> Divine Nature Activated brings Health and Immortality




Divine Nature Activated brings Health and Immortality

Divine Nature Activated brings Health and Immortality




“Citizens of planet Earth, you have incarnated in your present physical form at this time to witness and participate in the Transformation of human kind. This phase of human evolution is to bring him into full manifestation of his Divineness.

You are not here by accident, chance, or coincident. Your parents were only convenient for you arriving in the physical 3 dimensional existence you now experience. You came through your mother, but you came from God. Parents gave you the physical and biological stuff to house who you really are, until the appointed time of the Divine Nature Activated. You are being summoned and wooed to an experience that transcends what is known as the human experience. Therefore, arise and shine because the Light within is coming to full expression and what you call the glory of God will become more visible on your physical being”.


We have experienced many paradigm shifts over the past few years as the events of the world within and without have challenged corporate consciousness. “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro and knowledge (science) shall be increased”. Daniel 12:4

We have come to the end of the age or cycle of time. The seals and limitations that were placed on human consciousness and physical expression are being broken as we emerge into this new age of Enlightenment. Once a seal is broken, it can never serve its original purpose again. It may do a good job of covering up, but the essence of what is within will eventually escape. On the path of Enlightenment there is a point where there is no turning back. The coverings of old paradigms and perceptions become very temporal. They don’t fit anymore because they have been outgrown.

The hunger for knowledge has increased, the craving deep within all mankind to know himSelf has propelled even the science community to discover God in a place they’d least expected to find Him. True science can only compliment and confirm spirituality and the existence of a Creator. God is OmniScience!

Over the past several years the Spirit within has caused us to not only proclaim what the sacred scriptures say regarding the fate of mankind, but to also show how science confirms it.


The science community has flooded us with information regarding the discovery of DNA {Deoxyribonucleic Acid}. To the uninformed person DNA discovery would have no personal importance. However, to those that have been awaken to a higher level of spirituality; we realize that every discovery on the natural plane only mirrors a breakthrough on the spiritual plane.

For the sake of time and space we will leave most of the scientific details to your own personal research, while we deal with the spiritual implications. In 1953 the DNA structure was discovered by Francis Crick and James Watson, bio-chemist that decided to look into the nucleus or darkest part of the cell. It was in this place of thick darkness (holy of holies) of our 3-part cell that Light was discovered in the form of the scrolled Book of Life. (A seal was broken off the book/scroll within). Since that time DNA has been called by scientist the Book of Life, God within man.


“You have possessed me in my inward parts; you have covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise you; for I am awesomely and wonderfully made… My substance was not hidden from you, when I was made in secret…Your eyes did see my substance, yet being unformed; and in your Book (DNA) All is written.” Psalms 139:13-16
What is DNA? DNA is the human blueprint, made up of nucleic acids, a system of extremely complex molecules filled with information that creates the physical existence. Science tells us that human only use 3% of their DNA and 97% is considered junk or alien DNA because they can’t figure out what it is for.
There are over 60 trillion cells within the human body, each cell is filled with intelligence and have the ability to communicate with each other. They have memory and can transfer information in sequences that can cause the body and mind to manifest in various manners. DNA regulates many levels of information; it also carries the ancestral blueprint of all past generations.

DNA is structured like 2 long chains wound around each other in what is called a double helix (east/west). It looks like a staircase or Jacob’s Ladder, consisting of 22 Amino Acids. There are 4 molecules called Bases {Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine or ACGT} that make up the language/alphabet of DNA. The 4 Base letters ACGT with each combination of 3 make Codons, the 64 Codons which in turn delivers specific instruction to cellular chemistry. Codons manufacture protein.


We have discovered that there is Cellular Intelligence that is being communicated throughout the body constantly. Science and common sense also lets us know that the information in our cells, genes, and DNA can be changed.

For example, if I am stressed out, worried and fearful, the information in my being on the cellular level will change. The sequences of the Base letters (ACGT) will form the command for my immune system to crash. If I am constantly taking in toxins, the command will be for cancer or some other deadly disease to manifest. If my thinking is based in the realm of illusions (fear-negativity), then my DNA must align itself in sequences to produce what has become my reality.

If the Book of Life within can be written or re-written to read and express negative realities and death, why then can’t we repair and change our DNA to express positive realities and Life? As we experience cellular awakening, we will realize that the mind of Christ is everywhere, not just confined to the physical brain.


In the English language we have 26 letters in our alphabet. Out of those 26 letters used in various sequences we have 43 volumes of Britannica Encyclopedia, which make up 280 million words. Scientists say this is only 1/10th of the information in your DNA.

If your coiled DNA structure were to be stretch out from end to end you would have 6 feet of double helix intelligence. That’s how much information is coiled within the nucleus of each of the over 60 trillion cells of our body.

I reiterate, we only use 3% of our DNA. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, beings of unlimited powers and abilities.

Our blood is made up of congealed light. In our DNA it has been recently discovered that there are bio-photons, LIGHT-ENERGY-SPIRIT-GOD.


“We are partakers of his divine nature”. 97% of our DNA is unused, not active; therefore, the science communities don’t understand it. I believe that the discovery of DNA at the time it was discovered was carefully orchestrated by God in man. The prophet Isaiah of old said that God is a God that hides himself. He can only be found by those who are seeking.

The discovery of DNA in the early 50’s was a time of tremendous spiritual explosion, revival, and enlightenment on the planet; especially in North America. This was a call to go deep within to find the God that we have looked for in the sky and in physical buildings.

Just as the scientist found DNA in the darkest part of the cell, so it is with God. He dwells in thick darkness behind the veil of human consciousness, within the Holy of Holies of our being. It is in the darkness and things that we are programmed to run away from where He is to be found. Can you think of dark areas about your life, areas that you refuse to deal with? Go there, that’s where God lives. Religion says run from the darkness, rebuke it, deny it, and ignore it. But I say unto you embrace it, experience it, and recognize it. Darkness and Light are the same to Him.

The 97% of your DNA that’s not activated is GOD waiting to be activated in man. You have the information and intelligence of Adam the son of God encoded in your DNA. Access and activation to this information will cause you to live as Adam the God-man in the Garden of your Be-ing.

Changing the sequences of the base letters will produce the life of God within. At this level there can be no more Sickness, Disease, Depression and Death. We experience this in part now as we are filled with Spirit and renew our minds. The false genetic information past down from our parents that produce sicknesses can be changed. The false information that has programmed our cells to produce death can be changed.

The physical limitations of motion, time and space are being broken as the seals are removed. When Divine Nature is completely Activated within man, he will be able to naturally transport himself from place to place without the aid of modern transportation. Elijah and Philip in the Bible were only examples of what will become the norm. Jesus said, “Those born of the Spirit will move as the wind”.

The Apostle John said, “You have an Unction (anointing) from the Holy Spirit and you know All things”. Coiled up in the double helix of DNA around each cell is the knowledge of the Multi-verses (universes), the mind of Christ. Eternity past and future, all the events that was and will be is within you. This is the collective consciousness that ties all of humanity together. What one knows, all know.


As the 97% of unused DNA is activated the 2-Strand double helix becomes a 12 –Strand DNA. Since science doesn’t understand the 97%, they don’t understand the purpose for the 5 extra pairs of DNA strands (shadow strands).

We find the number 12 used throughout the scripture, in most cases implying Governmental Rule, and Divine Order. There are 12 sons of Jacob, 12 Tribes, Jesus had 12 Apostles, and there are 12 Zodiac signs that rule the heavens and earth. All of these are examples of the workings of the Holy Spirit in man.

The 12-Strand DNA represents man coming into his Divineness. Mankind created in the image and likeness of God can be nothing less that God. Every seed must bring forth after its kind. Man is the visible expression of the invisible God. This has been the Creators plan from the beginning to multiply Himself to the point of filling All things.

Organized religion spends time shouting and screaming at their followers convincing them that they are not Gods. It seems to be their mission to deceive their followers into believing they are only human that can not think for themselves. The powers that be realize that if their followers would begin to activate the Divine Nature that would be the end of Organized Religion as we see it today.

One will only be able to fulfill the Divine purpose when he is walking in awareness of his own divinity. It is our belief system that hinders us from being the Gods we are. “I have said, You are Gods…” Psalms 82, John 10


In 1997 I prophesied that some events was taking place on the planet that would effect humans and that during the early years of the 2000’s it would be documented. I said that it would be called another stage in human evolution. I also stated that these people would overcome sickness and death and have miraculous powers.

In the year 2000 I was informed that the University of California in Los Angeles was undertaking some interesting studies. The studies had to do with DNA Mutation.

The studies showed that approximately 60 million people on the planet have developed what is being termed as “Mutated DNA”. These are not humans compared to what we have known as humans in the past. Many of these people are thought to be immune to diseases and maybe even death.

Human DNA has 4 Nucleic Acids (Bases) that combines in sets of 3 producing 64 different patterns called Codons. {4x4x4=64} We have 20 Codons turned on. The Codons direct the manufacture of protein and amino acids; they give the command for new proteins and growth.

The UCLA study showed that for several years now, some children are being born with 22-24 Codons turned on making them immune to sickness and disease. Some of these children blood have been injected with up to 6x the amount of AIDS and other viruses to cause disease, With No Affect. UCLA is in the verge of calling this immortality.

There seem to be 3 types of children being born with Mutated DNA. They are called by these names below.

1). Children of Aids – These are Children born with the Aids Virus that are expected to die within a few years. Many of them have DNA that is mutating. Some of the 97% of inactive DNA is becoming activated and extra Codons are being turned on. The Aids virus is no longer found in them and they seem to be immune to other diseases and sickness.

2). Indigo Children & Crystal Children – These are children that are being born they seem to know everything. The studies show that by some standards they may seem to be rebellious because conventional methods of raising them don’t work. They have very high IQ’s easily irritated, or bored, sometimes misdiagnosed with ADHD. They don’t seem to fit into our society.

3). Super Psychics – These are kids being born mostly in China and Asia, but also some in North America. They have unbelievable abilities; nothing can be hidden from them. Many have been tested by doctors from all over the world. For example, children were placed in a room, someone in another room wrote some information on a piece of paper, folded it and put it in an envelope. The children were able to discern word for word the contents of the letter. Test after test they did not fail.

Studies also show that there are adults with Mutated DNA, they are developing an immunity to sickness and disease. The UCLA is calling this “another phase of man’s evolution” just as the Spirit spoke this in 1997. This is Divine Nature Activated (DNA), God rising up in man as man. “Let God arise, and let his enemies (sickness, disease, depression, and death) be scattered”. Psalms 68:1

Scientist at the University of Texas inserted a gene in a number of cells which allows them to continue dividing. When a cell stop dividing it dies. Most human cells divide about 70x during a lifetime. Each time they divide the protected end of the cells chromosomes shortens, eventually it becomes too short to protect the chromosome. The inserted gene protects and preserves the cells, lengthens life and rid diseases.

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye we shall be changed” The Greek says, in the atomic (DNA) structure, metamorphosis. 1 Cor. 15


Proper Eating. Eat natural live foods, mostly fruits and vegetables to support the manifestation of divine life within. Give up the dead flesh that’s filled with toxins and hormones. Drink lots of water.

Proper Thinking. Change your belief system to support divine life within, thus, changing the death sequence of your DNA to LIFE. Consciously speak to your cells, chromosomes, codons and command them to become activated to produce life and immortality. Tell every cell in your body it must vibrate with the light and life of Christ. It will obey.

Sound Therapy. Science say music or frequencies at 528 hz repairs DNA, thus, promoting healing. This can be done through “Tuning Forks” and other method. {We offer a DNA Activation CD}. It is important that you do praise and worship often and loudly-it literally changes your molecules to promote healing.

Live In the Spirit. Exercise your prayer language daily, meditate, show love to others and obey what the Spirit is saying to you. You must Believe. This will release Spirit, Light, Energy at the sub-atomic level to manifest in your being.


Being Activated,

Order of Melchizedek (JL)

- http://www.atam.org/DNA.html

“DNA is the physical reflection of the thought stream that creates the body. The physical DNA has nothing to do with the formation of the body. It is responding to directions, somewhat as the shadows on the wall reflect the movements of the hand. One may see the shadows move and infer that the shadow is complete–in–itself.

The code is REFLECTED in the cellular structure of the DNA. The actual code is contained in the structure of thought within the energy field of the organism. You may call them templates if you wish, or blueprints, for that is a more accurate analogy. Thought forms are the basis for the construction and perception of everything in the universe! The general template for the construction of the human body is brought forth by the agreement of the species; in other words, those who wish to participate in the human experience on earth. Individual differences in body type (no two human bodies are identical) are reflected according to the intent of the incarnating personality, co-creating with the consciousness of the body. It is all a vibrational dance of intent, and cocreation.

We want to say, if you can hear this, we are saying clearly that the biology as you call it, the cells, the DNA, are all vibrational in nature, and so is the consciousness of each of the cells, and of the body itself, and of the human consciousness that is co–creating with the biology.

Is there a difference between the biology and the consciousness? Well, there is none, not really, if you could look at it from our point of view! We see a vibrational dance composed of and activated by thought.

We see you for the magnificent being you truly are! What you see and sense are so real to you that it is not possible to perceive from a broader perspective you see! That’s the whole point of being physical –– you are completely and utterly immersed in your world. We tell you, however, that it is all just an interpretation from your orientation as a human being.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)