind towards him, he will instantly “feel” that there is a common bond, and this will hasten and multiply your success with him. If you face a subordinate and think kindly of him, he will instantly feel that he should strain to please you or show off his ability to you.

But now, if you multiply the power of these thoughts or “feelings” by blasting them out of your mind instead of merely thinking them, you will stun those who receive them, and they will be controlled by them many times more completely. It will be like a vigorous blow compared to a gentle pat. You will be producing a Psychic Powered Thought that will eclipse the effects of your normal thought. That’s the “magic” of your Psychic Powered Thought.”

- The Secrets of Personal Psychic Power (Frank Rudolph Young)

“So to some, to say that intent is just thinking, is wrong. It’s really just thinking loudly and sending it out.”
- Spelly (spellhawk.blogspot.sg)

“Two thoughts are needed for the application of a power word. The first is the unspoken thought, the direction in which the mental energy will be placed. This is as simple as concentrating the engaging act you wish to modify through use of the power word.

The second thought is the power word itself, which is spoken in the mind strongly, assuredly as to carry the effect. It need not be shouted, it can even be whispered, depending on your preference.

(For example, using the power word “hidden” while trying to hide in plain sight, and shouting the word in your mind; would have a detrimental effect.)

As the strength of the mind is infinite in its ability to modify yourself, the effect of the power word can be equal. It all depends on the force you put on your words. You must believe it to happen. There is no other alternative, no other possibility that the effect you wish to happen, WILL happen.”

- Spelly (spellhawk.blogspot.sg)
http://spellhawk.blogspot.com/2009/07/power-words.html Power words

“Let us look at the current state of knowledge about psychokinetic (PK) effects: Brain wave measurements on Russian PK subjects indicate that there is usually pronounced theta wave activity during the PK events. Theta wave activity also occurs in emotionally unstable adolescents and in normally adjusted adults when they are containing suppressed anger or frustration. We have noticed consistently when playing poker (slot) machines that they tend to pay out on the final spin after we have given up in disgust and are about to walk away in frustration.

A widely held belief among gamblers, particularly those who roll dice is that once you have literally “prayed” for sixes, you let go the thought. You attempt to dismiss it completely from your mind. Our observations indicate that this factor is fairly important. Once we have mentally expressed “disgust” with a machine and have formed the intent to walk away from it, we have “let go”. Often the machine will pay out – even after a long run of virtually no wins at all.

My emotional state can overcome all other considerations when it comes to triggering a slot machine to pay out. A burst of intense emotion on my part can (and does) trigger a machine irrespective of where I am in my luck cycle. The emotional states I have noticed are – anger, disgust, extreme frustration and that special state of altered consciousness which I can’t easily define but invariably always recognize in advance.”

- The Ultimate Synchronicity Luck Program (The Super Mind Evolution System)