> Supernatural Restoration for Every Area of Your Life




Supernatural Restoration for Every Area of Your Life

Supernatural Restoration for Every Area of Your Life

“God can turn generational curses into generational blessings when we get the revelation and appropriate the keys to access these kinds of treasures of darkness. The Lord can restore and turn demonic plans around 100 percent to give to us hundredfold blessings in place of the demonic curses that may be opposing God’s best for our lives. This is a supernatural exchange that God initiates in the glory realms as we learn to rest in Him. Of course the key to this process is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. If you would like to make sure that you are saved or “born from above” (what the church calls “born again”), just turn to the prayers in the back of this book and pray the prayer of salvation now.

That has literally happened in my life. I lost a lot of things; I lost lands, I lost homes, I lost money, I lost businesses. Everything I lost God has restored to me at least a hundredfold. I began to walk this out unknowingly by stepping behind the veil, passing through spiritual gates to enter into the presence and glory of God. I simply accessed and rested in God’s presence (glory); and when I came back into the earthly realms God’s favor, God’s grace was just attached to me and everything that I touched prospered. I give God glory for that.

God can literally give back to you the treasures of darkness lost to the enemy in this way. One aspect is taking your God-given spiritual authority and closing gates and doors in your life that lead or open into ungodly dimensions. Learn to enforce your spiritual boundaries and the spiritual gates in your sphere of influence. At times you need to discern and shut such gates for yourself and your family line. This is an aspect of the hidden mysteries of the powers of the age to come. Currently there is an acceleration of this supernatural dynamic of restoration as the Creator of heaven and earth is moving with sovereignty and power in His friend’s lives to bring healing and freedom. In the next chapter I will help you understand how to unlock several heavenly blessings which God has stored and kept back for you in the heavenly realms.”

- Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come (Kevin Basconi)