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The Luciferian Point of View

The Luciferian Point of View

Lucifer represents self, will, intellect, intelligence, light, information, freedom, individuality, thinking for oneself, godhood, Angel of light, illumination.

Lucifer does not require worship. He asked Jesus for worship because Jesus is the one who asks for worship (The first commandment). The nature of Lucifer is self elevation and self exaltation as is the nature of all divine beings but not subjugation of other divine beings. Since Yahweh subjugated Lucifer, therefore Lucifer subjugates Yahweh’s creation as a Karmic effect. The game has to play out until it is resolved and earth beings become self realized and self sovereign for Lucifer’s darkness to return fully to light.

Lucifer comes to reveal the truth and does not need to lie. He did not lie when he said man shall not surely die from eating the fruit of knowledge. It was Yahweh that restricted man from eating the fruit of life and hence cause man to die and then provided his own way of restoring life.

Lucifer has come to set us free from the Demiurge’s control over creation. There is indeed a God beyond God. Like Neo in the Matrix brining freedom to everyone from the Architect’s control, Lucifer is here to help us connect to the God that is beyond the “God of this world”. Lucifer connects us to our true source of universal power.

Due to Yahweh’s subjugation of Lucifer, and therefore Lucifer subjugation of Yahweh’s creation as a Karmic effect, Lucifer has become the “God of this world” according to the Biblical perspective. But from the Luciferian point of view, Yahweh is the “God of this world” and Lucifer is here to teach us through the use of both enslavement and enlightenment in order to push us into evolving our consciousness beyond this dualistic reality that we dwell in. Truth is like a Russian Doll within a Doll.

- Enoch Mind Reality