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Integrated Psychology

Different Therapies and their filters

Freudian Psychology – through 2nd Chakra Lens and fight between ego, id and superego.

In humanistic psychology – everything seen through the lens of emotional body and the expression of feelings.

In Gestalt therapy everything viewed through the lens of pro-experience and anti-intellectualism.

In Alderian therapy, it’s the lens of social psychology.

In family systems counselling it will be the lens of the family system and not the individual psyche.

In the teaching of Abraham Maslow, life is seen through the ideal of attaining peak experiences and self actualisation.

Someone involved with behaviouristic psychology will see everything through the lens of positive and negative reinforcement, extinction of unwanted behaviours, and the effect of the environment for behaviour.

The psychiatrist’s lens is a medical model within which psychological problems are caused by an imbalance of chemicals.

To a nutritionist, everything is seen throught the lens of nutrition.

Cognitive psychology uses the lens of the effects of thinking upon behaviour, and so on and so on.

It is important to remember that all of these filters will distort perception,

Professions and Filters

Every profession trains its practitioners to have a filter.

A comedian sees everything through a filter of humour and how to build it ito a comedy routine or just ot make people laugh.

A lawyer sees things through the filter of an adversarial legal battle with a win/ lose orientation.

A business person works through the filter of making money,

while an artist does so through the filter of beauty, which ties into the effect of the rays, each of the seven major rays being a lens that affects the soul and monad.

A healer may look at everything in terms of energy,and a social worker through the filter of social implications.

A family counselor is focused on the family unity in terms of relationships and children.

An astrologer works through the astrolgical horoscope, and that is how all experience is organized.

As you can see we stack filters on top of filters on top of filters until very little if any light gets through. The ideal is to become crystal clear about which filters are affecting our consciousness, which means still being inclusive of accepting all filters as a part of the whole. The goal is to see through the lens of God, Christ / Buddha, and the Holy Spirit. This is the clearing work we are all involved in, and is this process requires great inrospection, self examination, and vigilance. These filters, in a sense are archetypes.

The ideal is to integrate all of them and to use them all in their appropriate moment. We are always seeing through some kind of filter. The ideal would be not to overuse any one but to have them all at one’s disposal, and to understand them all, which gives us more compassion and understanding for others.

The danger is becoming so accustomed to viewing things through one filter / archetype that we forget that it’s there and that it’s distorting the rest of the visual image. We can become unconciously locked into using a particular configuration of filters without realizing it. To truly achieve God consciousness, free from all filters, is a high goal to aspire to. At our level, just getting free of the planetary lens would be quite a spiritual accomplishment. In this regard a universal spiritual philosophy can be very helpful. All religions, all spiritual paths, all healing modalities, all forms of psychology, all nations, all cultures, all political systems, all Ascended Masters, and indeed all people become our teachers.

Every book, every poem, every song, and every artwork has been filtered through, and is a the product of, a particular perception of life.

The entire world is a gigantic mismash of filters, some stressing feelings, some thinking, some intuition, some of the five senses, some the right brain some the left brain, others heaven, still others earth and so on.

- From Soul Psychology by Dr Joshua David Stone