> The Three Infinite Tri-Unity of Consciousness




The Three Infinite Tri-Unity of Consciousness

The Three Infinite Tri-Unity of Consciousness

Are you conscious of your consciousness?

Did you know you are three consciousness expressing as one but yet independent of each other?

Did you know within the three exists infinite sub-consciousness all expressing as one but also independent of each other?

What is Consciousness?

Consciousnesses are mere subjective awareness of information existing in everything independently and as one.

The Three Infinite Consciousness’s or The Triunity of Consciousness

The consciousness of Your Soul/Spirit

I. This Consciousness conceives & perceives information but lack the tools to externalize information outside of itself. It is through our Soul consciousness that we are able to conceive the idea of a higher power or force, such as Allah, God/s, Universe, The All, Source, etc., so we may know that “All Is One”.
The Consciousness of Your Mind/Thoughts

II. This Consciousness receives information from the Soul, for a purpose of creating subjective experiences through the ‘physical”. Your Mind is your Creator responsible for creating potentialities to be experienced through the distortions we call realities.
The Consciousness of Your Body

III. This Consciousness receives information from your Mind for a purpose of externalizing information through projected thoughts we perceive as physical experiences. Your body then internalizes your experiences back to the mind and on to the soul. For this is how your soul & mind lives vicariously through your body.
The purpose of consciousness is to transcend the Soul from All-Knowing to All-Being.

- Jossie Gallizia https://www.facebook.com/samsonjg/posts/10201425686602960