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How Time Affects Materialization of Desires

How Time Affects Materialization of Desires

“Usually there is a lag, a lapse of time, during which your beliefs cause material actualization. When you try to change your convictions in order to change your experience, you also have to first stop the momentum that you have already built up, so to speak. You are changing messages while the body is used to reacting smoothly, unquestioningly, to a certain set of beliefs….. When you alter these conscious beliefs through effort, then a period of time is necessary while the structure learns to adjust to the new preferred setup. If the beliefs are changed overnight, comparatively less time is required.

In a manner of speaking, each belief can be seen as a powerful station, pulling to it from fields of probabilities only those signals to which it is attuned and blocking out all others.

When you set up a new station, there may be some static or bleeding-through from an old one for a while. Any ability you have, then, can be “brought in more clearly’, amplified, and become practicable instead of probable. But in such a case you must concentrate on the attribute – not … upon the fact that you have not used it well thus far.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“Although time does not basically exist as you “know’ it, you are neurological forced to perceive your life as a series of passing moments. As creatures you are born young and grow older. Yet the animals, as creatures, are not as limited in their experience in that regard. They have no beliefs in old age that automatically shut down their abilities: so left alone, while they do physically die as all creatures must in those terms, they do not deteriorate in the same way…. If you could convince yourself that you were ten years younger, or ten years older, then it would be faithfully reflected in your personal environment…. If you were sixty, you would be able to use the physical strength [you had at twenty but that] you imagine was denied you now, but available then.”

“(Suppose a child] is told that is [good looking] and has a likeable personality. The idea takes hold. The person acts in line with this belief in all ways; but also a variety of subsidiary beliefs grow up about the main one. The belief in personal worth draws about it the belief in the personal value of others…. He may or may not be as attractive, feature by feature, as some other individuals who believe, in fact, that they are unattractive. The belief in his own comeliness is so important that others will react to him in the same fashion. An individual can have great native beauty, for example, but this beauty is not apparent to others, or to the individual. The person does not believe that he or she possesses it, and mars the actual physical features so that the comeliness becomes literally invisible.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“You are the source, the creator of your life. You are the one who reaches upward, grows spiritually, and connects with your Higher Self. You create your reality through your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intent, which determine your vibration and thus the people, objects, events, and circumstances you attract to your life. Your emotions and your intent determine how fast you get what you are thinking about. Everything in your life comes from a thought or feelings you have, for your inner world of thoughts and feelings creates your outer world of events, objects, and relationships. Because you create your own reality, you can choose any reality you want.

Because there is a time lag between your thoughts and their appearance in your reality, some people do not yet realize they create their reality. Yet, you could trace every event that happens to people back to a thought, picture, belief, emotion, or intent they had at some point in their lives. Every decision and choice you make is shaping your reality.”

- ORIN (Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self)