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History of New Age and Consciousness Revolution‏‏

History of New Age and Consciousness Revolution‏‏

“No breakthrough occurs in a random fashion, without deep underlying causes. There are always seeds planted before the time of rapid progress, and a point at which the new ideas seem to germinate in many minds around the same time. If you look at the pattern of human development, there are a whole series of breakthroughs followed by periods of consolidation when the new ideas are absorbed and worked out in practical ways. The times of breakthrough tend to begin in the 75th year of each century, with the period of consolidation focusing on the middle years of the following century. By the time you reach the year 75 again, humanity is usually ready for another breakthrough.

In the case of the consciousness revolution, all this began in the 1870s, when she was working on her first major book, “Isis Unveiled.” This, together with “The Secret Doctrine”, laid the foundation for all the expansion of consciousness that was to follow over the next century. Blavatsky’s work popularized the Eastern ideas of reincarnation, karma and the existence of Master-souls, and firmly established these concepts within Western culture. It is not that the West was entirely ignorant of these ideas up to that point, but until Blavatsky came along, they were considered so uniquely oriental that they could safely be ignored. After she focused attention upon these concepts, they were put firmly on the intellectual agenda of the West.

Where Blavatsky led, others followed. The work of Rudolf Steiner, Alice Bailey and others consolidated that legacy, and extended the base of esoteric knowledge to include concepts such as rays, vibrations, the auric field, and energy-centers and energy-lines in the physical body. Without this essential information, the whole raft of new age therapies would have had no intellectual foundation.

In 1875, when Blavatsky was establishing this esoteric movement in the West, religion was still a powerful force – some would say one of the dominant forces in Western culture.

By 1975, when “The Nature of Personal Reality” (channeled by Jane Roberts from an Nonphysical Entity known as SETH), “A Course in Miracles” (written by Helen Schucman based on what she called an “inner voice” which she identified as Jesus), the Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch (received by J.J. Hurtak from the Ascended Enoch) were going out into the world, that world had changed beyond recognition. Now it was Spirituality that formed the main impulse driving forward the agenda of the soul. The freedom to define God in line with one’s own perception was beginning to develop into the ability of each individual to pioneer their own pathway to the Light.

A number of Churches reacted to the rise of Spirituality by funding research projects designed to prove that the New Age had a coherent theme and a single, integrated belief system. However, despite much effort, no convincing evidence could be found to back up these assertions. Since New Agers believe in a whole range of things, not just one thing, the theory that the New Age Movement was a cult did not stand up to close examination. The Churches, looking for a church-like organization capable of founding a new religion, discovered that there was no New Age credo, New Age Vatican or New Age bible. Instead of these things, they found a web of connections, a supportive global network linking kindred spirits, each following their own chosen path to the Light.

The path of individual autonomous Spirituality that was emerging was very different from an organized religion, and it needed none of the trappings of a Church to sustain it. It flowed on like a great river, with the wisdom of many traditions connecting with it and nourishing it. The sense of freedom and empowerment felt within this new Spirituality – a feeling of happy escape from doctrine and hierarchy – was an experience shared by many.

In other areas, there were similar stirrings towards freedom and autonomy. At the political level, the old dictatorships were starting to crumble, and social changes were readjusting the balance between men and women. At the same time, there was a realignment of perception within the sciences that was beginning to bring science and Spirit closer together. The combination of all these developments was generating a fresh energy and optimism, and in the midst of this ferment of change, the stage was set at last for a new beginning: the emergence of a New World and a New Consciousness.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)

“There are Star Masters from a whole range of civilizations within your galaxy, especially Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion and Vega. And Star Masters from the galaxy of Andromeda will become increasingly important as you focus more and more on Oneness: they are the supreme teachers of Unity Consciousness, and how it can be applied in practical ways. Help is also available through the Ashtar Command: this brings together Star Beings from many civilizations focusing a wide range of multidimensional knowledge and experience.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)