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How Reality Consists of Three Bubbles of Existence

How Reality Consists of Three Bubbles of Existence

Sarah: “Maybe it’ll just take me a while to get that one. I hear your explanation; it just doesn’t make sense to me. Let me change the topic slightly. If everyone’s life is pre-programmed, why are you and I talking about this? I mean why are we able to discuss this? Why would Marduk’s program allow us to even glimpse this information?”

Dr. Neruda: “It’s a good question. Maybe the best way to understand this is to consider a thought experiment. Imagine that our universe is a bubble. It was created by a group of entities that used deception against their equals who had never experienced such an evil vision of separation, and therefore couldn’t conceive of a defense against it. This bubble universe seemed complete and always expanding. In many ways, it was an ideal platform for life, and yet only one sentient life form seemed to exist on one tiny planet inside this vast, near-infinite universe.

“Inside this same bubble, there were vibratory dimensions that became known in religious circles as heaven and hell, and in spiritual and psychic circles, as the etheric and astral planes. These planes exist inside the bubble, but are not visible with the human interface or five senses. We’ll call this bubble one.

“External to bubble one, imagine there is another universe or dimension of existence. It is vast and encompasses bubble one wholly. Within this second, larger bubble is the dimension from which our life essence originated from prior to its insertion into bubble one. Now, beings in bubble two can enter bubble one and experience it fully. However, if they get too close to the populated planet called earth and stay too long, they will manifest and not be able to return to bubble two.

“Earth is the focal point in bubble one. The entities, who fancy themselves as gods, create more bubbles. They entrap other races in the same paradigm of deception and cast beings from bubble two to new bubbles that are similar to bubble one. These entities essentially plan to take over bubble two for themselves, while making their equals, who formerly shared bubble two, enslaved worshippers who look to the rulers of bubble two as their gods.

“Meanwhile, there is a larger bubble that surrounds bubble two. We’ll call it bubble three. Are you with me?”

Sarah: “I think so.”

Dr. Neruda: “Good. So bubble three encompasses bubble two and all of the smaller bubbles related to bubble one. There are beings in bubble three that are aware of the deception perpetrated on the bubbles and the beings within them, but infinite beings are patient and curious. They wanted to see what this separation construct would create. In dimensions that had only known oneness and equality, the concept of division in material form was interesting.”


“Imagine that there are three bubbles of existence in reality. Bubble 1 is contained within Bubble 2 which is contained within Bubble 3. Imagine that Bubble 3 is where the perfect world exists. Beings in Bubble 3 exist in a Godlike state of Unity Consciousness. Beings in this reality follow Natural Law and Self Sovereignty. They do not rule over one another, they do not harm each other, they do not deceive each other and they do not steal from each other. Everyone is equality God with no superior over them. In fact, it is practically impossible to kill or hurt another being when everyone is invulnerable and indestructible. Beings can’t actually lie to each other because even when they do, every being is psychically able to intuit the Truth of everything at will. Beings can’t actually steal from each other because every being is able to recreate what is theirs with mere thought. Since beings in Bubble 3 exist in a world where separation events are practically impossible unless they allow it, they decide to create a simulated world where these things are possible and more “real”. They created Bubble 2 which is a realm within their original one. Beings who enter Bubble 2 lose some portions of their memory and identity in order to make the experience more real. Beings in Bubble 2 are able to deceive and harm one another to certain extent. They are thereby able to deepen the deception by creating Bubble 1 within their Bubble 2 and choose to enter through honest and conscious means, or influence others into entering Bubble 1 through deceptive means. Beings in Bubble 2 are also able to enslave and further deceive those in Bubble 1 if they so choose to. Let’s call Bubble 3 the Ultimate Reality, and Bubble 2 the Cosmic Reality or Quantum Space-Time, and Bubble 1 the Physical Reality or Space-Time. Bubble 1 also includes the Afterlife Dimensions or Astral Planes of the False “Gods”. Earth is the Focal Point of Bubble 1. There are also other Bubbles similar to Bubble 1 created within Bubble 2 to entrap other races in the paradigm of deception and cast beings from Bubble 2 to new Bubbles similar to Bubble 1. Because of the True Nature of Reality, virtual omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence can be experienced in both Bubble 1 and 2 to different degrees. Information from the Higher Bubbles can bleed-through into the Lower Bubbles as well. That is why there is always the possibility of Beings in the Lower Bubbles to realize the Truth about Ultimate Reality. But the information is distorted oftentimes in order to keep the games going and to prevent premature complete awakening of everyone in the Lower Bubbles. Those in the Lower Bubbles will have to use their own freewill, thinking and discernment to progress in their own awakening even though they may be assisted by information or Beings from the Higher Bubbles. Beings in Bubble 2 can also present themselves as gods to those in Bubble 1. There are many beings in Bubble 1 that are trapped in Religious Constructs. People have not begun to know the first thing about Reality until they come to know about the Multiple Bubbles of Existence. This Truth goes contrary to everything that Religion is about. Religion is a Box or Mental Prison created by False “Gods” to deceive and enslave the consciousness of other Divine Beings. The True God is not an Archon, Ruler, King or Dictator ruling over His subjects. The True God is the First Source and Prime Creator which exists in perfect harmony and unity with every being that it consists of. This Truth about Reality can be understood by observing the existence of dream within a dream, simulation within a simulation and multiple dimensions or spheres of existence. The Ultimate Reality can also be realized through the understanding of the Law of One, the Nature of Consciousness and Metaphysics.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“Superior beings in another universe created this universe. We have a mathematical blueprint for how to make new universes. That blueprint being our own universe. This can be seen by how human beings create virtual reality. And in order to populate virtual reality with life, they have to get human beings to participate in entering virtual reality. God is ultimately a Mathematical Living Consciousness. We know this by realizing that it is this Mathematical Living Consciousness that inspires the Human Consciousness to create a Mathematical Computer Program which then constructs and operates the virtual reality. The Computer Program can be created by a single or collective of human beings working together, and they can then enter the virtual reality to interact within it.”

- Enoch Mind Reality