> The Powerful People Get the Sheep to Fight Wars




The Powerful People Get the Sheep to Fight Wars

The Powerful People Get the Sheep to Fight Wars

“The powerful people get the sheep to fight the wars for them, and they are very successful in doing this. They use ‘patriotism’ and ‘duty’ to morally blackmail the masses into getting killed in some (usually) pointless venture, so that they (the rich/powerful) can sit back and gain the benefit, or avoid the consequences. The sheep respond dutifully to the rallying trumpet call, and willingly march off, with a catchy little song on their lips, to get their heads blown off in some muddy, foreign field.

When the bits are sent home in a body-bag, the parents and friends then all gather around tearfully, and exclaim what a brave and gallant fellow he was.”

“The Initiate knows that people who fight wars have been beautifully conned by powers with vested interests. He sees straight through the shallow hypocrisy of ‘fighting for God and Country’, and quite simply refuses to play; it’s far too dangerous and pointless! In a conscription situation, he exercises his considerable personal power and avoids fighting or placing himself in mortal danger.

He knows that nine hundred and ninety nine out of a thousand conflicts are artificial, illusory, transitory, pointless, and not worth five minutes of his life-effort, let alone getting killed for! The remaining one in a thousand ‘just causes’ he lets other people fight on his behalf, as he is blatantly selfish and self-protective.

He knows that there are millions of sheep who are happy and willing – nay, scrambling over themselves to get killed first, so he is content to let them get on with it.

If he were asked to justify his attitude (which he would rarely feel the need to), then he would state that, by definition, he was more intelligent than those scrambling to get mown down, and so his life was more worthy of protection!

The OPEN INITIATE is also guilt-free in maintaining this attitude because he has neither asked nor coerced other people to fight and die for him; they are doing it willingly, without any pressure from him. He does not take responsibility for their lives as he has been entirely un-influential in their decision to get themselves killed. He is merely opting out of being killed himself.

In contrast, the CLOSED INITIATE would use his knowledge of the eight weapons to con people into fighting instead of him.

Certainly, the Inner Circle Initiate knows that there are precious few, if any, politicians, senior officers, arms dealers, millionaires or such like amongst the scrabbling hordes bent on suicide.

In answer to that old question: “That’s all very well, but supposing everyone refused to fight?”, he answers that the masses always have, and always will climb over each other to be the first to the front at the sound of the trumpet call. In the highly unlikely event that everyone in the world refused to fight, then, of course, there would be no wars! Undoubtedly an improvement!”

“This just leaves the statement: “Yes, but sometimes you have to stand up and fight for your rights, otherwise someone with a bigger stick will come and take them away from you”. To which the Initiate’s response is:

a) He will fight if no other course of action is open to him (very rare), and someone is directly threatening him, his family or his property.

b) In more general situations, for example if he sees some personal benefit in preserving the existing ‘way of life’ of the country, he will let others do the fighting for him. Remember, he is guilt-free because he is not making the others fight.

c) Otherwise, his superior intelligence and personal power would ensure that he wins, in what for everyone else might be a ‘losing’ situation. Indeed, it is because he knows he can win in almost any situation that he refuses to lay down his life in order to preserve the current situation. To an Initiate, no one situation is necessarily better than another because he will WIN in either. All situations are transitory and temporary anyway.”

“If the system of values is genuinely worth protecting, and is under serious threat, then there will be no shortage of people who will be willing to fight in order to protect them. The Initiate is not one of them.”

- Inner Circle Philosophy (Stuart Goldsmith)