> How Much Attachment to Have with Your Desire?




How Much Attachment to Have with Your Desire?

How Much Attachment to Have with Your Desire?

“How much to be attached and how much not to be attached? Hmm, that it is a difficult question and a very good one. Difficult for some, but not for others. You see that being attached means that you are coming from ‘I have to have it.’ ‘I cannot live without it.’ There is a different kind of attachment when it is in the survival center. ‘I cannot survive without it.’ That is too much attachment.

Now you can want it in your life. You can want it with your heart. ‘I would love to have this. But it is all right if I do not.’ That would be a good attachment in that sense. Wanting something with your heart is always all right. But wanting something because you feel you cannot live without it . . . actually when you begin to magnetize from your first chakra — ‘I have to have this’ — it is a repelling force, not an attracting force. But wanting it from your heart because you love it, that is always an attracting force.

Often there is a sense that you better not want it for you might not get it. You can want things. It is all right to want them. You can prefer to have them. Just let it be all right if they come in a slightly different form than you expect.

What we hope that all of you are going to recognize is that what you started out manifesting is going to begin to change. You are going to open up more and more ways it can come, and the more ways you have that it can come, the less attached you will be to any one of them, knowing that the universe and your higher self will select the perfect form for you.

Really when you speak of attachment, often it is because you are attached to having it in one way and that makes it harder to come. You see, your higher self can usually go out immediately and get you what you want if you are open about the way it comes. If you can only have it one way, your higher self has to work quite hard to set up all the circumstances. So it might take a bit longer.

If you are talking about a person, if you have this from a person, then you might never get it. You all know, the more you need to have something from another person, the less they are willing to give it to you.

So just ask if it is from your heart or from here. Do you have to have it to live? Or it is you just want it because you would love to have it?”

- Orin (Channeled in Advanced Manifesting and Magnetizing)

“We think the joyous deliberate creation is when you are able to think about what you want and let it in at the same time.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Connection vs Attachment)