> The Lessons You Are Learning with Little Money




The Lessons You Are Learning with Little Money

The Lessons You Are Learning with Little Money

“When you are living at a survival level, barely able to pay your bills, do not feel that you are a failure. This is simply the way you have chosen to learn many important lessons and experience the essence of who you are. You may be growing rapidly from this experience. You may be learning that you deserve to have abundance by experiencing the lack of what you want. Perhaps you are discovering how little it takes to live on, realizing you are not as dependent on having things as you thought. Perhaps you are learning that you can be generous even when you have very little. You might be learning the higher qualities of trust, compassion, and humility. You may be looking at what is important in your life, sorting through what is meaningful and essential to you and what is not. You might be learning how to let others give to you, or how to feel powerful without money. When you understand, embrace, and accept the lessons, you will no longer need this experience.”

“When you have very little money, you are learning many lessons that will make it easier to handle money when it comes. To break through this level, you may need to keep your life simple and uncomplicated in terms of money, expenses, demands, and needs. Think of yourself as the rosebush that is cut back in the winter so that it can grow strong in the spring. Use this time to get in touch with basic needs and eliminate the things that do not serve you.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)