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The Signs of A Twin Flame

The Signs of A Twin Flame

Overwhelming Love and Attraction
A deep and very overwhelming sense of love and attraction is felt.
You just cannot resist your Twin flame… They attract you like a magnet.
The Love felt is so deep that you might have never even known you could possibly love someone so much.

Sense of Completion
You feel a sense of ‘being complete’. This is not something that can be described in words… You just feel like you’ve found something that was always missing but you might have not realized what.
It feels like there is nothing else in the world that you require apart from being with your Twin flame.

A Deep Connection
You feel like your hearts are literally connected with each other always (because they really are!) .
You can actually ‘feel’ your twin flames touch from miles away and ‘hear’ their voice even when they aren’t really talking…
You can read each other’s mind and complete each other’s sentences (even before they begin).
You know what your Twin flame will say or do in a specific situation and can predict their behavior.
You feel like you’ve known him/her forever even if you’ve just met a few weeks or months back.
You can totally confide in your twin flame and share anything and everything…

You Compliment Each Other Perfectly
Your talents are complimentary… If you’re good at speaking for example, you twin flame will be good at writing or listening.
The lessons that you’ve learnt and your experiences and the knowledge that you have is also complimentary (For example, If you know how to make music your twin flame might be a good singer)
Your basic nature will also be similar yet complimentary (for example, If you’re sort of emotional your twin flame might be very practical).

Your actions and words seem sort of ‘synchronized’
Both of you might say the same thing at the same time often.
You might both send a message or call each other at the same exact moment.

Major changes in Life
Twin flames deeply affect your life in a positive way.
You’ll find that there have been major changes in you or in your life since you’ve met your Twin flame.
Your nature might change so much that you actually feel like a different person. Twin flames bring out the real self in us. They make you more of your actual self.
Harmful habits (like smoking or drinking or gambling or anything else that is harmful for you in any way) might disappear completely.
Your life in general becomes much better than ever before…

Similar Taste and Choice
Your taste in things like Food, Fashion or Decor, Music and Art might be very similar.

There will be little things that will make you feel like ‘It’s just meant to be’
The entire universe will seem to be giving you signals and trying to bring the two of you together (That’s because it actually is…)
Occurrences and events that might not seem to make much sense to your logical mind will seem to ‘feel’ like they’re telling you something…

Strong Sense of Sacredness
Your Love for you Twin flame feels truly divine and Sacred… like a devotee’s love for God
The Intimacy also feels sacred… In a way that you might have never thought could be possible…
Sacredness is felt in every moment that you’re with your twin flame… no matter what you’re doing.

A Feeling of Eternal Togetherness
You just know deep inside that the two of you will be together even after you’ve passed in this life.

Time Loses Meaning
There is no sense of time when you’re together. It becomes non-existent.
You can go on and on and on for hours when you’re talking.
You might find yourself being together for hours and it feels like a few minutes. Time passes very quickly when you’re with your Twin flame.

Life Becomes Meaningful
When you meet your Twin flame, you get a very strong feeling that ‘This is IT’.
You feel that this is all that you need and This is what you have always been looking for…
Your Twin flame brings a new meaning and joy to life… something that’s really worth living for!

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