> Brain Memory is Not Storage but Frequency Focus




Brain Memory is Not Storage but Frequency Focus

Brain Memory is Not Storage but Frequency Focus

“Forgetting is about inactivity. You forget what’s not active. If you can forget something that’s meaningful, then you could certainly forget something that’s not helpful. So you could say “I’m really good at forgetting.” It’s just a matter of what your attention is turned upon. In this physical world it is really logically that you would give a lot of your attention to what’s going on around you, and when you’re giving your attention to what’s going on around you, you are sort of forgetting who you really are. In other words, if you’re living financial shortage and it’s vivid and the bills are coming in and people are hounding you you’re uncomfortable about it, it’s easy to keep that active and it’s easy to forget prosperity under those conditions. Because you can’t live prosperity and lack of it at the same time. So let’s give a definition to forgetting and remembering. Let’s call it what it really is. It’s an active vibration or an inactive vibration.

You’re wondering why you could forget something that is beneficial but it’s all about focus. If you’re got not enough money active in your vibration, then you are essentially forgetting how to be prosperous. If you’re focused upon someone who is having a really hard time in a relationship, then you’re for the time that you are focused there, you’re forgetting about how to have a really good relationship. Your television is a veritable wasteland of there’s not much well being going on in your television. It’s mostly stuff that if you watch it, it will cause you to forget the well being that is abundant. You have this planet spinning in its orbit that is completely observable, impossible to forget. And the sun that comes round every day to warm your planet. Every single day. And yet you can get so immersed in crap. There’s just so much that you can focus upon that causes you not to remember.

Your brain is not a storage cabinet. It’s not like a file cabinet where you’re putting things. It’s a transmitting, receiving mechanism. And when you’re on a frequency, that’s what you’re remembering. And law of attraction will compound it and help you to remember it more and more and more and more. And that’s what we really mean by getting out ahead vibrationally.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube: Why Do I Forget Your Teachings? – Abraham Hicks)