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Manifest Successfully by Using the Proper Structure

Manifest Successfully by Using the Proper Structure

“Sometimes we magnetize and magnetize and magnetize and we have not gotten exactly what we wanted. Then I will realize that we will make a change in the form and we will get everything we thought we wanted the old form to bring. But we had to let go of the form of it to get what we were magnetizing. Often we had to make a change to something different than what we were doing, and then everything we were magnetizing using this new form came when we made that change.

Sometimes the structure you have set up to receive is not big enough for what you are magnetizing. So it may look like your energy work did not work, but all of a sudden your life begins to change, and new forms come about, and you are doing new things. And suddenly you have, say, all the clients, all the people, all the things that you were trying to get as you move to this new structure in your life.

You actually had to make a change in your life. One of the things we have discovered is that some things start to happen after you begin magnetizing that seem to be unrelated to your energy work. Perhaps your life will change or something new will happen. And yet, what is happening is some of the things around you were not appropriate to hold the new energy you were asking for so, they had to change first for the new to happen.”

- Sanaya Roman (Advanced Manifesting and Magnetization)

Q: “What do you mean by ‘structure’?”

A: “When you want to make more money, you might need to change the structure you are manifesting it through, for example the job you are in. You might need to make changes to the job, or change jobs, or change from a job to a business instead.”
- Enoch Mind Reality