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How to Present Ideas Acceptable to the Masses

How to Present Ideas Acceptable to the Masses

The easy way to reap the biggest profits invisibly from your controlling others with your psychic powered ideas:

“Practically all day long, if you are in the swim of life, your ideas influence others in varying degrees. At home, they influence your family from the moment you arise. Outside, they influence those you meet, both at work and at leisure. You cannot live happily or satisfactorily unless you can influence others with your ideas, because you are then little more than an ignored robot. Many problems beset you, though, when you try to apply your ideas in everyday life. Your most acceptable ideas, you will discover, are those which are but slightly ahead of the times. When they are too unique and far in advance of the times, they are doomed to failure as certainly as if they were far behind the times. Not only will they fail to bring you loyal backers or allies, but they will also fail to bring you enough public support.

If it is possible to measure the best “degree of advancedness” over the current times for an idea of yours, then it should soar no more than 10 per cent ahead of such times. When it soars beyond the current times more than 10 per cent, conventionalize it immediately to divest it of some of its too advanced uniqueness. File away the original idea, though, until the times advance enough to be only 10 per cent behind it. To state it simply, let people consider you “original,” but not “revolutionary.” It explains why so many men of genius get nowhere fast, while others with far less gifts of talent are universally acclaimed. The genius has to be dead and buried for decades before the world catches up to the extraordinary high “degree of advancedness” which his ideas (and resulting creations) had over it.

Your best ideas will reward you little if you cannot put them into execution and get them to reflect actual form. In order to get them to work for you, you have to interest enough people in them. The otherwise ordinary mortals who ruled kings and queens from behind the throne, had to fashion ideas which were not so far in advance of the tenets of the monarch that he would hesitate to act on them without delay, for delay can always lead to a change of mind. Even in romance and social life, acceptable originality, as it appears to others, is thrilling and exciting. The moment you step outside the bounds of the acceptable, the “long shot,” you are viewed with understandable suspicion and will become a most frustrated person.”

- The Secrets of Personal Psychic Power (Frank Rudolph Young)