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Twin Flame Runner

Twin Flame Runner

The Runner is what one of the two twin flames become after the arguments and fights in the beginning of ‘The Dance’ phase of the relationship.
The reason and purpose of these arguments is actually very deep. They happen because deep layers of residue from previous lives is being released and transmuted. This takes us get back to being nothing but LOVE…
[This is explained further in 'Why Twin flames Argue']

The conscious mind, however, does not understand what is happening deep inside at the soul level. This is what makes the Runner run.

The Runner, who is usually the man, is unable to understand consciously what is happening. This happens because he is not aware of the spiritual reality… so he doesn’t know what’s happening at the soul level… and his mind gets confused because this is unlike anything that has ever happened to him.

The release of the deep layers of negative emotions and ‘residue’ gives him a feeling of uneasiness.
He might not be able to explain this but he just feels ‘irritated’.

He feels that this irritation is caused by the twin flame, when actually the residue which is being released (because it just can’t stay when the twin flame love, which is a much higher energy, comes) is the reason for the irritation.

The runner also feels like he is losing control of himself because he cannot make any sense out of what is happening to him.
He tries to figure it out but just can’t. And he gets overwhelmed by the emotions.
All this combined makes him want to escape all this and he runs away from the relationship itself.

He starts to think its the other twin flame who is the reason for all this and tries to run away from her in order to escape the ‘uneasiness’ which he probably can’t even explain to himself at this point.

All that he wants is to get away from the ‘bad feeling’.
This makes him end the relationship very abruptly which is extremely painful for the other partner.

The runner, while all this is happening, is simply very confused.
He loves his twin flame, but gets overwhelmed by all the confusion and think it is because of her.
His mind doesn’t know what is going on.
He hasn’t been in something like this ever before, and doesn’t know what to do.
So he runs.

The runner’s behaviour is something he himself can’t really explain. It is totally unexpected by the other twin flame who then becomes ‘The Chaser’.
If you ask a runner what exactly he is trying to do, he probably won’t be able to tell you.
Why? because he himself doesn’t know.
He just knows that he wants to escape the relationship.
He’ll probably give you some silly ‘logic’ if you really ask for it… but in reality it’s just that he is confused.

His heart tells him to stay, because he does feel the love, but he thinks it’s better to go with the mind.
Being a man (which most runners are), he is conditioned to suppress his feelings and go with ‘logic’… and he can see no logic in staying in something that’s causing him so much trouble.

Ultimately, however, the Runner does realize the sacred nature of the relationship (after he’s done the running, which can go on for years)… and he then returns.
And that is when the reunion happens…
And that’s where their eternal ‘Happily ever after’ begins…

Source: http://theeternalbliss.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/the-runner/