> Tychokinesis is the PSI Power to Manipulate Luck




Tychokinesis is the PSI Power to Manipulate Luck

Tychokinesis is the psi power to manipulate Luck, Chance, and Wishes using the mind.

Lucky Charm

Ok to do this training you need to constantly consider yourself lucky what ever you do, don’t doubt yourself or this is not going to work and REMEMBER THIS believing is the key for this ability. keep on doing this until you get good luck. Note this will take about 2 -3 weeks so get very patient and you will have unlimited luck once mastered.

side note: Karma will not affect you if you believe in it

Lucky You !!!

After you have mastered Lucky Charm, your aura will be rainbow, you will not be affected by bad luck, curses and karma and all of your psi balls will always have good luck in them and that will make all of your psi balls even more powerful then before. This isn’t another tech this a congratulations to you and everybody else that is very interested in learning Tychokinesis. Please note all of these abilities work because I have tested them all.

- TheMasterBeliever, Feb 5, 2013

How to Absorb Luck Energy and Charm Anything

Tychokinesis is the ability to mentally and alter stochastic fields, which affect the chance of one event or another, thus generating good or bad luck.

Lucky Charm: To do this ability get any kind of object (small one recommended). Than gather good luck energy in you hands. Hold the object in the hand you put good luck in and than visualize that energy going into the object.

Luck absorption: Absorb all luck energy, by visualizing luck energy going into you.

Bliss Zone: Absorb good luck energy to your pointing finger, and the tip. Move your pointing finger to the wall/side of the room ,around the whole room you’ve successfully charmed the whole room/area.

Luck ball: Create a psi ball and fill it with luck energy. Create an energy ball purely out of luck energy. And put that ball to the person, which you want it to be charmed.

Chance ball: Create a luck ball. Imagine a percentage (ex. 67%). This represents the amount of something you want to change. Release it and imagine it flying to the event that you wish to change.

Tychokinetic Combat: Charge your body parts with luck energy. Also use various techniques.

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