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Weather Manipulation with the Power of Your Mind

Weather Manipulation with the Power of Your Mind

“As mind over matter influences the weather, all you have to do is imagine what you want of the weather. Or think of the clouds and think to the rain clouds to stop raining, forming an energy pool. It might feel as though what’s going to happen becomes as a stagnation field by the energy pool or makes it a sterile energy area, and this halts the rain as you think it stopped. So to have the storm start, is to feel that energy pool drain away into the earth with some of it going into a container that you have for it, like a crystal or box. As in, think and imagine the clouds going in a direction and you nudge the clouds. This causes the weather to cease as it goes somewhere else. Again, the idea is to end the storm quicker by draining it of energies and directing it away by nudging it with your mind from your area.

If your use of weather magic uses emotion and in your use, emotion is thought projected at the clouds and throughout the sky then it will cause rainfall. If you project in itself emotion at the rain clouds then you can stop the rain. The more the emotion, the more the effect to the point of a tornado. And so to feel the emotion, then the urge of it by remembering things is to cause more. Then to think the emotion is sent to the sky, and you sent your emotion to the area where clouds can form, if none, or clouds can be broken up if there, unless you intend to cause a rainstorm. Balance is needed to manipulate the weather.”

- Spelly (spellhawk.blogspot.com)

“All weather disasters are actually created by the collective consciousness of the people there without them realizing it. There are no pure accidents in nature. People are not aware the power of their thoughts and emotions.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

Make Clouds Disappear with Your Mind

“You’ll need a nice day filled with big, fluffy clouds that are moving at a gentle pace. Lie down in the sun, chill out. Take some rays. While you’re contemplating the meaning of life, check out the edges of some of those clouds. You’re looking for a small wisp of cloud, a tiny one that’s broken away from a main cloud. Focus your eyes and your thoughts upon that wisp of vapor. Stare at it and will it to go away. Demand, with confidence, that it disappear, and it will. Just watch. As a beginner you have to practice on tiny cloudlets. Eventually, with practice, you will be surprised at how effective this can be on bigger ones. And there you are. You’re not changing yourself, you’re changing the reality around you. Weird or what? Sometimes we forget that we are not just in this world, we are part of it.

We not only have a right to be here but if you believe any or all religious writings, then it was created for us. We have control. God, whoever and whatever you perceive Him to be, has given us the channel changer.

Unfortunately this experiment will not impress hard-nosed skeptics who will insist that the clouds were disappearing anyway, but we’ll move on.”

- Success Engineering (Philip Gosling)

Who’ll Stop the Rain

“I relived an experience from my childhood in February 1998 one morning when I was in a wonderfully relaxed and joyous state, and was able to stop and start the rain, just like I did as a child.

When I was about five years old, I remember looking out my parents’ bedroom window into the backyard and noticing that as I thought “Stop, rain” the rain would instantly cease. When I thought “Start again”, it would instantly be raining. I could intend it to rain on just the left side of the yard or just the right side! I was so delighted and excited that I called my mom to come see this… but when she arrived, none of it worked anymore. From that moment on, I could never do this again… until an incredible Thursday morning in February 1998.

What I noticed in February 1998 was that at first the rain was delayed from when I thought start or stop… as if it was starting or stopping up in the clouds. This was amazing, because I hadn’t had any such experience since I was five, yet it was also very puzzling, because I clearly remembered that there was no delay when I was a little girl. I wondered what could have changed so that there would be such a delay, and then I laughed out loud to realize that as a five year old girl, I did not yet comprehend the way rain is supposed to come down all the way from clouds… so of course it just stopped instantly!!!

As soon as I remembered that I don’t have to wait for the rain to fall all the way down from the clouds, I intended for the rain to stop and start instantly. All it seemed to require was the incredibly relaxed, energized state of consciousness I was in, and my complete sense of confidence that this is doable, and that no delay in time is required for the rain to fall. Then… no problem! Just don’t call someone over and say, “Watch this!” when they don’t believe in it!

I cried when I realized that my childhood magic was coming back to me… I asked for thick, fat, wet raindrops to wash my tears of joy away and was happy to have the rain wash my face clean. What a feeling!”

- Reality Shifts (Cynthia Sue Larson)