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Receive Money or Fair Exchange for Spiritual Service

Receive Money or Fair Exchange for Spiritual Service

“It is important to receive what you think your services are worth, in money or whatever medium is of value to you. If you do not value your time and energy, you cut off your flow of abundance. Your energy determines whether or not money flows freely, harmoniously, and easily for you. There are many ways you can open the flow. You automatically create a smooth flow of money and abundance when you do things that honor you and others, and when you receive what you feel you are worth in return for your time and services.”

“Many people are disappointed with the pay or exchange they receive for their services because they are not clear themselves on what their services are worth. They hope that other people will see their value and give them more. Many people hope they will get a raise or expect their clients to offer them more than they ask for, even though they never speak about their feelings. When you value your services, others will value them too.”

“If you cut your fee and do not feel good about it, you are cutting off the flow of money in two ways. First, there may be an undercurrent of resentment or bad feeling which, even if it is small, will stop money from coming back to you. Second, you are telling your subconscious that your work is not worth that much, and it will stop bringing you opportunities. Learn to be more loving to yourself by receiving your worth.”

“When you receive fair value for what you do, you feel good about yourself; you radiate enthusiasm. A business person who radiates enthusiasm, prosperity, and success is more effective in serving people than one who is feeling poor, depleted, and unsuccessful.”

“Making what you feel you are worth will increase your sense of aliveness and joy, and will be a gift to those around you.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

“The energy that comes back to you when you make a meaningful contribution to the world around you is a reward even greater than money, for it allows you to grow spiritually, open your heart, gain compassion, and live a valuable and rewarding life. In this case, honoring your worth would mean making sure that your time is spent where it will create the most good. Your measurement of value is in the good that you create and the difference you are able to make in society or people’s lives.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

“Some of you who are involved in spiritual counseling or healing wonder if it is spiritual to charge money for your services since your talent is a gift of spirit. Every talent that anyone has is a gift of spirit – a beautiful singing voice, a talent for mathematics, or an ability to write. People pay you for the time, labor, and energy that is required of you to make your talents available to them.”

“If you don’t need money, you will still want to ask for something in return for your services, for others cannot complete the flow of energy if they don’t give something back to you.”

“Offer your work only to those who value it. If you work for an employer who doesn’t value your work, it undermines your self-confidence. It is important that those you offer your work to – clients, customers, businesses, or individuals – are able to use your services in some way to create higher good in their lives. Offering your services or your work to those who don’t value it can increase your doubts about your worth, cutting off the flow of your energy and thus your abundance.”

“Perhaps you have offered a service that was unappreciated and you felt depreciated for a while afterward. That experience may have also been a turning point in your valuing of your work and yourself. Give your work only to those who will value it and use it.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

“Money was created so both parties could clearly agree upon an equal exchange. You may find it easier and clearer to receive money for your services rather than exchanging services directly.”

“If you really can’t use someone’s services, it is better to say no than to accept someone’s gift with resentment or a feeling that the exchange is unequal.”

“If you do find afterward that the exchange doesn’t feel quite fair, send the other person your thanks and love anyway, and know that by putting out your best you have kept your energy circulating. It will come back to you multiplied from another source if not from the person you gave it to.”

“Remember that the more money circulates, the wealthier everyone is, just as the more times inventory turns over, the more prosperous a store becomes. Prosperity comes when giving and receiving are flowing freely.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)