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Embark Upon the Path of Personal Freedom

Embark Upon the Path of Personal Freedom

“You are about to embark upon the path of Personal Freedom. By being a member of Inner Circle, and moving through the power grades, you will eventually emerge into the light of TOTAL FREEDOM.

To attach yourself to this spiral, and reverse your current (possible) downward spiral, you need to take some pretty radical decisions about your life. You also need to WAKE UP and STOP DREAMING!

This is why my material is so shocking – some would even say offensive. I cannot help you to achieve your dreams and desires by tiptoeing around you and making my every statement bland, inoffensive and acceptable to all. It is precisely for this reason that I chose the format of Inner Circle.

To put it bluntly, I am tired of wasting my energies trying to convince hopelessly entrenched and negative skeptics of the truth of my message. It is a waste of my personal energies. I only want people who are prepared to listen and prepared to act on what I say. In order to help you, I must do the equivalent of taking you by the shoulders and giving you a jolly hard shake! I need to shake you until your teeth rattle. Only by doing this will I get you, possibly, to open one bleary eye and look in my direction!”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“I know the message sounds cynical. I have to make it hard-hitting if I am to get through to you, and I am not trying to write some wishy-washy, ‘easy reading’ balanced pap which will offend no-one and please everyone.

You are training to be an initiate, in full and powerful control of your life. You are trying to become one of the elite few – people who have ‘woken up’ and who possess the keys to power and wealth. This material is not for ‘normal’ people. They will continue to dream and fantasize their lives away – they are beyond salvation!”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“Once you start to use Inner Circle teachings in your life, you will gain tremendous power and advantage over others. I do not mean that you will want to rush out and exploit others. I mean that you will have an advantage in the same way that a human has an advantage over, say, a dog or cat. You will naturally be more powerful than other people. And it is only the knowledge of the various con-tricks and illusions which confers this great power.

Quite simply, as you rise through the grades of Inner Circle, I expect you to stop playing the silly little games which the rest of the population are playing! Instead, I want you to start living a free, independent and powerful life of your own. Not dictated by someone else, not manufactured for you by media stereotypes, not a silly illusion constructed by religion or other ludicrous mysticism, but your own life, lived the way you want to live it. The ultimate goal of your life is to be whatever it is you want to be, unfettered by the constraints of society and the sheep around you.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“Fear of poverty in non-Initiates is the major source of their lack of personal power. You cannot have personal power if you allow other people to dictate to you exactly what you will do with most of your waking time – and yet this is exactly what most people in employment do.

They fear poverty and so they stay in jobs which they do not enjoy, as wage-slaves, working for bosses who use fear to manipulate them. As an employee, you hand over roughly 40 hours every week (that’s nearly 2000 hours a year) of your precious, limited life to another person. Your return is the absolute rock-bottom minimum amount of money they can get away with paying you. Bosses and the government actually want the population to be in a state of semi-panic concerning unemployment and the economy. Why? Because the bosses and government want the population to work as hard as possible for the absolute minimum reward. This scenario brings in maximum money and personal power for those in charge, and prevents the masses from ‘waking up’.

As I mentioned earlier, most bosses secretly long to have queues of people clamoring at the factory gates for the chance of a job, because this means that they can pick the very best people, pay them almost nothing, and command absolute loyalty, obedience and respect from them.

Likewise, the government desire the same thing, as this keeps inflation way, way down, and ensures that ‘the masses’ devote 101% of their waking time to slaving in order to earn a crust. No time is then left for thinking, questioning or rebelling.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“I said that the purpose of Inner Circle philosophy is to explain the various con-tricks and illusions which other people use to control and manipulate you. They want your life-values. They want you to sacrifice yourself so that they might profit. But in order to explain the various con-tricks to you, I have to dwell on these negative aspects of human nature at the expense of the positive. I said that to criticize me for this is rather like criticizing a book on terminal infectious diseases as being ‘unduly morbid’, or ‘obsessed with death’! I want to remind you that the whole purpose of becoming an Inner Circle Initiate is so that you can live a truly joyful, happy and fulfilled life. There’s nothing negative about that!”

“It is really exciting to be an initiate. Every day of your life is filled with an incredible sense of well-being and happiness. This feeling arises through having every aspect of your life in firm control, going the way you want it to go. Not just one aspect, or a few aspects, but every aspect of your life. You cannot be truly happy if even one part of your life is out of balance or out of your control.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

Filtering Negative and Capturing Positive Influences

“Most people have a need for the approval of others. The Initiate, in contrast, merely enjoys the approval of others. You can enjoy ice-cream, without needing it. I hope that you can see the big difference between these two stances.

To become an Initiate, you must eliminate the need for the approval of others.

Personally, I love getting approval and admiration from other people. It’s a great feeling knowing that others like and admire you, but I don’t need it. If I get it – then fine, but if I don’t get it – then that’s fine too. This is another characteristic of an Initiate. He or she will capture any positive influence which comes their way, but reject any negative input. In this way, if someone shows you approval or admiration, you can capture the positive benefit and use this to re-enforce all of the good feelings you have about yourself. But if they withhold approval, or give strong signals of disapproval, then you simply filter-out these negative influences, and they have absolutely no effect on your feeling of well-being.

This is an incredibly powerful technique which will bring rich rewards in your life. Imagine! Never feeling the need for the approval of others ever again! Imagine filtering-out all negative influences which emanate from other people. Imagine capturing only the positive influences, and using these to build your feeling of self-esteem and worth!”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)

“You have been given the knowledge required to achieve wealth, power and freedom. You are now on a dead-level playing field. You can choose to do nothing with this knowledge, in which case you will still be an Initiate, because you know things which others merely suspect. Alternatively, you can put this knowledge into practice and leap up the power-ladder to become what I call a WARRIOR. Initiate’s KNOW, Warrior’s KNOW AND USE.

I will now tell you what it would mean to you if you became a Warrior:

A Warrior is not readily identifiable.

They could not point you out in the street and say “Look! There walks a Warrior!” They will only suspect they are in the presence of such a person if they happen to have any dealings with you.

The first thing they might notice is the very straightforward and candid manner in which you deal with them. The words ‘refreshingly honest’ might come to mind, as they attempt to pinpoint what is different about this person.

Next, they might become aware that, perhaps for the first time in their life, they were in the presence of someone who is happy and fulfilled.

Because you have freed yourself from all external controls, you can wake up every morning and decide what you want to do with each day. This is largely hidden from those around you in order to prevent their jealousy and envy.

Warriors have many secrets. In fact they live double lives. They have an ‘exoteric’ life which they present to the outside world and an ‘esoteric’ life which is their real, inner world. Put simply, you spend your days fulfilling yourself in the way which best suits your current desires. You never worry, you never feel guilty.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)