> Why We Constantly Seek Union With Others




Why We Constantly Seek Union With Others

Why We Constantly Seek Union With Others

“The Matrix draws itself into itself—exactly as your scientists describe the so-called Black Hole phenomenon. It pulls like-energy to like-energy, even drawing physical objects toward each other. Those objects must then repel each other—move away— or they will merge forever —in effect, disappearing in their present form and taking on a new form. All beings of consciousness intuitively know this, so all beings of consciousness move away from the Permanent Melding in order to maintain their relationship to all other beings. If they did not, they would meld into all other beings and experience the Oneness Forever.

This is the state from which we have come. Having moved away from this state, we are constantly reattracted to it. This ebb and flow, “to and fro” movement is the basic rhythm of the universe, and everything in it. This is sex— the Synergistic Energy Exchange.”

“You are constantly being attracted, compelled toward union with one another (and with all that is in the Matrix), then, at the Moment of Unity, being repelled by conscious choice away from that Unity. Your choice is to remain free of It, so that you can experience it. For once you become part of that Unity and remain there, you cannot know it as Unity, since you no longer know Separation.

This natural ebb and flow, this natural rhythm of the universe, typifies all of life—including the very movements that create life in your reality. Toward each other you are compelled, as if by some urgent force, only to pull away and separate, only to urgently push toward each other again, once more to separate, and again to hungrily, passionately, urgently seek total union.

Together-apart, together-apart, together-apart your bodies dance, in a movement so basic, so instinctual, that you have very little conscious awareness of deliberate action. At some point you shift into automatic. No one needs to tell your bodies what to do. They simply do it—with the urgency of all of life. All of life works on such a rhythm; all of life IS the rhythm. And so, all of life is imbued with the gentle rhythm of God —what you call the cycles of life.”

- Conversations with God, Book 2