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The Great Conspiracy Against Spiritual Liberation

The Great Conspiracy Against Spiritual Liberation

“All throughout history, religious and political institutions of the demiurge on Earth have deliberately conspired to eliminate, or at least distort, the Gnostic vision wherever it appears. Any systems of thought in which any trace of Primordial Gnosis can be found is forbidden or misconstrued. This is how dangerous Gnostic knowledge is for the demiurge’s plans. Hiding the Truth is part of the orchestrated plan so that man cannot wake up, let alone rebel. This is about man remaining confused, misled and half-asleep, so that he never comes to realise who he really is and what situation he is in. That he never knows the truth about what has happened, what his present reality is about nor what his future will be. It is hoped that man never finds out the right answers to these three fundamental questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing?

But the Truth never disappears. Oppressed and hidden, it will always struggle to be exposed. The worst thing that can be done to the Truth is to forbid it. The opposite effect will be produced: it will emerge with more strength and violence.

Firstly, it would be necessary to eliminate the idea that beyond the inefficient demiurge, another God exists, superior to him and infinitely perfect.

In order to hide this part of Gnostic Truth, the idea that the creator god and the Unknowable God are the same thing has been invented, that together they form the only existing god: the demiurge, creator of heaven and earth.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“If the demiurge is good and perfect, who can we blame for all the bad things that exist in the world? If the divine attributes of the Unknowable God have been transferred to the demiurge, what about the demiurgic attributes of evil and ineptitude, plagiarism and lying?

This is why the idea that the demiurge is not satan and that satan is someone else has been invented. The demiurge has become good and perfect, stripped of his satanic features. All the evil now comes from this new satan who is outside of him. The evil of the demiurge has been taken outside, to a satan different to the creator. Now it is this new satan who likes blood, the smell of burnt flesh, the slaves, wars, rituals, sacrifices, conspiracies and genocide. Now it is this new satan who enjoys the fact that men bow down before him in adoration and make covenants or blood pacts with him, in exchange for power or earthly wealth. It is easy to discover that all the characteristics which satan now has were taken from the creator god of the bible.

So this is what we have: the Unknowable God does not exist, his attributes have been transferred to the demiurge, and the attributes of the demiurge have been transferred to a satan outside of him. What does this great conspiracy, this big scam, now need? What is lacking is someone who we can transform this satan into. It has to be someone who we very much hate, since satan is the most wretched figure that we can conceive of.

This is how the brilliant idea of this conspiracy emerged: it occurred to someone that the most appropriate way would be to disclose the fact that this evil satan is no other than Lucifer. In this way, not only is the demiurge “cleansed” of his satanic nature, but the figure of Lucifer is also completely distorted. The Angel of Light, sent by the Unknowable God to save mankind, was transformed into a monster whose function is to keep man enslaved. A great idea by the demiurge’s Earthly representatives and timely revenge against Lucifer, the eternal enemy of the true satan: the demiurge.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“From two opposing and irreconcilable entities, the creator god and the Unknowable God, one has been formed: the demiurge “good and unique”. From two opposing and irreconcilable worlds, one has been formed, which is “good”: that of the demiurge. The same process has occurred with the other two opposing and irreconcilable entities: Lucifer and satan, the Messenger of the True God and the creator satan of matter and time. They have been transformed into one entity: The “satanic Lucifer”. This is how the demiurge’s charlatans conspire against the truth.

The belief that satan and Lucifer are one and the same thing, what they call the devil, has remained up to this day. In the New Testament, it is already established that Lucifer and satan are the same (Luke, X.18) (2 Corinthians, XI.14). Even in Mgr. Meurin’s work, which we quoted earlier, we find the same confusion: he calls the demiurge “Jehovah-Lucifer” and not “Jehovah-Satan”, which for him would have been correct. And if Meurin, a very well known theologian in the Roman Catholic world, made this mistake, what can we expect from the average man?”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“What can be done to distort the Gnostic idea that this created world is hell and that heaven is the plane of the Unknowable God? The conspirators have conceived of the following idea: they state that this world is not hell, that hell is outside, far from here. Hell would be a place of punishment for those who disobey the demiurge during their lives here on Earth. And what characteristics would this hell have? It occurred to someone that the typical characteristics of the unknowable world could serve very well as a setting for this new hell. If Lucifer, Bearer of Light, a being of fire who is represented ablaze with fire, is satan, we could then say that this hell would be a place full of flames. A place where “sinners” are burnt.

As far as Gnostics are concerned, the unknowable kingdom is precisely an antimatter fire which loathes this impure creation and if possible would annihilate it. For Gnostics however, that same fire is something good and desirable and not something satanic.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“The conspirators stated that all the features which characterize the kingdom of the Unknowable God were transferred to the creation of the demiurge, not to this creation however, but a previous one. To a so-called creation of the demiurge which was indeed perfect and pure. In other words the demiurge, who had become perfect, was also capable of creating a perfect and pure world. Now, we find that there is no longer a place for the Unknowable God and his kingdom, whilst the demiurge, having become perfect, is accomplishing perfect work. But, how did all that perfect creation come to be transformed into something as imperfect as it is today? Here lies the brilliance of the apostles in the deception: it was man’s fault that creation became impure and imperfect. The creator, a perfect being, created the world perfect, but man ruined it. Paradise was perfect but man and the Serpent Lucifer destroyed this perfection, “falling” with it.

So, we have a good and perfect creator who accomplished good and perfect work. All his creation, matter, time, man, were good. Paradise was a perfect place and man lived there happily. All this went wrong and deteriorated due to the disobedience of man.

To state that man is to blame for the “original sin” and for the “fall” has been one of the crudest ideas conceived against the Spirit and the True God. Man has been held responsible for the incompetence of the creator and the shortcomings of his work!

We have already seen that man was nothing more than an ignorant servant in paradise. He ignored everything concerning himself and his creator, as it appears he still is doing. He did not know that another God existed who was immensely superior to the creator god. He did not know that beyond his body and soul he had a Spirit imprisoned. He did not even know until he woke up and was able to rebel.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“The aim is to eliminate all knowledge which refers to the uncreated, the awakening of man, the liberation of the Spirits and the rebellion against the demiurge. This uncreated knowledge is Gnosis, extremely dangerous for the Universal Satanic Dictatorship. Gnostic knowledge should be eliminated because it represents the biggest threat to the demiurge and his work.

Its motto is the following: everything that opposes the system created by the demiurge must be destroyed, and that which cannot be eliminated must be distorted and corrupted until it becomes unrecognisable.

Stalin, agent of the demiurge, said: “If you cannot strangle your enemy, embrace him”. This is how the reforming agents of the demiurge operate against Gnosis. If something cannot be forbidden it is embraced, surrounded, in order to suffocate it, transforming it into something harmless. And not only harmless, knowledge thus neutralised and transformed is very often put to work to serve the demiurge himself. This is the case with religions which in the beginning were revolutionary and opposed to the demiurge, and after being infiltrated and distorted were placed in his service, each one being converted into another demiurgic religion. This is the case for example with christianity, buddhism and tantrism, amongst others. They were converted into religions perfectly opposed to that which they were in the beginning.

It is about trying to ensure that no knowledge can remain outside the dictatorial control of the demiurge and that no element coming from the uncreated world can put the demiurge’s work or plans in danger.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“In the great dictatorship of the demiurge and his conmen, there is another type of threat: punishment given by the demiurge himself. Sacred books of the demiurge’s religions are full of these warnings: the punishment of Adam and Eve, the Great Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, the tower of Babel, the plagues of Egypt and many more.

What use is punishment, apart from to eliminate opponents? Why so many threats and warnings? The answer is simple: to instil fear. Fear of punishment makes slaves work harder and give up trying to escape. A slave who is afraid is more obedient and submissive. Fear of punishment is the means used by the demiurge to make man live subject to him, obeying his commandments all his life. For the demiurge, the best slave is the one who is afraid of him and obeys him most dutifully. He wants his slaves to waste their lives working for his cause, thinking “when I die I will go to heaven”. This is the perfect slave for the demiurge. He wants man to grow old without rebelling, without waking up, without liberating his Spirit. That is the reason for the fear and that is the reason for the Conspiracy: so that nobody can ever find the Path of Liberation and Return.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“In the dictatorship of the demiurge, man only has freedom to choose between several things which are the same. The same, but with different disguises. There is always freedom of thought as long as it does not contradict the “politically correct way of thinking”, imposed by the representatives of the demiurge.

Let us take the case of religions. They all appear to be different but they are not. They are the same thing, only their appearance is different. Their god is the same: the creator of the world. They call him Brahma, Baal, Yahve, Jehovah, Moloch, the Lord God or Allah, but it is always the same: the demiurge.

They try to give a false impression of diversity, so that the sleeping man thinks there are a variety of paths, with different destinies and freedom to choose between them. There are even men who change from one religion to the other, believing that by doing so they are making a great change. It took Rene Guenon, for example, years of study and meditation to make the decision to abandon Christianity and join masonry and martinism, only to give it all up at a later date and convert to Islam. He thought he had made great leaps with these changes, but the only thing he did was to go round in circles inside his labyrinth. His search was in vain. And if Guenon, well-learned in these subjects, experienced such confusion, one can imagine the mistakes the average man will make.

There are people who are half-awake who, afraid of spending their lives sleeping, are desperately looking for a way out of the labyrinth in which they are trapped. Unfortunately, most of them ignore that the options appearing in front of them are all the same thing, only with different disguises. The aim of all this is for them never to find the way out or realise that religions, like political parties, are the same thing with different faces, all under the demiurge’s control.

A few years ago the Dalai Lama said that there should not be only one religion, but a “supermarket of religions”. This is the best way of making man believe he is surrounded by a diversity of options and that when he makes a choice he will get something different to the rest.

The aim of these religions is to keep man asleep, leading him blindly to the final slaughterhouse: his fusion with the demiurge.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“If man were only a body and a soul, if those two entities created by the demiurge were the only things that man were made from, of course there would never be any rebellion at all. Nothing created rebels against its creator. What happens is that there is something in man which was not created by the creator god: the Eternal Spirit. The Spirit has been brought from outside and does not belong to this world. It has been added to the monstrosity which is body-soul, to make it function and evolve. But It was put there against Its will and finds Itself imprisoned in matter. It is the Spirit which rebels. It is not rebelling against Its creator but against the one who imprisoned It. Take note: this rebellion comes from the Spirit. It is the uncreated in man which loathes and opposes the creator satan and his work.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“When a man begins to wake up and starts to see things as they really are, he fears he has gone mad. He realizes that everything he has been taught is lies, that he is surrounded by madmen and sleepwalkers and that he is stuck in a giant concentration camp inhabited by the insane. If this man does not quickly find other men who are awake like him, it is likely he will think about committing suicide in an effort to escape from this prison. That is why most men prefer to remain asleep. Most of them do not want to know the truth: that they are living in a huge mental institution invented and controlled by the Supreme Madman. Only a minority of very brave men will seek out this Special Knowledge capable of waking them up.

When the common man commits suicide, his soul is separated from his body and delivered to the demiurge, taking the Spirit with it, as the Spirit is tied to the soul. Next comes judgment, punishment and karma. This is what happens every time a man dies, and suicide is no exception. In the case of suicide, the punishment inflicted by the demiurge will be greater: a prisoner has tried to escape and has been trapped again. Double punishment. The prisoner who has committed suicide, has not escaped from anything and has liberated himself from nothing. Here he is, in the hands of the demiurge once again. For the common man, suicide is neither a way out nor liberation. On the contrary, it is a worsening of his situation.

But in the case of a man who has fulfilled his Spirit, everything is different, since he is not a common man anymore. He is a man who has escaped from the prison of the demiurge. The demiurge and his punishment cannot reach him now. The laws of karma do not exist for him now. He has transformed himself by his own free will, into something uncreated within the created world and he can do whatever he wants, including committing suicide. His impure body and soul have been deified by the Spirit and no longer belong to the demiurge. His body, soul and Spirit have been converted into only one thing: something indestructible, immortal and eternal. For this type of man, suicide is simply a way of moving from one point in the universe to another, or from one dimension to another.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)

“In initiations which lead to the demiurge, the aim is to weaken the self of the aspirant, and to push him to renounce to it. Every religious movement which works in favour of the demiurge will give great importance to the need to destroy the self of the aspirants. For fusion with the demiurge to be successful, it is fundamental that the aspirant renounces his self. Once the self has been disintegrated, the empty shell into which the initiate has been converted will be quickly filled by the demiurge. This man has surrendered himself to the demiurge like a sacrificial animal, has attained nothingness and the nothingness has been filled by the demiurge. The goal of the demiurge has been achieved; this man has come a long way to end up by dissolving himself in the one who created him.

On the other hand, in initiations of the Spirit, the aim is always the enlargement of the self and the accumulation of power. Enlarging the self is to get close to the Spirit. If the self does not exist, the Spirit cannot manifest Itself. Renouncing the self is to renounce the Spirit.”

- The Forbidden Religion (Jose M. Herrou Aragon)