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Desire is Spiritual Voltage to Manifest Vision

Desire is Spiritual Voltage to Manifest Vision

“A manifestation is something that is in the Spirit and that becomes tangible to the 5 senses. That is what a manifestation is. A manifestation is something in the Spirit that becomes manifested in the physical realm. It is a manifestation that becomes perceivable and audible. Therefore, it will be manifested in your soul realm. From the spirit realm it gets into your soul realm, it gets into the physical realm. The manifestation of the Spirit is given to everyone but the Spirit of God has a certain level of desire before He performs in manifestation. Some of you desire to prophesy but unless the desire to prophesy consumes you, you will never prophesy. Some of you desire to function in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in healing but unless the desire consumes you, you will never manifest. That is why after Paul taught them about the gifts, he says, “But earnestly desire the best gifts.” Unless you desire it cannot come forth. See desire must flow to a certain level.

It’s just like if I have a radio that runs on a 220-volt and I plug it into a power point that supplies only 110 volts. The radio will not run. Why because the voltage is too low. Alternatively, if I have a radio that runs on battery and it runs on 5 volts. After using the radio for sometime, it reaches a point when the radios stop functioning. Why, because the batteries have run dead. In other words, the voltage has gone too low to impart a manifestation on the radio. The radio could not pick up the radio signals any more. The radio signals are in the invisible realm. The radio picks up the radio signals and converts them to sound signals, which are what we can hear and perceive, but the voltage is too low for all the different electrical components to function, to bring the radio waves and convert them into sound waves. If you put in new batteries then it starts again. What happens? There must be a certain level of voltage before the radio start working.

Likewise, there must be a certain degree of spiritual voltage before the Spirit of God manifest and that is why Paul said, “But earnestly desire.” Now what is that voltage? It is your hunger and desire after the things of God. In proportion to your hunger and desire, God is able to manifest your life. See the desire and the manifestations are related. The manifestation is tied to your desire. Now he repeats the same things again in I Cor.14: 1. After he talked about love, he says, “Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts but especially that you may prophesy.” Then you have it again he says, “Desire it, hunger for it, thirst for it so that it may come forth in your life.”

There will be no manifestation of your vision if you do not add desire in. That is why fasting and prayer helps. Fasting and prayer are indications of your desire. Spending time with God helps because it is an indication of your desire. Your desire factor must rise to a certain level before God can manifest.”

- Peter Tan (Nurturing Vision through Desire)

“During the building stage, it is fragile but when it reaches a certain stage, it consumes you. The vision is that way. The vision is like an embryo. Handle with care, a little doubt, a little laziness, a wrong little indulgence in the flesh will wash out all that God has placed in you. Therefore, we have to treat it with care and nurture it and build it up. You build your desire layer by layer. As you grow in your love for God, you want to fulfill God’s vision for your life even more. You may say, “All right I am going to spend an hour meditating on that vision.” Then you say, “It is so important to me now that I will spend an additional hour praying over that vision.” Therefore, you began to commit more and more until that vision consumes you. It reaches to a certain point when the vision starts manifesting.

When it is manifesting, it is so awesome that the things of the devil and every work of the devil can be blown apart by the vision. God is implanting vision in your heart and in your life. They are fragile when you receive them, a tiny dot a tiny dream, a small vision but if you will treat it very carefully for it is fragile. It will build very strong to the point that in the end, you do not carry the vision anymore but it carries you. Do not despise it. Do not dwell in unbelief and build it up. It is just like a man who has to cross the sea. At first, the man has to build a boat. After sometime, when the boat is ready, the boat carries the man. Therefore, at first, you carry the vision but as your vision builds up to a certain halfway point and crosses over, the vision now carries you.

Paul was a man of vision. He carried many visions and many of his visions have reached a point where he says, “I am constrained by the vision.” See the vision now carry him. When the vision carries you, it is the easy part but the hard part is to get the vision in you to grow until it can carry you. When the vision carries you, all you have to do is to worship, enjoy, and see the vision happening in your life. One thought, one word, one dream one vision is enough to change your future.”

- Peter Tan (Nurturing Vision through Desire)

“I want to share in the practical aspect of how to bring the vision about. We have talked about praying in tongues. How we can bring that vision forward in tongues and so there is an aspect of what we call, desire. Say, “I will desire the things of God with all my heart, my entire mind and all my strength.” Desire is in different degrees. Here we are talking about the seed of the vision and the desire that we need to have to bring it forth. Many people have vision, very bona fide, vision from God but it cannot work out because they did not put desire to the vision.”

- Peter Tan (Nurturing Vision through Desire)

“We should cultivate positive emotions in line with the fruit of the Spirit by being passionate for the things of the Spirit. Many people think that yielding to the Spirit of God is just a passive matter of letting go and doing nothing. The Holy Spirit will not work without some contribution of free will from us. We need to desire the things of the Spirit. When our desire for the things of the Spirit and of God becomes overwhelmingly high above all other desires, when our passion and love is undivided for God and God alone, there is a spiritual union that takes place in the bond of the Spirit with our spirits such that the energy of the Holy Spirit, and all the might of the work of God’s angels guides our lives and destinies. A mighty stream of abundant life and energy carries us throughout our daily earthly life and we are able to accomplish things of great impact upon the Spiritual World even in our earthly bodies.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

Want and Accumulate from A Place of Feeling Good

“We want you to understand that if you continue to look at what-is and speak of what-is, you will not find the improvement that you desire. You may see a parade of changing faces and places, but your life experience will essentially show no improvement. If you want to effect substantial change in your life experience, you have to offer substantially different vibrations, which means you must think thoughts that feel different as you think them.

The void that these people are feeling cannot be filled with things or satisfied with action, because the feeling of void is about the vibrational discord between their desires and their chronic habits of thought. Offering better feeling thoughts, telling a different story, looking for positive aspects, pivoting to the subject of what you really do want, looking for positive what-ifs – that’s how you fill that void. And when you do, a most interesting thing will occur in your experience – the things you’ve wanted will begin to flood into your experience. But these things that you’ve been wanting will flood into your experience not to fill your void, because that void no longer exists, they flow in because your void no longer exists. Certainly, you will gather many magnificent things into your experience. Our message is not for you to stop wanting, having or doing. Our message is for you to want and accumulate and do from your place of feeling good.

- Abraham Hicks (Money and the Law of Attraction)

“Get yourself tuned in, tapped in, turned on. Get yourself to the point where you MUST have it, and the universe MUST give it to you. You can be, do or have anything you want. It is not about action, it is about alignment of energy.”
- Abraham Hicks

“If I am in a moment of passion, am I more likely to quickly receive my creation than if I am in a place of cool, calm, peaceful anticipation? Your moments of passion are only necessary to launch the creations to begin with. Then that cool calm expectation is the perfect environment in which to allow it to come. You would not want to hold yourself in that place of high pitch vibration.”

- Abraham Hicks

“You do not have to launch an intention and then hold doggedly to that thought and only that thought in order for the universe to bring it in. It’s not like casting out there with your great line and hooking on to this fish or something that you want, and then having to keep attention on it in every moment or it will shake off and get away from you. It isn’t like that at all. It is that once you have launch your intention the universe is yielding it to you, and unless you are offering a vibration that opposes it, it is going to come into your experience. So as you are moving through your experience and the idea of something that you want is born within you, you don’t have to singularly think about that until it comes about. You can launch an idea and never think about it again and the universe will yield it to you because if you have gathered enough contrast to give birth to the desire, it is yours. In other words, there is enough energy to bring it to you.

You can make much faster progress if you say “I’m offering this visualization not to get from over here to over here. But I’m offering this visualization for the pleasure of the visualization.” When you go to a movie, you don’t say to your friends “I’m going to this movie because it’s about things I want to live and I think if I go watch the movie, I’ll vibrate like the movie is vibrating and then the universe will yield to me.” Although that’s not a bad way of approaching the movie. But you don’t go to the movie with that intention. You go to the movie for the entertainment. You go to the movie for the distraction. And that’s the way we want you to begin going to the visualization. Don’t visualize to make something happen. Visualize for the pleasure of visualizing. You just want to use any excuse in the world to let it in.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – Removing the Brakes on a Business)

Thoughts Evoking Great Emotion Manifest Quickly

“We have told you that your thoughts are magnetic. But we want to add a point of clarification here: Although every thought has creative potential, the thoughts that do not bring great emotion with them are not bringing the subject of your thought into your experience with any sort of speed. When it comes to thoughts that you feel strong emotion about—whether it is positive emotion or negative emotion—the essence of those thoughts is being quickly manifested into your physical experience. And that emotion that you are feeling is communication from your Inner Being, letting you know that you are now accessing the power of the Universe.

If you go to a horror movie, and as you are sitting there in the theater with a friend, looking at the screen and all of the frightening detail that is being offered with the color and the sound, you are, at that time, in a negative Workshop. For as you are envisioning all that you do not want to see, the emotion that you are feeling is your Inner Being saying to you, You are seeing something that is so vivid that the Universe is now offering power unto it.

But when you leave the theater, fortunately, you usually say, “It was only a movie,” so you do not expect it. You do not believe it will happen to you, so you do not complete the second part of the equation. You have given thought to it with emotion, so you have created it, but you do not allow it into your experience because you do not really expect it. However, as you are walking out of the theater, if your friend says to you, “It may only be a movie, but it once happened to me,” then you may begin pondering that thought, and in doing so, you may bring yourself to the belief or expectation that that could also happen to you—and then it will. Giving thought, on the one hand, and expecting or believing, on the other hand, is the balance that brings to you that which you receive.

If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon. However, it is not often that you have achieved a balance where your wanting and your expecting are equal. Sometimes your wanting is very high, but your belief is not there at all. For example, in the story of the mother whose child is trapped beneath the automobile, she does not believe that she can lift that heavy vehicle off of her child, but her wanting is so extreme that she does. On the other hand, there are many examples where your belief is high, but your wanting is not. The creation of an illness, such as cancer, is that sort of example where your belief in it is very keen, while your wanting of it is not.”

- Abraham hicks (The Law of Attraction)

Can Segment Intending Speed Up Our Manifestations?

Jerry: “So, this process of Segment Intending can not only speed up our getting whatever we want, but then it can also make this experience that we‘re having more pleasurable, and more within our conscious control (and therefore more successful). Is that what it‘s about?”

Abraham: “It is absolutely “more within your conscious control” as you are consciously setting forth your intentions. The alternative is to not make a decision about what you want, and therefore, in your confusion, to attract a little bit of everything; and, in attracting a little bit of everything, there is some that you like and some that you do not like. The point of the Segment Intending Process is that you will always be attracting that which you deliberately want. No more creating by default; no more attracting what you do not want.

You are right when you say that it can speed up the process, for it is your clarity that speeds. Of course, you are physically creating as you move piles of dirt from one place to another (or whatever it is you are doing), but you have not accessed the power of the Universe unless your thoughts have brought forth emotion. When emotion is present—whether it is positive or negative—you have now accessed the power of the Universe.

When you really, really want something, it comes to you very fast. When you really, really do not want something, it comes to you very fast. The idea of Segment Intending is to set forth your thought of what you want, focusing upon it clearly enough, in this moment, that you bring forth emotion about it. Your clarity brings the speed.”

- The Law of Attraction (Abraham hicks)

The Delicate Balance Between Belief and Desire

Jerry: “Abraham, would you take a moment here and speak to us about what you have called the delicate balance of creating—between wanting and believing?”

Abraham: “The two sides in this balance of creation are want it and allow it. You could also say want it and expect it. You could also say think about it and expect it.

The best scenario is to desire something and to bring yourself into the belief or expectation of achieving it. That is creation at its best. If you have a slight desire for something and you believe you can achieve it, the balance is complete and it becomes yours. If you have a strong desire for something but you doubt your ability to achieve it, it cannot come, at least not right now, for you must bring your thought of desire and your thought of belief into alignment.

Maybe you have been stimulated to a thought of something that you do not desire, but because you have often heard reports of this thing happening to others, you believe in the possibility of it. So your slight thought of this unwanted thing and your belief in its possibility make you a candidate for the achievement of that experience.

The more you think of what you want, the more the Law of Attraction will bring the evidence of it to you, until you will believe it. And when you understand the Law of Attraction (and it is easy to come to know it because it is always consistent) and you begin to deliberately direct your thoughts, your belief in your ability to be, do, or have anything will come into place.”

- The Law of Attraction (Abraham hicks)

“If you were driving your vehicle at 100 miles per hour and you hit a tree, you would experience a very big crash. However, if you were to hit the same tree while your vehicle was traveling at just five miles per hour, the outcome would be considerably different. See the speed of your vehicle like the power of your desire. In other words, the more you want something, or the longer you have been focusing upon your desire, the faster the Energy moves. The tree, in our analogy, represents the resistance, or the contradictory thoughts, that may be present.

It is not pleasant to run into trees, and it is also not pleasant to hold powerful desires in the midst of great resistance. Some try to remedy the imbalance by slowing down their vehicle. In other words, they deny their desire, or they try to release it, and sometimes, with great effort, they are able to diffuse the power of their desire to some degree, but by far, the better remedy would be to reduce your level of resistance.

Your desire is the natural result of the contrast in which you are focused. The entire Universe exists to inspire the next new desire. And so, if you are trying to avoid your own desire, you are attempting to move contrary to Universal Forces. And even if you are able to suppress a desire here and there, more desires are continually evolving within you, for you have come forth into this body and into this wonderful contrasting environment with the clear intent of focusing the Energy that creates worlds through the powerfully focused lens of your perspective. And so, nothing in all of the Universe is more natural than your continuing desire.”

- Abraham Hicks (Ask and It Is Given)

“Be more specific about your desires, and, with that greater clarity about exactly what you do desire, you will feel the power of this specific focus. The longer you concentrate on a subject, and the more detail you give to it, the faster the Energy moves. And, with practice, you can actually feel the momentum of your desire; you can feel the Universal Forces converging. Often, you will be able to know when you are upon the brink of a breakthrough or a manifestation just by virtue of the way you feel.”

- Abraham Hicks (Ask and It Is Given)

“The emotion that you‘re feeling in any moment tells you two things:
1. how fast your stream is flowing, or how strong your desire is about the particular outcome;
2. which direction you‘re pointed in the stream.”

- Abraham Hicks (The Astonishing Power of Emotions)