> Why the Initiate does Not Try to Wake up the Mass of Sheep




Why the Initiate does Not Try to Wake up the Mass of Sheep

Why the Initiate does Not Try to Wake up the Mass of Sheep

“Let me explain why the Initiate does not try and wake-up the mass of sheep:

1. It is not, repeat NOT his life-mission to ‘save’ humanity from itself. Rather, he/she is intent on living a happy, joyous, guilt-free existence in a world of misery and suffering. It is by example, if at all, that the Initiate has an effect on his fellow man. If they look at you with wonder and awe and seek to emulate you, then this is good.

2. As I mentioned last month, it is a completely, utterly futile and pointless task trying to wake up the sheep in a fit of altruistic zeal. It is a totally crazy stunt, akin to trying to empty-out the Pacific ocean with a teaspoon. Try it, if you like, but you are wasting your time. One of the benefits enjoyed by higher grade Initiates is that they realize these truths, and don’t waste any of their life-energies attempting to alter the unalterable.

3. It is not certain that waking the sheep would be a ‘good’ thing; even if it were possible – which it isn’t. So you could struggle and strive and pour your life-energies into this hopeless task, and still have a net ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ effect on society as a whole. Again, higher grade Initiates take as few decisions as possible, they do not become involved in causes, charities, or ‘saving’ the world. They act like this because they know (in the deepest possible way) that they do not have enough information to take decisions for other people. They are not gods. They are not omniscient. They do not even have an ‘off the shelf’ moral code to guide their behavior. The result? They wouldn’t presume to act in a way which would alter another human’s life-course. They certainly wouldn’t do this out of some sense of altruism, or ‘doing good’ because they haven’t the remotest idea of whether their actions will result in net ‘good’ or net ‘evil’ – whatever these two concepts mean anyway!

Instead, whilst the ‘do-gooders’ of this world are fussing around trying to interfere with the lives of other people, trying to ‘show them the way’ or ‘lead them into the light’ or ‘save their souls’, or ‘rebuild their country’, the Initiate is living a POWERFUL, FREE, and JOYOUS life.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)