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How to Develop Magical Abilities Successfully

How to Develop Magical Abilities Successfully

“We must always maintain that all suggestive phenomena (imagination) means reality and has a very real impact. “Reality is all that works.” All imagination tracks closely with the basic practices of magic.”

“Success is always dependent on the field of concentration and the intensity of ecstasy currently reachable.”

“Some successes will become apparent at a later time naturally that cannot be achieved at the moment with violent intent. Similarly it must be understood that magic effects rarely occur in exactly the form and the temporal sequence as you may wish or think. Similar to how the banker will not win an exact certain amount in a specific deal at a specific time but that his transaction will be successful as a whole.”

“The effect of any magic-making depends on the intensity and depth of the target ecstasy, and by increasing such through practice brings one closer to one’s own God. Each force-component, thought, and effort which is not used directly in the production of such ecstasy serves no purpose.”

“Whether or not you choose to exercise and develop any magic ability, it must be said that what abilities are developed are totally dependent on the level of ecstasy you obtain.”

- Telecult Power