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Imagination Creates Preshapes for Physical Reality

Imagination Creates Preshapes for Physical Reality

“Dream images therefore impress space-time too lightly for your waking neurological perception, and the objective field is filled with shapes impressed upon it by thought; but not strongly enough to be actualized. Such dream impressions do serve, however, as initial imprints, which incline the objective medium to take certain patterns over others, and serve to “prepare the ground” for later physical manifestation. Dream images and imaginative acts then prepare the way for physical ones, impressing large areas in general preshapes which are later “filled in.

It is as if the mind makes preliminary test patterns that are projections in space-time, but in a ghostly fashion. These dream images, however, are laid upon initial fields of probabilities which are characteristics of the physical medium itself. Thusly, certain images will “take” better than others fitting within probability boundaries more easily, and possessing more of the many prerequisite conditions necessary for a fully materialized object or experienced event. Other such images will scarcely make any impression at all.”

“The objective field, then, is a medium with the propensity for leaning toward objectivity; it accepts mental stimuli which imprint it – stamp it – and form it into the habitual grooves of nature’s shapes. It is manipulatable, gelatin-like, and composed of inclinations toward probable patterns upon which specifics ride.

All of this sounds quite dry, yet the intensity of emotions, desires, and intents everywhere rules, and is the primary consideration in the stiffening of probabilities into perceived events. Emotional states are characteristic of all consciousness. “States of feeling,” perhaps, explains better what I mean, for I am not presuming that a rock loves or hates, but that each physical object is “alive,’ filled with consciousness, and having states of feeling. These states attract certain impressions or imprints and repel others.”

- William James (The Afterdeath Journal of An American Philosopher)

“Everything around you exists as part of the Universal Mind, also called God/All-That-Is. The Universal Mind is unmanifest essence, the substance out of which all physical form is created. You are part of this Infinite Intelligence. This Higher Intelligence exists in perfection and perfectly creates your thoughts, beliefs, and inner pictures as the world you experience around you. You can learn to tap into this Higher Mind and draw to you unlimited health, abundance, new ideas, knowledge, and anything else you want.

The Universal Mind is perfection. It perfectly creates what you think about. How can you best use your connection to this vast, all-powerful force? Think about what you want rather than what you don’t want, for the Universal Mind creates whatever you think about. Focus steadily on your visions, hopes, dreams, and goals, and intend to have them.

Learn how to do “energy work” before taking action for the best results.

How do you connect with the Universal Mind and use this connection to create what you want? You are always linked with the Universal Mind, for It creates whatever you think about. You can learn to consciously link with the Universal Mind by doing what I will call “energy work” before you take physical action to create what you want.

Energy work involves using thought, imagination, and visualization before you take action. Energy work uses the power of light, magnetism, and your link with the higher dimensions to create results.

You can do energy work by using your imagination to turn what you want into patterns, colors, symbols, or a feeling-sense. You do energy work by then imagining the pattern to be more beautiful, open, and harmonious. As you mentally picture and play with the image of what you want to create you are working with it as energy.

Before you do energy work, first concentrate on the results you want to create. Then, imagine your mental aura as a gridwork of light, extending straight upward. The higher it goes, the finer the gridwork becomes. Some people picture this gridwork as a screen whose mesh grows finer the higher it reaches. Others see it as a fabric of woven light, imagining the weave to be closer and finer in the higher dimensions.

Send your awareness upward through this gridwork and imagine that you are linking with the higher aspects of the Universal Mind. Imagine you are meeting with what you want to create in its energy state, and mentally work with whatever image comes into your mind to make it more beautiful. When it feels good as energy, you can “draw” it into your reality by imagining you are turning this energy into subatomic particles of light that you harmonize with and bring into your being. You can learn to do this within seconds, and doing this can create amazing and rapid results.

When you work with energy it may feel as if you are “making it up.” You can create real results by imagining you are working with the energy of what you want to create.”

- ORIN (Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self)