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The Value Creation of Paid vs Free Information

The Value Creation of Paid vs Free Information

“Some people still think that information should be free and do not see the reason of paying for it. Well, there is a need to educate them, because when there is a greater and greater market of people willing to pay for information, the world would progress more and more rapidly. There are reasons why it is good to charge money for information, and why it is worth paying for it. When people charge money for the information they provide, it increases their livelihood and they can live better lives. They would be able to commit their time, energy and drive to being a “knowledge worker”. They can be involved full-time in the researching of information, refining of information, organization of information, presentation of information and marketing of information. This is why in the end you get better quality information products.

Free isn’t entirely free, it costs you something. Either it costs you in the lowering of quality because the information provider cannot commit to working on it full-time, of it costs the world in terms of less promotion and efficient delivery and therefore a whole lot less people get to hear about it or have it in their hands. Therefore when something does not cost you money, it may cost you in other areas of drawback. But the good news is when it costs you money, it gives you greater gain as well. This means that on the overall when people are willing to give and receive in terms of money and product, everyone wins and more value is created as a result. When you pay for information, you are actually paying for the person to do a better job in creating, researching and giving you that information, you are paying for that information to be marketed so that you would come to know about it easily, and you are paying for that information to be better presented and delivered to you.

Do you see how much good work you are funding for when you pay for something of value such as information? There is labor cost, advertising cost, delivery cost and other miscellaneous costs, all of which are significant. The more people are able to consciously recognize the value of things, and the way money works and how much good it does in paying for quality things rather then to just expect everything to be free, the more buyers there would be for good work, and the easier job the providers have in selling, and the lower the amount they can charge because of increase in volume, and the lower the prices of things, and the greater the amount of quality things being distributed, and everybody wins as money circulates.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“Only the ones who charge money can do what they do and offer value best. Money doesn’t come from the sky. It comes from offering value in exchange for it. All who expect value to be given for free are beggars. And all who give value away for free completely are fools. Neither will ever know the Truth.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“When I had my “Spirit Herbs “Clinic and Herb store, it was the hardest to learn, to charge people when they did not feel good, what I also observed that people who had no problem to be charged, they healed miraculously and others had hard time to grow.”

- Eva Gaspar (Facebook Comment, 6 Feb 2014)