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The Story Of The Little Star – A Parable

The Story Of The Little Star – A Parable

A bright little star within the millions of stars in our galaxy was watching and learning, because that is the purpose of all life. The little star had been watching a strange small planet, in a far away solar system with very unusual forms of life known as humans, living on a planet they called earth. The humans experienced such a wild, vivid and unusual reality! Their reality manifested itself as very dense forms of light matter. In this very dense reality they seemed to play out very vivid and trying experiences for the only purpose of learning from them. The experiences were beautiful and loving at times, but also evil, ugly and hateful also. All types of experiences were played out, because they learned from both good and evil experiences equally well. This strange reality intrigued the little star greatly and he wished that he could experience life this way. It seemed very exciting.

The moon orbiting this planet called earth heard the little stars thoughts and said to him, “I can help you learn what it is like to be a human. As it turns out, I have the ability to insert star beings into a human body so you can feel what it is like. You can then return as your star self with much greater wisdom having learned from being a physical human being in this dense light reality.” “How can I do that?”, the little star asked. “It’s easy!”, said the moon being, “I will create a human child body for you to enter. You can then live as a human for one human cycle of life. After one lifetime, you can then return to being a star as before.”

This idea intrigued the little star greatly. Watching was useful, but to be able to experience life in a physical light body seemed like a great way to experience new things.

“But, I would know that I was really a star being.”, the little star said, “I would know that I wasn’t really a human.” “No problem!”, said the moon, “I’ll make you forget who you really are during your time on earth. That way you will think that this life was all you really are.”

“That sounds like fun. So, you will insert me into a human body and at the end of one lifetime, I will return to being a star?”, said the little star.

“Yes, unless you wish to play the game again.”

“Yes, I agree. I’m ready!”

So, as agreed, the moon inserted the spiritual essence of the little star into a child about to be born. As agreed, the star human slowly forgot who he really was and experienced all aspects of human existence. The star human became a human husband, a father, fought in war, experienced love, hate, pain, jealousy, anger, all of the experiences that humans face during their lives. As with all human life, it was soon time for the game to end. The little star human found himself on his death bed and waited with some fear of what was to come, since he no longer remembered his true star self.

At the time of death, the star human left the human physical form and rose in spiritual human form to meet his fate. The star human was met by what he believed to be God, since he still had no memory of his true self. The little star human said to the being, “Are you God?”, and the evil moon being lied and said, “Yes, I am your God!”. The confused and afraid little star then asked, “What happens to me now, Lord?”

“Well, let us review your life on earth to see how you have lived your life. Are you ready?, said the crafty moon. And the star human nodded that he was.

They saw in front of them all of the life experiences that the star human had lived. Some experiences were loving, kind and good, while other experiences were filled with death, hate, anger and greed. These negative experiences made the little star human sad and regretful, because he incorrectly thought this human existence was all he was and he felt sorry that he had wasted his life on earth with such ugly experiences.

The scheming moon said to the the helplessly lost star human, “I will give you another chance. Would you like to go back and to live another life on earth to make up for the many mistakes you made? You need to atone for your sins in this lifetime.”

“Oh yes please!”, said the lost and confused little star, “I need to learn to be a more loving human being.”

“Ok.”, said the evil moon, I will erase your memory of this lifetime and reinsert you back into a new life form on earth. Try and do a better job of this life this time.”

“I will! Thank you Lord for this chance.”, said the confused little star human.

And it was done. This way the evil moon being kept the little star trapped in this endless loop of reincarnation for many, many lifetimes on earth, never to know his true heritage.

Finally, one day the little star’s family began to wonder what had become of their brother. Because we are all part of the One, he wasn’t too hard to find. What they found troubled them greatly and they said to the moon, “Why have you trapped our brother in this terrible place for so long?”

The crafty moon replied, “I have not trapped him, he volunteered for this experience. The choice to enter this reality was his and the choice of continuing these cycles of life were also his.”

“Yes, but he no longer remembers his true family or what a truly powerful spiritual star being he really is.”

“Again”, said the evil moon slyly, “That was his decision when the game began.”

So, the call went out for volunteers to incarnate on earth and awaken the little star to his true heritage and to break the cycle of incarnations that he had become trapped in for so long. Only the strongest of star beings volunteered for this difficult mission, because it was possible for them to become trapped in this dense reality also. The evil moon being used every trick possible to keep the star humans confused and in fear, so as to keep them from the truth of their real heritage.

But, slowly and with great difficulty the volunteers began to awaken the many little stars that had become trapped in the earth reality game. As the little stars slowly began to remember their true families, they were anxious to return home and to become the powerful spiritual beings that they had always been and to be welcomed with open arms by all of their loved ones.

And so the little stars left earth thankful for the wisdom they had gained during their time on earth as humans and also sad for those that remained. However, many vowed to return as volunteers and to never leave any trapped star humans behind.


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