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The Gods of Superconscious Inner Plane Reality

The Gods of Superconscious Inner Plane Reality

“Many people look at the Gods as mere symbols, representations of forces or mind strata, or as various Personifications generated as a projection of man’s mind onto an impersonal pure Beingness. Many Hindus have been told over and over that the Gods are not really beings, but merely symbols of spiritual matters, and unfortunately many have accepted this erroneous notion about the Gods. In reality, the Mahadevas are individual soul beings, and down through the ages ordinary men and women, great saints and sages, prophets and mystics in all cultures have inwardly seen, heard, and been profoundly influenced by these superconscious inner plane beings.”

- Himalayan Academy

“In the Vedas, God is called Brahman, the Supreme Being who simultaneously exists as the absolute transcendent Parabrahman, as omniscient consciousness or shakti power and as the personal prime Deity. The word Brahman comes from the Sanskrit root Brh which means to grow, manifest, expand, referring to the Brahman Mind of pure consciousness that underlies, emanates and resonates as all existence. Brahman is simultaneously Purusha, the Primal Soul. He is perfection of being, the original soul who creates/emanates innumerable individual souls – including the Gods.”

- Himalayan Academy

“He who is beyond all exists as the relative universe. That part of Him appears as sentient and insentient beings. From a part of Him was born the body of the universe, and out of this body were born the Gods, the earth and men.”

- Rig Veda

“He who sparkles in your eyes, who lights the heavens and hides in the souls of all creatures is God, your Self.”

- Siva Yogaswami of the Natha Sampradaya

“According to Advaita Vedanta, when man tries to know the attributeless Brahman with his mind, under the influence of Maya, Brahman becomes the Lord. Ishvara is Brahman with Maya — the manifested form of Brahman. Adi Shankara uses a metaphor that when the “reflection” of the Cosmic Spirit falls upon the mirror of Maya, it appears as the Ishvara or Supreme Lord. The Ishvara is true only in the pragmatic level. God’s actual form in the transcendental level is the Cosmic Spirit.

Ishvara is false and true. Ishvara is, in an ultimate sense, described as “false” because Brahman appears as Ishvara only due to the curtain of Maya. However, just as the world is true in the pragmatic level, similarly, Ishvara is also pragmatically true. Just as the world is not absolutely false, Ishvara is also not absolutely false.”

- Wikipedia: Advaita

“In the Bible, YHWH is known as the Prime Deity – El Elyon, literally “God Most High”. YHWH is the one who created all the other Gods/Angels, the first of them being Helel (Lucifer), literally “Angel/god of light, or Morning Star”. YHWH is known as God of Gods. Jesus is YHWH incarnate, an extension of YHWH’s consciousness projected into Time-Space Reality to be the savior of the world. Lucifer is Prime Angel. Adam is Prime Man. Jesus is the First Morning Star, and Lucifer is the Second Morning Star. The contention between YHWH/Jesus and Lucifer regarding Divine Order is the reason for the Angelic Conflict. This War of the Gods is enacted into the realm of Mankind and played out in the fight of Faith.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“In the books by J.R.R Tolkien including “Lord of the Rings”, Eru Illuvatar is the Supreme Being that created the Ainur (Spirit beings that are the offspring of His thoughts). The first of them to be created is Melchor. He was the most powerful of the Ainur. Eru led the Ainur to create the “Music of the Ainur” which would form the template of the physical world. Melchor added his own tune to the music and hence distorted it from Eru’s original theme. Eru used the “Music of the Ainur” to create the physical world called “EA” and invited the Ainur to enter into it to experience the result of their creation. Much of the themes in J.R.R Tolkien books parallel the themes in Christianity. One difference is that unlike Eru Illuvatar who did not incarnate directly into EA, YHWH Elohim incarnated into Earth as Yeshua (Jesus) to be the Savior of the World.”

- Enoch Mind Reality