> Spending with Joy Increases Your Prosperity




Spending with Joy Increases Your Prosperity

Spending with Joy Increases Your Prosperity

“Joy is an important attitude that will increase your prosperity. You want your money to bring you happiness and joy. If you do not know how to spend a few dollars in a way that increases your happiness, it will be difficult to increase your happiness by spending thousands of dollars. Begin now to let your money bring you joy, and as the amount of money you have increases, it will bring you more and more joy.”

“If you spend money without joy or love, out of obligation, resentment, or worry, or with a feeling that you cannot afford what you buy, it will keep you out of the abundant flow of money.”

“Simply focus on the spending that does bring you joy. As you spend money more frequently in ways that bring you joy, you will spend out of obligation less and less frequently.”

“Remember that the more money circulates, the wealthier everyone is, just as the more times inventory turns over, the more prosperous a store becomes. Prosperity comes when giving and receiving are flowing freely.”

“You buy products, services, food, and things that give you joy. The more you feel good about sending out your money, the more magnetic your money becomes.”

- Orin (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)