> God is Both What He Is and What He Is Not




God is Both What He Is and What He Is Not

God is Both What He Is and What He Is Not

“I am God.

I am the Goddess.

I am the Supreme Being. The All of Everything. The Beginning and The End. The Alpha and Omega.

I am the Sum and the Substance. The Question and the Answer. The Up and the Down of it. The Left and the Right, the Here and the Now, the Before and the After.

I am the Light, and I am the Darkness that creates the Light, and makes it possible. I am the Goodness Without End, and the “Badness” which makes the “Goodness” good. I am all of these things—the All of Everything—and I cannot experience any part of My Self without experiencing All of My Self.

I am the Magnificent Everything—and what I am seeking is to know Myself experientially. I am doing this through you, and through everything else that exists. And I am experiencing My Self as magnificent through the choices I make. For each choice is self creative. Each choice is definitive. Each choice represents Me—that is, re-presents Me—as Who I Choose to Be Right Now.

Yet I cannot choose to be magnificent unless there is something to choose from. Some part of Me must be less than magnificent for Me to choose the part of Me which is magnificent. So, too, is it with you.

I am God, in the act of creating My Self. And so, too, are you.

This is what your soul longs to do. This is that for which your spirit hungers.

Were I to stop you from having what you choose, I would stop My Self from having what I choose. For My greatest desire is to experience My Self as What I Am. And, as I carefully and painstakingly explained in Book 1, I can only do that in the space of What I Am Not.

And so, I have carefully created What I Am Not, in order that I might experience What I Am.

Yet I Am everything I create—therefore I Am, in a sense, What I Am Not.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

God: “To remain in the state of sublime no-thing, or Oneness with the All, would make it impossible to be there. That Which Is cannot be, except in the space of That Which Is Not. Even the total bliss of Oneness cannot be experienced as “total bliss” unless something less than total bliss exists. So, something less than the total bliss of total Oneness had to be—and continually has to be—created.”

Neale Donald Walsch: “But when we are in total bliss, when we have merged once more with the Oneness, when we have become Every-thing/No-thing, how can we even know that we exist? Since there is nothing else that we are experiencing… I don’t know. I don’t seem to understand this. This is one I can’t seem to get a handle on.”

God: “You are describing what I call the Divine Dilemma. This is the same dilemma God has always had—and that God solved with the creation of that which was not God (or thought it was not).

God gave—and gives again, in every instant—a part of Itself to the Lesser Experience of not knowing Itself, so that the Rest of Itself can know Itself as Who and What It Really Is.

Thus, “God gave His only begotten son, that you might be saved.” You see now from where this mythology has sprung.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3